All Summer in a Day
(2-11 May 2002)

11 May 2002
-The BU/MIT "Randomly Paired Affair" tourney turned out to be a ton of fun.  One of the better days in a while.  I ended up becoming tab director (sorta by default since the people who thought of the tourney & were "running" it were also competing) & tried to power-pair a tourney with randomized partners.  It was great & made a good transition into both summer & being a dino.  Crazy stuff.  Also, watching Russo & Bernbaum run "DisneyWorld should secede" was some surreal fun.  I definitely advocate future such tourneys.
-Ariela's done with Spur.  Seeing 4 years of "The Boot" is so bizarre, especially realizing how much has changed in each of the four years relative to both of our Brandeisian lives.  Wow.

10 May 2002
-Em's sick, so I've been making an effort to take care of her.  I wish I could take this one for her since she's got three papers to write & I (as I may have mentioned) am done with everything.  At least the Mep House is at full strength with all 3 couples here & that's always a little comforting for me.  We're all so happy & it's just neat.
-Reading Crack's epic entry from yesterday reminds me of just how similar he & I are, deep deep down.  I guess the meaning thing is the great divide... I find comfort in meaning & he's afraid of it, but beyond that, we have so many similarities.  & maybe we all do, at root, have a good deal more similarities than we might think.  I've been trying to explain to people (today it was Drew, in a repeat of a conversation we've had many times) why college itself (the academics) felt like such a waste of time.  Much of it comes down to my interest solely in studying people rather than subjects.  In the end, the people are all that matters & that life is about.  & now I'll finally have time to start working towards what I've believed in & thought about, rather than some silly piece of paper.
-It's uncanny how many times I run into poorly argued insanity labeled as "philosophy" only to find that the root motivation is Ayn Rand.  So many disparate pieces of tripe end up stemming from one singular mindset.  It's laughable.  What's wrong with these people?!

9 May 2002
-Hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile.

8 May 2002
-YOU LIKE DAT?!!  I'm done with college!  That's it!  It's all over.  Of course, my professors must all decide not to arbitrarily hate my papers, but I've just chunked out a 3, an 8, & a 17-pager since my last post here.  Admittedly the 3-pager was a recycled job from 22 April 1996 (not a typo - yes, over 6 years ago) when Eric Moya, my sophomore English teacher assigned something remarkably similar to my Music extra credit assignment.  But I don't care.  I'm a short walk up Rabb Steps from completing all requirements of my degree.  Holy crud.  I'm done with school.  & now I'm off to the Library, where I'll really try not to tell everyone there that I'm done with school & they're not.  Really.  You won't hear "I'll bet these books are for a PAPER... bwahahaha!" outta me.  Promise.
-WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!  Sorry, that was necessary.

7 May 2002
-One final push for academic work ever.  This is it.  Everything's due by 5 pm (EDT) tomorrow, & then I'm free.  So while the intervening time is going to be miserable (& please excuse me putting off getting back to you one more time, especially Gris, Fish, & Shannon), my bliss afterwards will be indescribable.  There will be some procrastination, but mostly work on my 3 assignments & preparation for my one Quiz.  But it's all worth it to be done in so little time.

6 May 2002
-I know too much about too many with too few alternatives for improvement.  This has long been the status quo, but piles up on itself so!
-Fine, Drew, you get your quote on this board:  "How can you tell me a story that's boring about someone I don't know?  That's just not right!"
-I have also decided that I couldn't care less about any of the follow-up Smash/Norpda/Slash/Etc. stuff.  While I thought I'd cracked the code on the Smash, it was only interesting when it was unique.  In hindsight, it probably was a framing.  & I guess I'll never know what else to say about things of this era & this ilk.  Regardless, I think one's perception colors whether any of these things are mean or nice or funny.  But I'm sick of it.
-Also, for a final debate note, I would appreciate you getting clearance on the use of my cases, Harvard.
-Since taking over the 'Deis team webpage, Sara's focus has naturally turned to pictures.  I must link these since they're so darn funny.  Nats was a good time in almost all ways.
-I'm so good at procrastination.  I've finally updated the Introspection Stats (linked above) for the first time in ages.  Also archived up through 780 days of Introspecting.  In other words, I think too much.
-It also occurs to me that I never did the sum total of predictions for Nats based on my 64-team bracket, nor did I calculate what the real Nats said about said bracket.  Bleh.  That's clearly for some time when I'm even more procrastinatory, plus done with college & far enough removed from things that a whole 'nother round of offense-taking from Nats doesn't begin.  & maybe done with novel #2, which should commence prior to graduation, with luck.

5 May 2002
-I've never seen so many cars on the side of the road.  Most of them were getting towed or waiting for some similar assistance.  Almost none of them were police pull-overs; instead they were virtually all car trouble or accidents.  Maybe I don't drive the Jersey to Beantown stretch enough during daylight hours to gauge today against a typical time, but it would be depressing to believe that today's roadside was close to average.
-The entire purchase of the new Goo Goo Dolls album is worth it for the song "Sympathy".  Unfortunately, most of the other tracks subpar for them.  & here, despite an argument yesterday, I mean subpar as bad, in contrast with golf.  It is, however, my first CD purchase in something like 4-5 months, which may be a personal record since I began purchasing CD's.  Let's just say I've been busy.

4 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-I continue to hate the jewelry industry, but there's just not much I can do about that.
-Pickup basketball has always sparked my excitement.  Far more than volleyball & relays, to be sure.  Though fun relays have their moments.
-A long dinner with Em, Lauren, Joe, & Dom yielded some good times, including the introduction (for 3 outta 4) to the ever-famous Vet/Fish/Action-Jackson Tale of the Caterpillar.  Explaining the 'pillar invasion to people is always a bit like telling someone you lived through the Book of Exodus.  But I guess there were no local news interviews for the latter.
-The discovery that one's been beaten to a particular idea is crushing for the would-be original writer.  Being 2nd on the block in the face of independently coming up with the same idea is rough going.  To modify & out-do must now be the quest of one portion of one piece.  I must be vague here, but so it goes.
-Em is perfectly supportive.  Emphasis on perfect.

3 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Previously unbeknownst to me, Puyo Puyo is an excellent computer game.  I must say that I'll miss Whig when Em graduates.
-House Parties & Eating Clubs, however, are Princetonian facets I may never understand.  I guess they put the "League" in the Ivy Leagues.

2 May 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-With the completion of yesterday's 27-page paper on Kashmir, only 20-25 total pages of work & a Music Quiz sit between myself & my release.  So close I can taste it.

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