Night Call, Collect
(12-21 May 2002)

21 May 2002
-Yesterday was great after all, with few errands.  'Twas Stina's birthday (happy birthday to her & to Mesco from a couple days back), so we all went bowling (Em, Stina, Manor, Russ).  It's apparently the end of the era at Brunswick lanes in Burlington... the place was empty & Thursday's their last day.  I bowled a 170 average over 2 games before the wheels came off everyone in game #3, prompting us to give up on it & head to the mall.  Good Indian food in fast-food form was there.  Then we came back to Mep for more board games.  Cool all around.

20 May 2002
-Today looks to be an errandy day.  Sigh.  But Em & I are done with undergraduate education, so it's hard to be too bleh.
-The energy has surged of late & is reaching critical mass.  Here, the energy I refer to is the momentum for my second novel, an idea brewing in whole or in part since just before I began "Loosely Based".  I thus announce the start of "American Dream On", the working (& quite possibly permanent) title of novel #2 (attempt #4 or maybe 5 lifetime).  I have to reorganize my room, because the current setup just doesn't feel enough like a workshop.  Otherwise, we're just about good to go.  I anticipate tomorrow or so for the actual start of writing.
-Also, while I'm thinking about it, if you wanted a copy of "Loosely Based" & never got one for one reason or another, send me an e-mail.  I'm taking advantage of Princeton's free printing while I still can, which is not much longer at all.  I know Beth & Manor want copies, & probably some others if I can think hard, but a reminder e-mail would be useful.  Sorry it's taken so long to get to the second batch, but it's been an eventful year.

19 May 2002
-Rushed home to, in part, see the new Star Wars film.  While "Attack of the Clones" is a marginal title, the movie is really good.  Again, those with artificial beliefs that the first 3 Star Wars films were fine fine cinema need not apply, but those who see the series for what it is (& like that result) will really enjoy this installment as I did.  Sure, some of the acting & scenes were a little awkward.  But C3PO & Yoda are back in full force, which made my night.  Also, those swimming & flying manta ray things were great, if only on screen for about 30 seconds.
-It's astounding how much the human appetite thirsts for repetition.
-Phew.  Passage.
-Too... much... food.

18 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Em's writing her last paper of her undergraduate career (she's actually entertaining the idea of post-graduate studies, unlike some members of our engaged couple), so she's bugging me to update more so she has more distractions.  I'm feeling better enough, I guess.  Bleh.  But very happy for her as her academics wrap up.
-Also, almost no one seems to be reading my page anymore.  The 'Mid is about to set weekly lows for page views dating back to March or February.  Is this because everyone's left school?  Finals?  It's going to be a long summer if this is the pace of readership over the next few months.  Ah well.  Maybe I just need to start a new project.  No serial publication of novel #2, though, even though it's been suggested.

17 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-So I guess I must have some sort of milder strain of Emily's intestinal turmoil.  This prevented me from travelling to NYC today to see Gris' Tisch graduation, which I'm upset about missing.  I'll hopefully be feeling better in a couple days, but I might just have to let Em drive some on the way back to Beantown this weekend.  Bleh.
-In other news, I've thus far way overshot the D's I was "aiming for" this term.  Music's the only one out, & I've still got over a 3.3 cumulative for college, which is ridiculous in light of how little I've been trying.

16 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Yesterday was a big improvement over the day prior.  Mainly the P'ton team debate BBQ thingy, which was punctuated by tennis-ball baseball, which was way cool.  Joe Ross (1-0) defeated me (0-1) in a 5-4 pitching duel, even though I ended up with a lower ERA.  So many unearned runs for the self-proclaimed "Freedom Lovers" (the opposite squad).  I represented the tying run on second when the game ended, but 'twas fun to play games.
-Now, I'm exhibiting far too similar symptoms to those that Emily had a few days ago.  But I'm pretty sure I'm okay.  Maybe it's just empathy symptoms.
-I remain convinced that the NBA is rigged, though Em is even more sure of this supposition.

15 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Some days are just innately worse than others.  Sometimes it's inexplicable, but very very real.  Yesterday was one of those days that just fell short on so many levels.  & I'm glad it's over.  Now I'm vaguely tired & am planning on heading to bed, concurrent with my dawn-to-noon sleep schedule that I may be re-adopting.  Em's much better & may even get some solid "non-bland" food today.  After a diet of clear liquids & white foods (noodles, crackers, mashed potatoes), this will assuredly improve her day.

14 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Em's asleep for the night, & she can have crackers in the morning!  This is progress.

13 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Early this morning, Em ended up in the emergency room at Waltham Deaconess with what turns out to be intestinal bleeding.  Hopefully it's viral & not bacterial... the latter is the serious stuff, though vegetarians tend not to get most of them, since they (e coli, tapeworms, etc.) tend to like living in animals, not plants.  Regardless, it was a long 3 hours in the hospital (2:30-5:30 in the morning), but after getting 2 liters of IV & some antibiotics, she felt much better.
-Later today, we drove back down to Jersey through 6 hours of pouring rain.  Almost the entire trip featured pouring rain.  Bleh.  But Em got some more rest & that's important.  She keeps begging me to let her eat, but it's no food beyond clear liquids till tomorrow!

12 May 2002
-Sleep has not been my friend of late.  Not at all.
-Starting to get afloat on many fronts.

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