Perhaps We are Going Away
(21-30 July 2002)

30 July 2002
-The Book List, in our intervening free time before leaving, has been updated again, with Greg, Clea, & Em's Dad checking in.  The Hobbit, the book I couldn't get past the first few chapters of for sheer boredom, is now the first book to get two first-place votes, which is remarkable after 24 total submitters.  Please send your list along as soon as possible.
-6 hours till we find out how long it'll be before we leave.
-Apparently, the horrible badness of the wiper was only a LOOSE NUT.  So we're gonna be off just as soon as the Kia gets loaded up.  Updates on the road probably won't be posted till Albuquerque... catch ya on the flip side!

29 July 2002
-One last chance to all HOP for IHOP.
-Waking up is hard to do.
-While running errands before departure, Emily & I discovered that we might not be departing so soon after all.  Turns out that my windshield wiper on the driver's side, broken in March of this year, is broken again.  Same problem as before.  The good news is that it's under warranty... the bad news is that we don't know how long it will take to fix.  So we found out tomorrow morning.  This could delay things & since we're due outta the dismantling Mep House at noon on Wednesday, things are looking inauspicious.  I'll keep you posted right here.

28 July 2002
-And again.

27 July 2002
-Saying goodbye is so hard.

26 July 2002
-This will disappoint Dom, but my attempts to make a "favicon.ico" file have continually been thwarted & I don't wanna waste any more time.  I just can't resize images on this computer in anything other than Paintbrush & what a terrible program that is.  So it goes.  Sorry about the IE logo.
-I'd like to welcome your friend & mine, Luke Stevens to the blogging fold.  For those of you looking for references, he calls me "Historicus".  His blog's a week old, likes sharply contrasting colors, & would like you to sing happy birthday to it.
-Meanwhile, it's really nice to get confirmation of things that one's feeling.  Especially from outside & objective third parties.  That spells relief, or in this case, a little bit of indignation.

25 July 2002
-Or, as it turns out, likely no Maine at all.  Just Taqueria & bridge & FIFA.  The good times.  We're looking at about 4 days left.

24 July 2002
-It's honestly getting hard to believe that we're going to be outta here so soon.  Stina's right when she says I'm jumping for joy at escaping the East Coast, but it's not so simple... so many folks here I really like.  The movement to get everyone to come west is ongoing!  Ariela seems like she might be budging, or at least said she'd give it a try in 2003 or 2004.  (I'm only writing this so I can hold her to it later.)
-Might be going to Maine later today.  Em needs to go before it gets less accessible.
-After being fed-up with only seeing the right-hand 80% of Kate's page the last few days, I finally saved the source-file, altered it into a format without the sidebar links, & read it.  Now that I know what she's saying, the main thing I have to say is that I'm not allergic to the telephone, I'm just sick of it.  In general.  Sigh.
-No Maine today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Probably then.
-I have nothing left to say there.  I want to rant, but I really can't.  Again, maybe later.
-Gris is never ever going to forgive me for this.  But NYU's about to let it's duty down, & someone's gotta save the ship.  Hey, if he can give me flack, I can have ways of getting back.  Enjoy!

23 July 2002
-Nikki refuses to actually acknowledge that she wants to see us... at the time.  She keeps knocking quietly or doorbell-ringing-&-running.  It's funny.
-Interesting how differing reactions can be produced simply by the light cast on the same exact event.  A mood of paranoia can be healthy, but also utterly unreasonable & the timing of each is difficult to determine.  Not news, but always renewed.
-Em's mom's on the book list.  More to come, I'm sure.
-I don't think "Amelie" is the gift to cinema that so many do.  Too much noble lie, too much being silly in the face of what's good for someone.  But it was fun & entertaining, if overrated.

22 July 2002
-Russ & I finally OWN FIFA!  After the frustration night of doom 48 hours ago, we brought Denmark (our chosen challenge team) back from 8-10 prior cups of defeat to a 7-0 (wins) 30-6 (goals) domination of the Cup on Professional.  It was THAT exciting, trust me.
-I've got about a week here left.  CRAzy.  Whoa, that surprises even me.
-For the record, I NEVER said I was going to have children, of any shape or variety.  I think Em & I were having fun joking around with Dolan, but I still think I'd be a terrible parent for all kinds of reasons.  & if I were to have children, there'd only be one, a girl, & I still like the name Esperanza.  I don't care what people say about linguistic consistency.

21 July 2002
-Brandzy & I, like Dylan after some Texas medicine & railroad gin, have no sense of time.
-People have gotta get a little more chill.  Sometimes.

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