The Leave-Taking
(22-31 May 2002)

31 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Amish country today.  These excursions are taking their toll on me, as I seem to be exhausted at every turn.  Nevertheless, some interesting issues are raised by the Amish.  Their perspective seems so innately arbitrary that it's really hard to take seriously.  About the only things I can commit to from the Amish way are a general communitarian ethic & a good specialized (anti-well-rounded) school system.  The rest... I dunno.
-I feel like an alien all the time.  Other people will do that to you.

30 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Whirlwinding day.  Mostly spent at Six Flags in southern Jersey.  There were animals, which were awesome, & rides which were mixed.  I like drops & I hate going upside down.  I got to spend some time with emus, which was great.  This is sounding like a cross between one of Em's shorter entries & a Hemmingway story, but I'm feeling queasy & in need of rest.  So busy.

29 May 2002
-Beantown is not meant for driving.  Ever.
-Days where I think I have momentum & then it collapses before it starts, leaving me with random frustration are no good.  At least I got a little bit of downtime.
-Knees are so useful on the human body.  We'd be in trouble without them.

28 May 2002
-Yesterday my parents & I traveled to Provincetown, at the end of Cape Cod, for a meal to close a vaguely unsettling day that turned out to be a lot of fun.  I haven't just TALKed to my parents in a long time & it's really enjoyable.  One's family can bring out parts of life & the past that just don't get analyzed that often.  Though it still makes me feel more like a random string of related people than one cogent lifespan.
-Later today, we're heading out to Maine for a similar trip to yesterday's, with almost the exact same mileage.  Should be more of the same good times.

27 May 2002
-So it's done.  It doesn't feel that different, & the final relief won't really arrive till I have my diploma (they get MAILED instead of handed out), but I've graduated from Brandeis University.  A major chapter in my life is finished.  Thanks to everyone who made it better.
-Ted Koppel gave what would have been a great speech, & then messed it up.  Not a bad reflection of college.  But he has won 37 Emmys.  I can't imagine winning 37 anythings.  Even 37 skeeball prize tickets from a miniature golf place seems like a stretch to me.
-Wow.  That's quite a boost.

26 May 2002
-In less than twelve hours, I'll have graduated.  But 'Deis doesn't give diplomas with the ceremony, so I have the anticlimax of checking the mail.  Nevertheless...
-Also, before I forget (already forgot to post this the last couple days), Jake wants more prototype T-shirt orders at Count Yourself In.  What does this mean to you?  A FREE T-SHIRT with ANY NUMBER YOU WANT (3- or 4-digits).  Go order now!

25 May 2002
-If you wake up awake, run with that.  It's always better that way.
-"Insomnia" is one of a few movies I've seen where I believe that scenes were filmed JUST for the preview... & just for the purpose of throwing the viewer off.  There were lines in the preview that did not exist in the film.
-Statler & Waldorf are my heroes.  Even if times have changed.

24 May 2002
-One of the more frustrating days ever.  Apparently the whole Eastern seabord travels northeast on I-84 at 3:30 pm on Memorial Friday.  Yeah.  At least Indian food was pretty good at the end.

23 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Turned out there was no poker, so that whole group may be on hold or just relegated to historical annals already.  Ah well.
-I love discussing religion.
-I always look twenty years younger after shaving.

22 May 2002
-Dangerous move by Greg:  purchasing NBA Live 2001 for his Playstation 2.  I swear I'm going to start this novel...
-Symbols to match realities procured.
-Tonight may be the last poker night ever... though I'd like to hear details on this to be sure.  I feel I've neglected the poker crowd this year (okay, I know I have... they'd agree), but one last shabang would be cool nevertheless.

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