Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!
(23 March - 1 April 2002)

1 April 2002
-Need to get cars resolved & get going.  Bleh to motor vehicles.

31 March 2002
-The math needs to be double-checked, but apparently Em & I are tied for top SOTY.  If this is true, it's the coolest thing ever.  Even though she's better than I am.
-Gonna miss the guys.  Seems like they just got here.  I had so much more fun than I was expecting (& I was expecting fun), so I'm really happy.
Exhaustion, thy name is this Easter.

30 March 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]
-If the reason you aren't back at housing is that you've chosen to take actions that make it impossible for you to find & make it clear that you don't want to be back at housing, I think that's your own fault.  Especially if you're supposed to be the responsible one.
-Yay!  My friends have arrived!  Jake & Fish will finally see what I do with my life every weekend (while Freez sounds like the expert)...
-Can't fight destiny.
-Finally, I take top speaker at a tournament where I was second last year to someone who isn't debating anymore.  Fletch can't stop me now.  But wow.  I'm really overwhelmed by all this.  & the tiger's really cool, as well as (the joke everyone made) heavier than I am.
-Happy Birthday Fish.  What great surroundings & circumstances for a birthday dinner, if you ask me.

29 March 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]
-How does one express to someone else that it's not their problems that's dividing things, but YOURS?  That not only do you have said problem, but you WANT to have said problem?  People who've never been friends shouldn't try to become friends when they have the greatest motive to be enemies.
-It's gonna be a LONG night.
-People are SO WEIRD.
-No substance.  Only rhetoric.

28 March 2002
[from New York City]
-To what extent are people really trustworthy?  To what extent does others' care override self-interest?  To what extent will some folks throw it all away for a joke?
-Walking around New York City today was really just standing in the bowling alley parking lot for 6 hours.  NYC's skyline & massive people are a distraction from the ultimate indecisiveness.  But the good thing about good friends is that one need not do anything to have a good time.
-There are things of which I grow weary.  So many things this month.  & let's hope that ends with this month.
-Tell me my dread's overblown.  Please.

27 March 2002
-So I'm rather grounded now since the Kia's taking a visit to the auto mechanic's on the corner.  
This is unfortunate, but less unfortunate than driving without windshield wipers through a rainstorm.  So I guess plans to either hang out in Beantown or head down to NYC are on hold for a brief moment.  At least till Bob from Trapelo Mobil calls me back.
-Confirmation good.  Very good.
-Pat, from his entry on 25 March, is right, but for entirely the wrong reasons.  Yes, war crimes are an absurd idea.  But it's because all war & killing is equally immoral, regardless of the means.
-Wish there were more I could do.  A lot.

26 March 2002
-There's a motor in windshield wipers?  Who knew?  Apparently, they have motors & mine's broken.
-I love Wise & Otherwise.  It's simply a great game, & always makes for a great time.

25 March 2002
-Half a year.  The best half-year ever, too.
-Mutual support is never bringing people down.
-Feeling a little better about things, & much more tired.  I guess everyone has their own escape-hatches.
-From yesterday, also, I learned that HWhitty & I were at the same Dylan concert in Jersey at the Continental Airlines Arena a couple years back.  Insanity.  If only he were as calm as Dylan.
-Well, in what may be a dubious move, I went & joined ye olde APDA webring.  Though I refuse to put the silly looking webring stuff at the bottom of the front page, so I shipped it to Credits.  Ah well.
-So hard for me to take stuff seriously.
-I really can't wait till Fish gets here.  It's been too long since he's been out this way.  & now I have his flight info!
-Mr. Flippant himself asked me at Swat if I had hit my goal of 300 wins yet.  Since Swat broke my 25-weekend winning-record streak, the answer is "no, 298".  But my tournament attendance streak, counting Worlds (which I do) is 46 weekends.  Call me Cal Ripken.  From what I know of who attended Hybrids 2001 & Worlds in both 2000 & 2001, I'm pretty sure I've got the longest active streak on APDA.  Which I'm kinda happy about, because I really do love the event.  Barring some sort of disaster, I'll retire with a clean 50 consecutive weekends, which is why my team has to let me go to Hybrids.
-Just a silly music quiz between myself & a long long break.  Yes, this means I finally dispatched the QR project.

24 March 2002
-I've gotten very very familiar with the drive between Princeton & Waltham.  On the best day, I recorded a 3 hour, 57 minute blitz that set all records & consisted of lack of leaving the car altogether.  Some bad rides have taken about 6 hours, mostly with the GWB as the culprit.  Today, I have arrived home from an 8.5 hour journey from Princeton to Waltham.  This caps a generally lousy weekend where I can count the highlights on the foot of a three-toed sloth.  Bleh.
-Fish, are you still coming tomorrow?  What's the deal?  Flight info?  I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow...

23 March 2002
[from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania]

-There's this event I've devoted nine years of my life to.  It's called debate.  I used to be good at it.  This is no longer the case.
-No excuses in a persuasive event.  Some tourneys are political, but other than that, no excuses.
-Nikki & Harrison ROCK!  I'm so proud of them.
-After their quarters round with Harry & [person who requested not to be mentioned on this page], I'm even more proud of Nikki & Harrison.  They are the MVP's of my week.
-Inevitability bad.
-Some cases never make for clear rounds.  Most all of them seem to be former LD resolutions.  The events just don't translate well.
-At least I won the pool for picking the outrounds, with a perfect final four, two, & one.  I missed only 3 rounds (all octos) in the whole tourney.  Sweet sweet predictability.
-If you ask me, in context, that's a pretty arbitrary team to call evil... just seems to omit many other equally (or more) evil teams.

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