(29 September - 8 October 2002)

8 October 2002
-New archives in, even though it's only been a couple ten-day periods.  I guess I want to stay ahead of things while I still feel I can.
-Interview today in SF.  & yesterday wound up being extremely productive.  Focus is here.
-How soon I speak sometimes.  Congratulations are in order to San Francisco for becoming the third most frustrating city of all time to drive in.  Part of the blame belongs to the website directions of USF's law library I'm sure, since my prior driving experience here has been fine.  But after 2 solid hours of searching the streets of SF for said library, my quest came up empty.  I even ended up at Fort Point, just shy of the Golden Gate Bridge at one point.  Not surprisingly, they don't want to reschedule the interview.  So I'm upset with a lot of things... myself, the driving directions, cars, SF, you name it.  Anyone who has said to me before (I'm thinking at least Gris, Schneider, & Fish) that driving somewhere can't be one of your worst experiences in any given year is proven wrong again.  I should know better than to pick a Tuesday when I have a choice of interview days.  I should know better than to apply to a law library.  So maybe it's all for the best.  But right now, I'm just frustrated & angry.  & I don't wanna talk about it, except what I've said here.  ARG!

7 October 2002
-The Search of the Week (now perma-linked above in the page heading) is updated again... this will be generally updated early on Mondays as the weekly searches come in, or as soon thereafter as I can get to it.
-I'm starting to realize, more slowly than I should've, why I've been laying so low of late.  & it all makes sense.  & I'm not about to stop now.  & I'm hoping I'm at least a little bit wrong.

6 October 2002
-Those who live in glass houses...
-Really hopeful about the interviews next week.  With jobs, things will stabilize.  For now, it's a little bit of Life-Lite.

5 October 2002
-It's the middle of the night here, but I'm well awake.  In half an hour, the kids will be meeting at Rabb Steps to head back to Harvard.  How I miss debate!

4 October 2002
-A series of spider bites that I picked up when last in Clovis (almost a month ago now) are still itching & hurting.  Should I be concerned?
-2 more interviews picked up today, to be conducted next week in San Francisco.  This is good news to go with yesterday's rejection.
-I love my coffee maker.  All debate tournaments should give out useful prizes!

3 October 2002
-I watched a simply delightful baseball game today between the Cards & Diamondbacks.  I love pitchers' duels.  I'm not sure what I think of the offered duel between Saddam & GWB either, but it was a Bush spokesman who provoked it by saying that a single bullet was cheaper than a war.  I'd always prefer the live game of chess from ancient days of Indian kingdoms.  Though bloodless would be better.
-Ah, the headache, how I didn't miss you.
-Doors closing, windows opening.
-When you don't get direct confirmation is sometimes the best.

2 October 2002
-Gandhi was born 133 years ago, so we're probably long past the point where he could've actually lived.  Jake was born 23 years & 4 days ago, but I forgot to mention it at the time because of my all-consuming head pain.  So happy birthday to the living & the not so much.

1 October 2002
-October comes but once a year.  Its impacts always seem larger than that, somehow.

30 September 2002
-So amazing to feel even a little bit better.
-& now for what I told you would be the best weekly feature ever.  (Yes, yes, it's the only weekly feature to show up here in years.)  Anyway, head to Search of the Week for the latest winners from a week's worth of Google, plus a few extra engines.  While a free-form search for ramada kingston don't stay was entertaining, the winners are posted on that page.  So far so weird.
-Veggie pot stickers are the best thing ever created.  A slight exaggeration, but I could seriously live on these things for weeks.  & I actually cook them myself!  Oh baby, so tasty.

29 September 2002
-Despite the pain, the weekend was salvaged with a combination of a visit from Mesco & hanging out with Stina.  Amidst this, I finally saw "What Dreams May Come", which immediately notched itself in my top ten, & will probably wind up second or third all-time.  I'm not the slightest bit kidding.  It was amazing.  Meanwhile, the migraine has limited itself to a corner of the upper-left side of my head & may be gone by tomorrow!
-Cleaning a keyboard is less fun than it sounds...  in the old days, keyboards had a slip cover on the top that could be taken off & then one could clean around the keys quite efficiently, because that's where dirt collects.  New fancy keyboards require popping off every single key, one at a time, for effective cleaning.  Bleh.  I learned this the hard way by breaking an old (but still newer) keyboard after unscrewing the underside of it & dislodging everything.

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