Interval in Sunlight
(3-12 March 2002)

12 March 2002
-Finally back.  I've spent the last 36 hours doing nothing but travel.  Down to LA & back, driving up to SF, flying out to Newark & then bringing the Kia home to Mep House.  I'm exhausted, & behind on stuff.  Bleh.

11 March 2002
[from Hollywood, California]

-The Garin sisters & Holly's friends dragged me to a taping of "The Price is Right".  It actually pretty fun, though I had to put away my endless objections to rampant capitalism for a brief time.  It's interesting to see these things from the inside.  The most interesting fact we learned is that Bob Barker is a vegan!  That's the host, if you didn't know before (as I didn't).  Anyway, tune in on 16 April if you want.

10 March 2002
[from Clovis, California]

-If I ever have a child, I want Will (Em's brother) to raise them.  He's better with kids than I'll ever be.
-Pretty sure that my comfort with the Garin family's at an all-time high.  & hopefully climbing.

9 March 2002
[from Palo Alto, California]

-What a case to hit in front of Em's & my parents!  It's been great having them around, but a Quaterfinal round on sex could have done without the audience.  Or more pertinantly, without the case!
-Just as we'd hoped.
-People DID like the South Africa case!  & people really enjoyed the round.  So it's all good.  Losing (esp. to friends) is fine when people really enjoy the round.

8 March 2002
[from Palo Alto, California]

-Stanford's really a beautiful campus.  Hard to believe I've never been in 22 years.
-Debating in front of my parents is remarkably fun!
-Someone picked "Use"!  I don't believe it.  Pacific should come to APDA.

7 March 2002
[from Oakland]

-How I hate my own mind.
-Families are funky entities.  Good to have around though.

6 March 2002
[from Oakland]

-Looking back at myself many years ago makes me feel like I've been many different people in this one lifetime.  Maybe Hume was right.  Maybe it's enough consolation to have the same soul & a few memories from one life or year to the next & the identity itself is plenty fluid.  I feel like I have friends who were me in the past, but that I am not that person.  We share a name & that's about all.
-I love the West.
-This is where I want to be.  At least in general, if not in specific.

5 March 2002
-It rarely ceases to amaze me how much variation there can be in the realm of human perception about the same precise thing.  The obvious current example is weblogs, but the differential has always impressed me in various forms.  It's amazing that people manage to find common visions at all.  Though with weblogs, I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.  It's broadcast to the world, take it or leave it.  It helps keep people more honest, if you ask me.  But if you didn't, that's cool too.
-I have a list of piddly things to do today before driving to NJ for the flight (tomorrow morn) out to Stanford & general CA.  & I should've gone to bed a while ago.  Sigh.  Again, so much of life is menial maintenance.

4 March 2002
-Not feeling "recharged" quite, but I did talk to several folks last night through my headache.  It's fading fast, but still present a bit.  & the weariness won't quit.  Sigh.  At least a week that should be rather relaxing is in the near future...
-March really is a terrible time for everyone.  Or at least extremely unstable.

3 March 2002
-Happy Birthday Alisha!  Sorry I was in VA during your surprise party, though.
-I cannot be trusted when I have a bad bad migraine.  At least, nothing I say can be taken seriously under such circumstances.
-Ah, weariness.  Time to recharge.

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