Punishment Without Crime
(21 February - 2 March 2002)

2 March 2002
[from Charlottesville, Virginia]

-Did I really just get a good night's sleep?
-Andy Bragin:  certified quote machine.
-Well, we DID hit 4 break teams in 5 in-rounds, beating 3 of them.  But will I ever win a break-round again?  We shall see.  It wasn't Hybrids, but debating with Kate is always good.
-Getting along with people again is also good.

1 March 2002
[from Charlottesville, Virginia]

-Nothing more I can do.  & the anger keeps growing.
-Waffle House!

28 February 2002
-Far too much of today has been spent playing computer games of one sort or another.  I'm going to call it my reaction to a week where I realized, more profoundly than ever before, that I can't stand the educational system in this country.  I know I've been a stuck record about it, but seriously!
-I maintain that weblog-to-weblog communication is not passive-aggressive innately.  It's just communication, if somewhat indirect.
-My current FTP setup is really mandating that I archive this page far more frequently than I'm used to.  It's a little annoying on days like today when I'm leaving in half an hour & just wanted to update, but hey, it's cheap!
-Yesterday broke the day before's records for unique visitors, page views, & such.  Craziness.

27 February 2002
-Allow me to take a few entries to respond to some folks who are linked in my Exports section.  It ain't passive-aggressive, it's direct...
-Jenny, EVERYbody voted for "Tangled Up in Blue", not nobody!  It's ranked first of all songs!  I don't understand your comment.
-Helen, there's several pros to APDA, methinks.  Even though you don't read this site, as far as I know.  Maybe you do.  Regardless, I think a lotta the cons can go away if one takes a less competitive approach.  It's not a new concept, & it's hard when everyone else is being competitive, but I maintain that people need to chill.  About politics especially.  For Christ's sake, managing a debate organization is really nothing special.  I say this from the perspective of one on the Board.
-In other news, yesterday set all records on my website for traffic.  I think it was the Dylan site.  303 page views is quite groovy, though.  After all, it was a Tuesday.  Why is Tuesday so much bigger than every other day for hits?!
-More Dylan.
-This is shaping up to be a poor excuse for a day.  Just hours after telling Brandzy how much I'm sick of school & counting the minutes till I leave, my body volunteers me out of two classes.  So now I'm in the computer lab, trying to recover the third class & wondering if my car will be extricable from the snow when I get off work at half past midnight.  Gotta write another one-page response paper too.  I don't understand the need for one-page response papers, but I guess in the end, all I'm here for is the one-page response paper we call a "diploma".
-Never thought I'd see Lisha cap a day of lengthy entries with "No man is an island."  I guess that's good & bad.
-The snow is so beautiful, but my shoes have holes in them.  Maybe everyone's right & it really is time for new shoes.  I love the peace of snow's effect on the world, though.  Sometimes I think the prescription for this planet is a Narnian snow of about 2 decades...

26 February 2002
-Darn!  Pat (find the link in BP Exports, which is linked above) beat me to the test-idea.  Except his is APDA Dinos & mine was going to be 'Deis Debaters.  Same difference.  Apparently, in Pat's opinion, I most resemble Chris Park.  While I never PM, that's a comparison I find favorable, so I'll run with it.
-The Dylan List will be up shortly.  Probably shortly enough for you to actually click that link.  You'll be very surprised by how many different songs Sepdog, Jenny, & myself came up with so far.  The fact that this table will look like the OTY-board reminds me that I need to update the ACTual OTY-board sometime today.
-The water here at Windsor Village is simply non-functional.  No hope there.
-Now Steve-o's on board the Dylan train!  Who will be next?

25 February 2002
-Em has a weblog now!! Stop the presses! I'm very excited for her... go visit many times daily! I know I'll be doing so...
-It's nice to know when I've had absolutely no impact on someone's life, especially when I tried really hard to have some sort of positive impact.  Sigh.
-The APDAweb Forum may not be replacing APDAnet, but at least it's finally discussing my big problem with APDAnet.  Other than that virus that went through & made me think some Dartmouth person was after me.
-Sometimes, I really feel like putting my fist through a plate of glass.  I don't feel this often, & I wouldn't act on it, but frustration really gets to me a lot these days, especially as March approaches.  Ah well, it's nothing new.
-I almost had the scariest thing ever teach me a major lesson about backing up my files on this page.  The FTP thing here in the Library computer lab went crazy & deleted my Introspection file.  Horror of horrors!  February was almost lost to posterity.  Fortunately, Em had the page cached on Netscape (I must put my tail between my legs & begrudgingly admit that Netscape has some uses) & was able to send me the source-code, intact.  That was far closer than I would've liked.  From now on, there's going to be some major backing-up here at the 'Mid!!
-Hopefully, Sep is okay with the following idea.  I just think it would be cool to make a master list of Dylan fans' opinions of the best of his songs.  Steve-o?  Gris?  Fish?  I'm looking at you guys...

24 February 2002
-The all-Boston all-the-time bus (with BU, Harvard, & MIT) was rather fun. Even if Pat didn't eat 40 Slim-Jims. & we waited for a while in Harvard Square's coldness. Ah, home.
-A few good things from last weekend, in spite of the horror. I guess you could call this my defense to Kate & Jenny for not going to American, though my actual defense is that it's really far away (& the next 2 weekends are going to be even farther away) & that Yale is where my whole team was going. But here's extra good things in the midst of otherwise no fun: (1) Emily won the tournament!; (2) I talked to some relatively random people who I never knew that well, but have proved themselves to be quite cool; (3) I won a coffee maker (!!) & a cassette player instead of trophies. I actually traded a rice cooker to Steph for the coffee maker, since I am not a rice addict. Also, I guess I'm the only person left on the planet who listens to tapes. No one wanted the other cassette player, either.
-Also, I initially wondered who Helen was talking about, but then I remembered what GBJ stands for.

23 February 2002
[from New Haven, Connecticut]

-There are but 2 people in my life whose presence I cannot deal with.
-Well, a perfectly fitting end to the worst debate weekend I've had in at least 2 years. I had 5 utterly abysmal rounds of debate, where I almost forgot why I debate at all. This was followed by not breaking due to a 3rd round drop & tanking from a judge I forgot to scratch after he tanked us last year. I love losing rounds that the other team concedes. Did I mention this may have been the worst debate weekend in 2 full years?
-After last night, combined with the ultimate fate of the weekend, I feel March closing in quite suddenly. This is distressing.
-People on APDA really seem to think religious people are all complete idiots. How is this more logical than having faith? It's the same blindness on both sides & yet each sees the absurd flaw with the other.

22 February 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-From the random but extremely frustrating file, someone from Dartmouth (still can't tell who, but the e-mail's originating from the D'mouth campus) is hijacking my e-mail account &/or re-labelling their own to look like my Brandeis account! I keep getting messages about "sending mail from off-campus" & last night Em got a phantom e-mail not from me. Apparently they tried this once for Em's account too. People are really silly that they don't know about full headers on e-mails revealing where an e-mail ACTually originates. However, this is still really random & annoying... so check your origination IP addresses if there seems to be something really random from "me".
-Yale today... I hope Drew has some new case ideas. Though I guess I really do have plenty of old cases, though I doubt we'll haul out Les Miz again! Should be a fun time, though.

21 February 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-& we're back online! I already e-mailed my administrator about the approximate 3-hour suspension of service here @ BP, but I guess I'm a little more conscious of this stuff than I should be.
-Also, thanks to all who remembered my birthday yesterday. Even though I'm not TECHnically 22 till 2:56 this morning Eastern time, since it was 4 minutes till midnight Pacific time over at the Carson-Tahoe Hospital in 1980. So I've got 2 more hours, really! Or something. Either way, I'm just old.
-I swear I'm going to do something productive later today. Even if it is only play more Civ-3. Yes, the game's a wee bit addictive, but I'm also aware of my graduation requirements, thanks much. Fun stuff is planned for this evening anyway.
-So I was sitting in Whig's main room (with the big TV & the pool table) watching some old SNL reruns with Pton folk, when they announce Ben Folds Five & said band starts playing "Brick". Immediately I was transported to the last night of the Emory tourney my senior year, hanging out with Floridians at some hotel & pulling up to a parking garage when that song came on the radio. Chris Pezon & I started screaming along with the song, playing at decibels to bring down half of Atlanta. Then he & Leslie Rumbaudt & I talked till dawn, when I spent the "best dollar I ever spent", ripped up & given to the most expensive car I could find, with an accompanying anti-capitalist note under the windshield wiper. Always wondered what that person thought of the note, littering pieces of dollar-bill over his/her car. Regardless, that talk was a night I thought I was on the verge of insanity, & I really appreciated two people who ended up having virtually no impact on the remainder of my life. A little sad. But I wish I could send some message back to that kid that was me 4 years ago, & tell him that it worked out, that I ended up making it, despite some setbacks & trials. & maybe I wouldn't have to have such pain in my voice singing along, or memory looking back.

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