Hail and Farewell
(2-11 January 2002)

11 January 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-I'm in the kinda mood to get stuff shaped up, even if I've been unable (migraine mostly) to fulfill any writing goals I set for myself a couple days prior in this week.  Regardless of which, I've bitten a new bullet & decided to get some web-hosting for my new website.  Maybe it was just Jake's urging, or looking over all the statistics on the APDA site.  Whatever it was, I'm going to be working with Coastland Technologies, which may or may not be a good decision.  It's 3 bucks a month, so I'm wary, but not too worried... if it doesn't work out, it's cheap.  But I have reason to believe it will work out.  So the move of everything over there could be coming very soon.  My advice is to start getting ready to change your links to bluepyramid.org & its subsets.  More later.
-So here we are at the Blue Pyramid!  Exciting, no?  Please change all your links & such... pretty soon everything @ Brandeis will be going away...
-Okay, now it's all actually gone away, so those links oughta change.  Friendly reminder pages are now in place of the old Pond & its subsidiaries.
-Gotta get away from flourescent lights...

10 January 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Well, some interesting news from a person of the past.  The link is running around somewhere in the Archive, & I won't call direct attention to it now.  All I can say is that a lot of people who were really sure they were getting married (some day) as of this time last year are no longer together.  My sincere condolences to the latest breakup... these times are tough for a lot of folks, it would seem.
-On a lighter note, check out the fact that Count Yourself In is up & running.  Only drawback is an apparent error with the e-mail thing, that I'll have to let Jake know about.
-Also, check Kate's page for a really groovy link to a documentation of how America perceives the world (too lazy to find the link myself right now).
-I'm worried that I'm getting in the way of Em's work.  Granted that it's hard to build momentum for school when finals are after break, but I still feel a little dubious.  Then again, maybe everyone's as procrastinatory as I usually am.  It just never seems that way in the first place.
-Already behind the case-a-day pace.  Shucks.
-In case you missed it, I just did 70 days worth of archiving.  The new theme is Ray Bradbury short stories, since they're all so fantastic.  After all, the project's soon moving to BluePyramid.org, which is itself named for a Ray Bradbury short story's content, though not title.  Anyway, the page always looks a little nicer when cleaned up & no longer scrolling till infinity.
-Check out what free time does for my duties at the ol' APDA webpage.  Yeah, I'm almost getting regular with this thing!
-Here's what too much free time will get you:  more stats than you can shake a stick at.  Assuming tomorrow will be spent here in P'ton, these are valid for the first 670 days of the Introspection project.  Something I may or may not keep up with, but was always curious about...

9 January 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-That's the way it should be.
-I'm really going to have to start this short story, if it's going to get written.  I've also promised myself to write a case a day between now & Dartmouth because I want new stuff for my last semester of debate.  So that's gotta get goin' too.
-Also, I meant to write earlier that one's taste for baklava (this is re:  Lisha, by the way) has nothing to do with their taste.  Baklava's no good.  Taste still is.
-& another also:  is this IQ test just really easy?  I'd be curious to see people's thoughts.  Jake especially (even though he's not reading anymore), since he was joking about his place on the bell-curve earlier this week.

8 January 2002
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-New meaning to old lyrics, most precisely from "Raining in Baltimore".
-There was a lot of snow on the car (Em's) in Hartford.  Also, a lotta money to bail it outta long-term parking.  But all is still well.
-Lauren (Cusick, not Yamane... I shouldn't have to clarify really, but I figure I will anyway because it could be unclear) is much better than Em & I at Boggle.  & we really thought we were good.  Apparently computer Boggle is where it's at, & that just trains one to kick everyone up & down.
-Ah, the Cornell novii... or one in particular.  I randomly found this old journal entry from one of our APDA friends.  Honestly, I'm just amused.  Yes, I did put majority-novice panels on all 3 NOVICE out-rounds.  I think people should be grateful that we have these rounds at all... since all but 3 or 4 tourneys don't.  If he's saying novii are unfit to judge out-rounds, after a semester of debating, then fair enough, but I don't agree.  But I hope he doesn't plan on judging out-rounds in that case.  Also, Em's up 19 points in SOTY over the nearest competitor.  & I think Clea & Greg might have a few things to say about how our tab room runs too... given an accusation of this magnitude.  But I should stop seeing everything like a debate round.  It's really just very amusing.  Wanted to share the fun.

7 January 2002
[from Albuquerque]

-Exit the local friends.  Or more properly, me from them.  To think that I'll be a college graduate before I see some of them again!  Yikes.  That's really more than I know how to process.  Though I've been wanting to graduate for some time now, so I guess the issue is really larger than that.
-Off to Jersey via Hartford (ah, long-term parking...); see y'all on the flipside.

6 January 2002
[from Albuquerque]

-Boggle is by far the coolest game in the world.  Maybe not the COOLest, but I'd forgotten how much fun it is.  & quite addictive too.  Methinks there's much Boggle upcoming on tomorrow's plane ride.
-Pete Kamarchik e-mailed me!  Lo & behold!  More on this later, but for now I'm always glad to hear from long-lost friends.
-I've finally had a "Meatless Tuesday" at the old 66.

5 January 2002
[from Albuquerque]

-Drunk drivers are no good.  At least Fish, Lauren, & Gris are okay.  But hit-&-run's gotta be about the worst thing ever.
-Well that's plenty depressing.  The whole scoop is available at the Worlds website, but I'll save you some trouble... we went from being 7th or 8th after 4 rounds to 91st after all 9.  Good lord, that's some collapsing!  A 4 that last round was so ill-deserved, it makes me very sad.  How'd we lose to Haifa A in that round??!  We scored 4 points in our last 5 rounds, after 10 in our first 4.
-85th speaker is also quite poor.
-I'm going to stop worrying about Worlds debate stuff, I promise.  I just really thought we had a chance at one point & it would've been nicer if we just hadn't had that chance at all.
-Many folks are doing year-in-review things, so I'll just remind you that 2001 was probably the best year of my life to date.  Without a doubt.  Woohoo!

4 January 2002
[from Albuquerque]

-Packing didn't take so long after all, & now it's time to be home again, if only briefly.
-A haphazard, but still fun social scene, I s'pose.

3 January 2002
[from Toronto]

-Rob Weekes has come a long way from his unbreakable tie for 32nd speaker at Glasgow Worlds with me.  He's now a World Champion, not from Cambridge, but from NYU Law.  Also, 5th speaker in the World.  Well done there.  They definitely deserved to win the final.
-& now I want to go to South Africa.  Gotta find a PE class somewhere to enroll in.  Just when I thought I was done with academics forever after May...

2 January 2002
[from Toronto]

-A bit of a dull day, though the quarterfinals round (that Em got to judge!) was highly entertaining.  Still very frustrated about not being in this break.
-Time is flying, but still feels expensive.
-Dates can still be fun, even if "dating" seems an insufficient word for one's relationship status.


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