Home in the Sky
(9-18 September 2002)

18 September 2002
-Wow!  I guess yesterday WAS a good day...
-I'm increasingly feeling like I don't have much to say.  My life's in a bit of a stasis right now... a good one, but one that doesn't lend itself to much "Oh I've been doing this, that, & the other thing".  Much more of "Ummmmm...".  So yeah.  If I'm not in much contact, it's because I barely feel like contact would be interesting.  But I'll try to rectify that soon, I s'pose.

17 September 2002
-Had my job interview for the job here.  In my estimation, it went phenomenally well & now I have a whopping 2 weeks (I guess this is more standard than I think...) to wait to hear about the employment.  Still applying for other stuff in the meantime, but I'd truly love working at the GTU Library if I can get it.

16 September 2002
-Happy Birthday Brandzy!
-I love living in a town where things of consequence are actually within walking distance.

15 September 2002
-Am I the only one updating these days?  I know my life doesn't have school anymore & I know that it's not terribly exciting or time-consuming about now, but c'mon, I'm going to have to start putting snide commentary beside half my links on the Reading Material page if this keeps up.
-In other internet news, I'm thinking of switching back from Explorer to Netscape after Em downloaded the new NS 7.0 to make her new e-mail work.  It's snazzy.  Yes, this really is the most interesting stuff going on with me these days.
-I'm afraid the M's are out of it.  Not much more to say.  They haven't scored a run yet in Oakland, with me either watching in person (Friday) or on TV (Saturday).  18 innings of depressing.
-Something tells me this is going to be the least eventful 15 September in 3 years.  The proof?  2000:  "Inspiration on a scale I haven't felt in years."  2001:  "Very little beats an all-night diner.  Especially spending all night."  Yeah.

14 September 2002
-I almost saw a no-hitter last night, & I'm not happy about it.  Barry Zito stumped the M's & I was one of very few fans of Seattle in Oakland tonight.  But the game was fun & there will be more games to come, perhaps.
-The massive wave of updating is starting to subside, as the BP's front page is all new & Intro stats have been updated.  I think I'm done for a while, as I should focus on other things now that I'm caught up.

13 September 2002
-The Cat Stevens Era, the 4th set of 300 days of archiving here at Introspection, is in.  This is the first of the Berkeley-based eras, as stated above.
-The M's don't have much left, but they do have an outside shot.  Maybe my cheering tonight will put them over the top!

12 September 2002
-I have a job interview!  My favorite job that I applied to called me back to talk to me & give me a tour, so here's hoping.  It's not for a week, but I'm plenty excited now.

-You may have noticed a whole bunch of changes round here.  YTrack is out on a rail, after delaying one too many page loads for way too long.  I guess 2003 was a bit late to consider changing it, so I did it today, to much consternation, but eventual feeling of rewarding.  In in its place is a combination of the work of AllFreeStats, in addition to TheCounter for webcounting this page & the main page.  Please lemme know if slow page-loading persists... I think this will solve the problem.

11 September 2002
-We have DSL!  It's amazing!  It took me almost an hour to figure out how to set it up & all, but it's working & I'm excited.  No more conflicts between phone & internet!  So much internet...  It almost makes me want to go back to using IM, just because I can.
-In other news, the cable worked for about five minutes, then stopped once the guy left.  Boo.

-YTrack's flakiness seems to be slowing my pageloads down for this ol' site.  Maybe 2003 will bring me a new tracker.
-All this talk about the hardship of the year is making me feel a little weird for having had the best year of my life since the last September 11th.  Besides, everybody knows that tomorrow's the day to worry about this year.

10 September 2002
-I miss debate.  Lately, I've been finding myself anticipating the next tournament or thinking about rounds & it's making me a little sad that it's not going to be there anymore.  Quite a bit sad, actually.  It's the only part of school, other than the people, that I think I'll ever miss.

9 September 2002
-So, I've been neglecting some birthdays, I'm afraid.  Russ' was on the 6th & I have good reason to suspect that Beth's was the following day.  Happy Birthday all around there.
-I like this apartment more & more, though it was a crazy realization to think that we have less square footage (perhaps significantly) than DK's place, which he describes as "The Hovel".  I honestly couldn't imagine what to do with more space than this, but that says a lot about me I guess.
-The place is mostly set up, computer included, but all we've got in the fridge right now is Thai leftovers, Indian leftovers, a water filter, & chocolate ice cream.  I think this is going to be fun.

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