(8-17 March 2001)

17 March 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-Wow.  This is new.
-Dance Time.
-First round on Saturday morning... never judged well.  Not in weeks, at least.
-Talking to Jordan was actually highly beneficial.  I somehow knew he'd be the right man to go to.  Rarely, but rewardingly here.
-Emuman!  The Emu lives!
-Russ is just as crazy as I am, & trying for more.

-I almost forgot St. Patrick's Day.  How sad is that.  This is rapidly becoming the unMarch.  & I have my doubts here & there.  But really, well, I dunno.  Coherent, eh?

16 March 2001
-It may have been the Ides of March, but it treated me fairly well.  Physics lab & Jimbob the Cat's antics notwithstanding.  After playing much basketball m'self, it turns out that (barring disaster... everyone's got a 20-pt. lead or something) I was 15 for 16 in my NCAA picks for yesterday.  & I seriously considered the Kent State game... I almost went with them.  Like Purdue, one always has to pick against Indiana.  I'd forgotten that.  Regardless, I'm quite happy with all that - I wonder how many people in Yahoo! groups had it perfect.  So close...
-The phrase "barring disaster" is EXTREMELY useful (see above).  14 outta 16.  Who woulda guessed the Hampton win?  I'd like to know...
-For the record, I'm 88th in the NCAA prediction race at Yahoo! fantasy sports.  Woohoo!
-Can I defend ANY of my debate titles?  We'll find out...

15 March 2001
-Eire Duck's Introspection would like to take this opportunity to inform you that all your base are belong to us.  (I couldn't help it... resistance is futile... this is the most ubiquitous force around.  Of COURSE I had to get in on the fun!)
-Trying not to be disappointed, trying not to be disappointed... shooot...

-"I like chemistry because I think I'm a gas, y'know, like an unstable gas..."  -Nikki
-Excrutiation, thy name is Physics lab.

14 March 2001
-After about 4 & a half solid hours of work on it, the Brandeis Debate Team Page is totally revamped.  I mean totally.  So go check it out!  I need to steal some of the pictures I put up there for my own site...  That's a ton of work, but very satisfying.  The 'net is all about instant gratification.
-I could listen to the song "Left and Leaving" all day.  Wow.
-Hirsch's classes have been supremely subpar of late.  I am nonplussed, to say the least.  More to go with my general academic lack of rigor.
-No housing for me by a long shot.  Bar of wonder, bar of light.  Unless of course 1,000 people fail to take 38 housing spots.  Anyone wanna gimme odds on that?
-Life is so RANDOM!

13 March 2001
-Hey kids!  Congratulate the Introspection page here... it's a year old today!  For 365 rigorous days, I've kept up this monstrosity.  & here we go into another year.  As RK would've said "Guns blazing, Mr. Speaker!"  Or maybe that's just Greg Wilson quoting him.  Regardless, I've been at this for a dilligent long time.
-People tend to take me too seriously, methinks.  I'm probably among these people.
-Gris has fully corrupted me.  I now own a Weakerthans disc.

12 March 2001
-A glut of phone messages is never a great time.  With a notable exception.
-I do indeed have my priorities in order.  At least about Waltham stuff.

11 March 2001
[from Baltimore]
-Go see "15 Minutes"!  It's brilliant & actually thought-provoking.  Not pleasant to watch, but important to watch nonetheless.
-Go see Everclear & Matchbox 20 in concert too.  Just try not to see them when Everclear's playing the "opening" radio set.  Ah well.
-Freez's is always fun.

10 March 2001
[from Baltimore]
-I'd forgotten how much I like debating with Brandzy.  Even if we're ridiculously inefficient casewriters & we get the moral Marianas Trench first round.
-Too much history...
-It's a high school party!  With APDA folk!
-Dave Silverman on Gov.  Good morning.
-I KNEW I had a bad feeling about that round.
-I really miss having Maddy around at debate tournaments.
-That's why you don't have 4-round tournaments.

9 March 2001
-$22 is always a nice profit.  I love Poker Night.
-I have the coolest girlfriend ever.
-Mesco changed her picture on the friends page (linked below).  This is a precedent I'm willing to set, but you must PROVIDE me with a picture you like better.  I have picked my best (my opin) picture of you if you're on the site on that page.  If you disagree, please give a counter-argument.  & then I'll be happy to change it!  Mesco, by the way, promises a less blurry image in a few days.

-Say it ain't so... my APDA candidacy is now on display.  I can't believe everyone else is willing to distribute their phone number on the web!  To debaters to talk about APDA board!  I just can't envision what a phone call about the APDA board candidacies would sound like.  Maybe I'm just not political enough.

8 March 2001
-Lethargy tends to take its toll.
-Heaven must taste like a cinnamon sugar cookie.
-I might get to see Gemma soon!  It's been years...

-New fun for the whole family!  Check out new sections of the Pond, including a re-done friends page & My Life as an Emu!  Woohoo.  I haven't updated like that in a while.  The Diplo' page is also updated, if you care.


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