Time in Thy Flight
(1-10 June 2002)

10 June 2002
-Em's home.
-Writing is ebbing & flowing, but both in extremely small chunks.  This does not bode well for the preliminary October estimate, unless I want it to be October 2003.
-New element of posterity.
-Stina & I had our last meal in Massachusetts together for an indefinite length of time.  Neat.

9 June 2002
-I'm really good at being unproductive when the discipline's not there, or when the writer's block is.  Shoot.  Ah well, just getting into the summer groove still.
-Em's already made it to Nevada!  She'll be home later today, it would seem.

8 June 2002
-Just reorganized almost my entire room in order to prepare for novel-writing.  Also just to shake things up & get them in gear.  Now I'm exhausted, but all the stuff that temporarily resided on my bed is off & I have less dust in my computer than ever!  I can do anything!
-Also, while I don't really like soccer that much, I have to note the success of my teams (Ireland & Russia) in the World Cup so far.  Ireland tying Germany was a major upset & Russia's on top of their group!  I'm a passive fan, but still.
-American Dream On underway.  Dunno if it deserves the italics quite yet, but it's underway!
-I was feeling bad for my update gap, but then I went around checking all the pages I read & I have been the veritable king of updating on time!  Slackers!

7 June 2002
-I have procured 4 tickets to the Beantown Tom Petty show (11 July)... Em, myself, & Nikki are 3 of the 4, but one is still up for grabs...
-Go see "13 Conversations About One Thing"!  This is the best movie I've seen this year, & possibly in years.  Ariela & I saw it in a matinee & I've gotta see it again.  Wow.  Just great.
-Solid, solid day.  Good mix of the memory & the change.
-I'm so behind on some stuff.  Some people, who I'll definitely get to soon.  Some projects, which I hope will follow suit.  Some reading, some writing.  Y'know, the basics.
-Em also solidly beats me to Nebraska.

6 June 2002
-Happy birthday to Em's dad.  Apparently they're still in Newark airport, or just barely got to Salt Lake.  At least I got them to Newark through all the 'pike traffic.  Sigh.
-It's another Mortality Day, & I intend to stay in nearly as much as possible.
-Otis, I hardly knew you.
-Room for improvement.  I think.
-After all that, Em's gotten to Iowa before I ever did!  She's having fun on I-80.

5 June 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Em's going to miss this place more than I would have thought.  I'm going to miss her more than I can think.

4 June 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Storm, calm, & tornado.
-Yay!  Em's finally graduated!  Though Princeton's got more graduation ceremonies than I took courses at Brandeis, commencement's still commencement.  Good thing I was sitting next to Joe, though... he really helped get me through the Latin address & the President's rather poor speech.  But we did see Cal...
-Picture taking is the full-time profession of the family Garin.
-El tigre grande...

3 June 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Last night brought on many memories, which were mostly bad, but were good in that I've grown distant from sources of said memories.  There's an oft-cited day in the past, almost exactly 5 years ago (more, in fact) when I spent an entire day walking around Baltimore (CatNats '97) by myself, looking at the Aquarium, buying lots of little turtles, & singing "Piano Man" to myself.  It's just one of the many songs that reappeared at the Senior Step Sing last night, one of the many that brought memories for myself not alone.  Things are so much better, yet Sorrow remains as perhaps the most enduring emotion I have ever known.
-I've been needing a reason to get back to Madison.
-People really do think we're at war right now.  That's scary enough as it is, but even scarier when we realize what's going on in Kashmir.  I'm really glad I have no more academic papers in front of me.  My last career academic paper was about a legal conflict unlikely to rise again, but next-to-last was on Kashmir & the situation's about to explode again.  I recall writing on Yugoslavia & stressing the unique diversity of its six separate (but unified!) regions in third grade (1988).  Sigh.
-The more I learn about in vitro fertilization & its associated practices, the more I am very convinced it should be illegal.  Or at least its surrounding practices should be illegal.  I don't understand why more anti-abortion activists don't start there as a launching pad issue.  It's so much more obviously reprehensible than abortion, it's silly.  This is why I've never understood the stem-cell research debate (broached again in the Whig-Clio money debate today that Em helped win)... as people in the debate pointed out, the real moral issue is IVF in the first place.
-Finally, does anyone know if there is now or ever has been an APDA seal?  Not a clapping blubber-bound beast, but a round emblem of the organization?  I have a plan & I'd like to know if there is.  We should make one if there isn't.
-Google is really making me mad.  Even though they keep adding webpages that circle all around my link-base & they had my page at its old location on their database, they refuse to follow any such links to a listing of this page.  Which makes no sense, because they've certainly updated these things since 12 January.  What's wrong, Google?  Now that I've linked you, will you list me?  I can definitely find things you link that have less of a right to be one of your not-so-select 2 billion!

2 June 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-I forget sometimes, in my haste or my hope, that the cruel season that starts around the second week in April technically lasts until around Mortality Day or shortly thereafter.  Both because my life is actually good & because sometimes the season seems to close as early as mid-May, I get complacent.  But reading Lisha's words, other's words, & knowing what's going on in my mind & the minds of the apparent collective, I remember.  Not much longer now.
-& it's not all that.  It's also more worldly stuff, for lack of a better word.  The difficulty of mandatory restraint.  But yeah, despite it's complications, timing can be quite simple.
-I'm in process of trying to print new copies of Loosely Based.  I wrote a new note for it yesterday & I should actually have some copies in hand tomorrow.  Hard to say how soon they can be bound &/or sent out, but I haven't forgotten about all of you who've e-mailed me, trust me.
-Need books.

1 June 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Just for the information of those involved, & because I got the tickets yesterday, my Summer American Tour will begin with a mid-June trip in SoCal.  Primarily San Diego will be involved, but I'm sure there will be some Pasadena/JPL time as well.  Drew's coming along for the ride as well, but Em will still be at home till quite late in this new month.
-Reunions are insane.  The culmination of much of the Reunion effort is the "P-Rade", which just ended recently.  It's 200 minutes of sheer orange-clad alumni from the world's most prideful institution of higher learning.  A little odd, & very weird from the outside looking in.
-Been feeling a lot of that lately, actually.

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