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Welcome to Questions for God, a new project giving you an opportunity to ask the internet community those questions which you might direct to a higher power.  After all, if God is listening, God probably has high-speed internet.

Each week, we'll post a question or two pulled from the anonymous contributions of you, the internet community at large.  These questions will then be posted, both as text and a graphic, for reposting on your blog or webpage.  You then can make a blog entry about how you would answer the question, how your faith would answer the question, or perhaps how you have no idea at all about how to answer the question, but this one keeps you awake at night too.  New questions will be posted every Wednesday, while visitors' answers will be updated every few weeks (or so).

This Week's Serious Question:
Is testosterone responsible for war?

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This Week's Funny Question:
If I ask you a question and shake my Bible...
will I see an answer like those magic 8 balls?

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To submit a question to us, please enter it in the form below or e-mail us at QFG@bluepyramid.org.  All submissions will be treated as anonymous, even if your name is on the e-mail, so feel free to ask any question at all.  All questions should be addressed to God, though we make no assumption about the nature of God, the existence of God, or any particular religion's perspective on God.  When addressing your question, or answering it, you can make any sort of assumption you like.  Feel free to ask multiple questions in a single submission, but only one will be run in most cases, unless a question is an obvious follow-up to a previous one.

The Blue Pyramid makes no claim on affiliation with or connection to God.  We do not guarantee that God will hear or answer your questions.

Ask your Question for God:

As of the 9 August 2006 update, we have received 2,329 questions & 804 answers.  There are always more questions than answers, aren't there?  The questions have a 2.7% acceptance rate & the answers 47.9% acceptance.

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