In a Season of Calm Weather
(11-20 June 2002)

20 June 2002
[from San Diego]

-Nothin' all day.  But that's fine with me, especially when Em's around.
-Pokez is the place to eat in Sandy San-D.  Trust me.

19 June 2002
[from Disneyland]

-Back to Disneyland.  It's been just 13 months, but really so much longer.  Wow.
-Having Drew at Disneyland is kinda like having Schneider at the UFO Museum.  The similarities between those 2 people keep coming to me.
-It's great to be at this place with a girlfriend.  A first for me.
-Pirates will always be my favorite ride.
-All parts of luck have payback.

18 June 2002
[from Glendale, California]

-My website appears to be down...
-Chess, how I've missed ye.
-I'm really glad I never try to eat all-you-can-eat offers.  Every meal is all-you-can-eat for me.
-Suddenly, we've got millions of folks!  & tomorrow's Disneyland, with Em, Fish, Lauren, Drew, Draper, & perhaps Jake & Soy.  Woot.

17 June 2002
[from Glendale, California]

-Driving in the LA area isn't THAT bad!
-Ah, the world of JPLers...
-I've got to stop saying "woot"!  Blasted DarkAge.
-Stress equals overplanning.  & vice versa.
-Happy Birthday to Gris.

16 June 2002
[from San Diego]

-Fish is just not excited enough.  But I guess if I had an assignment due the day after graduation, I wouldn't be either.
-Now he's all graduated & stuff.
-Crazy pretentious waiters.  Crazier old friends & old jokes.

15 June 2002
[from San Diego]

-The San Diego Zoo's changed a bit since I last saw it.  I mean, I don't know that for a fact, but I have to assume.  Fish hadn't done bonabo research then, though.
-Good to see so many so happy.
-If I ever write a memoir of my friends from Nuevo Mexico & my lives, it ought to go by Through Unclean Windshields.  Snazzy & true.

14 June 2002
[from San Diego]

-Fish's family never changes.  That's a security I enjoy.
-Long day, much travel, but my illness is on the mend.

13 June 2002
-Happy Birthday to Schneider!  I only wish I'd been keeping in better contact with him lately.  My last e-mail his way bounced.  Anyone have an updated one?
-Drew's car blew up last night, which led to an interesting day spent with him today.  Maybe his life is just as absurd as he is.  He's fine, fortunately, though he was about 2 minutes after the decision to not come to Mep House when the explosion occured.  I'll have a recommendation of where not to get your car electrical wiring done soon.
-Bleh.  Looks like I'm going to be traveling when sick for the first time since coming back from Scotland.

12 June 2002
-Good news on the shameless self-promotion angle of this website... Google may be out of the doghouse soon since the Googlebot recently wended its way through the entirety of this site.  Also, Ask Jeeves now has the whole BP on its search directory.  So you can find stuff here on there!  Woo!
-I really know how to frustrate myself sometimes.  But such is the way.

11 June 2002
-Mesco's winging her way to LAX as we speak.  I'll be doing the same, but for a lesser period of time, in 3 days.  Good times, good times.
-Low energy day defined.

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