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The following is reprinted from an article in the Idaho Statesman on 12 February 2007.  Originally printed on  To see its original form, click here.

Find out your book match and get the buzz on new coffee in Boise (in News from the Web)

Emily Simnitt - Idaho Statesman

Edition Date: 02/12/07

If you were a book, what book would you be?

While it sounds like a bad beauty pageant question, it’s actually the basis for a fun quiz on the Internet.

After just six questions, you can find out if you’re a “Moby Dick,” “A Two Towers” or a “Watership Down” (I took the quiz three times and found that I am all of these).

There are worse ways to get back into the work week.

Click here to find your literary match, and let me know how you do. Send me an e-mail at (All materials submitted to the Idaho Statesman may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other form).


If that’s not enough to get you going, head down Chinden Boulevard and grab a cuppa joe from the new Dutch Bros. Coffee stand.

I don’t know what it’s like this morning, but it was hopping all weekend as the chain celebrated its opening with free coffee.

My husband and I waited in line for about a half hour on Saturday (I completed a knitting project during the wait) while the young super-caffeinated people hired by Dutch Bros. danced around our car, gave us stickers and explained how they play both air guitar and air banjo.

When we got to the counter and I saw the 6-shot ER-911 drink, all was explained.

The drive-thru is located at 5177 W. Chinden Boulevard. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for your Annihilator (chocolate macadamia nut latte) this morning.

Click here for more buzz on Dutch Bros. buzz.