At the Zoo
(25 August - 3 September 2001)

3 September 2001
-Well, I've just spent the last few hours reliving other peoples' childhoods with Russ's new emulators of Nintendo (original) on his computer.  Crazy stuff, but it was sufficient to keep us all (Greg, Russ, myself) laughing till the wee hours of the morn.  & now it's time to crash before some (real) softball in the not so wee hours of the morn.
-Sometimes I have things I wish I could share with the world, but I barely know whether I can share them with myself.  & so I want to be overt, but I end up just wondering why I can't ever put things in context, why I overthink, why I'm a mess...

2 September 2001
-Russ & I had a lot to talk about.  This (methinks) will be a trend over the coming year.
-Well, the only real question is:  Is the best novice class in the history of APDA ready for US?
-Nikki & I also had a lot to talk about.  Lots of talk lately.
-It's been a long day, & I am very unprepared for actually going to school regularly come Tuesday.

1 September 2001
-John finally has his bag!
-Crack's party was actually a lot of fun, including some crazy stuff being said by many debaters, perhaps especially Crack himself.  Good stuff all, though.  It's interesting to see how people take my advice, how they react, & what they actually do with it.
-Well someone with an oddly relevant name dropped by the page & threw in his two cents about my best books list of all time.  He objected to me actually having the guts to not water down my opinion, though he didn't put it like that.  It always interests me when random people write in with their commentary... sometimes it's just awesome (like the woman in Florida who loved the Frontier) & sometimes it's kinda strange (like the 'Deis kid who wanted me to stop applauding "Pay it Forward").  It's one of the reasons I really enjoy this experiment.  But I'm often surprised by how much people expect they're bringing me back to reason in some way, like they're saying "What you thought about & decided to write on your public forum isn't SERious, right?  Come back to Earth!"... that just makes me chuckle.  Heck, half the time it's my FRIENDS who say that!
-"How'm I gonna keep myself away from me?"

31 August 2001
-It's cool that Greg often stays up late &/or gets up in the middle of the night, so that we always end up talking around 2 or 3 in the morning.  I'd say that's one of the big advantages of the Mep House over having a single in East... I'm not nearly so alone 'round here.
-I keep saying I'm going to set stuff up, but mostly I just have to haul things from downstairs upstairs, & a lot of it's old unsorted papers.  Sigh.  But I do have other stuff, like tapes & ripped posters, & books.  Mostly books I should try to sell.  Hm.  At least the lights are up more permanently!

30 August 2001
-All my Christmas lights fell down in the night, which methinks contributed to my horrendous dreams last night.  We're talking really ugly-horrendous.
-Why does it take me SO long to get to campus?  & why are we parking in freaking T-Lot?  In the far far end of T-Lot?  This'll get old REAL fast.
-Kapelle seems like Prof. Black, only more humble.  Which is pretty cool, given his propensity for geography focus in history.  I still like Black better, though.  As Nikki astutely picked up on & told me about, since she's gonna be in French Revo' this term.
-I am never driving in Boston again.  Ever.  Probably the worst 2 hours of my year since Scotland.
-Hangin' with Lisha put me in a much better mood.  At the very least, I'm not ready to kill.  But given our schedules, we may not see each other again till November!  At least we have our dueling pages...
-Time to put the lights BACK up...

29 August 2001
-People drive like absolute garbage around here.  It's crazy.  Instead of using turn signals, people in Waltham just drive halfway out into the road to indicate that they wish to turn into one's lane!  It's anarchy!  & the speed limits are subzero everywhere.  This will take much getting used to, considering that it's averaging 15 minutes to get from Mep House to campus, even though it's just not very far.
-IHOP is making me miss the Frontier already.
-Do I have anything to do today?  Ah!  I must not forget to buy a phone.

28 August 2001
-Well, the good news is that my primary e-mail IS back up again, thanks to the wonderfully devoted work of my mother figuring out how to send all the files through a dial-up connection over AOLIM.  Most impressive.  However, my e-mail itself was a little lackluster in places.  I swear some people have just disappeared.  The e-mail I DID get was good, at least.
-I've got to get a phone & then figure out if I can turn off all the ringers not in my room overnight.  Don't tell me I've gone into a world sans late-night calls!
-54 days & counting.
-So many folks to see!  My room isn't even preliminarily functional yet!

27 August 2001
-Ah, the beans again.  Mep House in full swing!
-Craziness.  At least I got my stuff outta storage.
-"Forbidden" begone!!  Finally we have been lifted from the evils of 403dom.  The reign of terror released.  But look, I was still maintaining the page all along!
-Also, my primary e-mail account is down for the count for a while.  So use something else, till further notice.  Hopefully this'll be rectified very soon.
-Hearing Greg's account of J-Fact's account of this page cracked me up.

26 August 2001
[from New York City]
-No sleep till Brooklyn.
-RBI Baseball is the best time.  Not to mention that "Uglytown" isn't ugly at ALL!
-Fish is up here & we're having a whole ton of fun.  Though methinks that Fish & Gris are having a wee bit more fun than I.  Not a big deal, though.
-It is impossibly hot in this subway station.

25 August 2001
[from Baltimore]
-Yesterday at the ballpark was Cal Ripken's 41st birthday.  The O's got shutout, but the fireworks afterwards were great.  John thought that Cal & my Dad were about the same age, but I'm not at liberty to tell here how many years JP was off by.
-Happy Birthday Sarah!  Have you read my novel yet, by any chance?
-All in all, this has been a great trip.  NYC later today & Beantown Sunday!


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