Wild World
(19-28 September 2002)

28 September 2002
-Conspicuous lack of content here due to the most intense migraine in years.  Uncontrollable crying, hallucination, etc.  36 hours & counting.

27 September 2002
-Happy Birthday Emily!!!

26 September 2002
-Life's supposed to be a challenge.  How else would we learn?
-I'm slowly in process of moving stat-trackers again... life is not good with AllFreeStats.  More on this to come.
-I was about to get really upset when this random person from out of nowhere e-mailed me with a bizarre ranking of books that had nothing to do with the top 25 booklist idea, but seemed loosely based on the form of the compiled list.  So then I went to said page & realized that it wasn't entirely clear at all that the 454 books now listed were based on top 25 lists.  So new rule #4 is in to clarify that for future submitters, if there be any.
-Far less time than anticipated on the switching of stat-trackers (Free-Stats now gets my business), since I figued out the problem that my FTP program was having.  I knew in my gut that it was timing out every 4th transfer because of something relating to the new firewall set up by our DSL service, but I couldn't figure out how to fix it.  The answer?  Passive transfers.  Sadly, this required the trial-&-error method to discover rather than using the program's help, but hey... maybe I can save other FTPers from firewall problems in the future.
-It's been a busy day already & I'm just about to go to bed only 9 hours into it.  The BP has a whole new section (Imports now finally complements Exports), but the main new feature to check out is the sole component of Imports:  the BP Search of the Week!  This will be a fun weekly feature, I assure you...

25 September 2002
-It's finally been a full year.  A new record on my end.  & I couldn't be happier.

24 September 2002
-Happy birthday, Kunkel!
-Knock knock.
-Everybody's feeling it.  Or that's what it feels like.
-In other news, I need a new stat-tracker.  AllFreeStats is going to get lower marks than YTrack, since it no longer recognizes my account with them.  It just tells me that no account exists, which I know is not true.  Bleh on them!  Why is it so hard to have a good efficient free stat tracker?

23 September 2002
-I may have jumped the gun a bit, but I think it's reasonable to be a bit jumpy.
-Boxes can be good.

22 September 2002
-Shoreline.  You feel that wave that hits your ankle when it's supposed to hit your toe.  & you wait for mid-thigh.  & you know, deep down, that something's rolling in.  Squint into the blue horizon.
-It always amazes me that people think of seasons as a purely weather-based phenomenon.  My life with seasons seems extremely consistent & patterned, & has nothing whatever to do with what the temperature or air-based activity may be wherever I am.  It's what underlies the cycles of the planet that appears to carry the weight of a season.

21 September 2002
-AT&T:  land of the hidden charges.  Shoulda known all along.  Today's Q' of the Day is how the American capitalist perspective allows cable monopolies which exist almost everywhere in the country?
-Time is moving so weirdly.

20 September 2002
-I've spent pretty much the whole night salvaging my e-mail folders from the old storey@brandeis account.  Despite great frustration, it's actually led to almost 100% success.  I'm sure I've lost a couple things along the way, but considering the numbers of e-mails I save, it's not a great loss I'm sure.  The big statistic that I now have to report is that I've sent over 3,500 e-mail messages since July 1997.  This number does not include the Academy account that was completely lost, nor a couple sporadic hotmail accounts that didn't amount to much.  Just the main one & 'Deis.  Good lord.
-The stick-on paper towel rack that Em put up yesterday just thudded into the sink.  I think this is a sign that I should go to bed.
-Thai tea ice cream tastes exactly like paint.  Otherwise, the new Thai place that Em's brother & family took us to was outstanding.

19 September 2002
-I want to do something that counsels people in a way devoid of psychiatric perspectives & organized religion, but helps them & has a religious perspective.  I would like to do this without founding my own new religion (this would contradict what I really feel about religion) or working within a government system.  I also don't want to spend one more day enrolled in a school.  Is there anything for me out there?
-This place is really starting to feel extremely homey.  Not just because we spend all our time here.  It just feels very nesty, in a good way.

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