Two of Us
(20-29 June 2006)

29 June 2006
-I just came up with the ending for my book.  Now don't get too excited... I'm not saying that I wrote the ending for my second novel, but merely that I developed its ending.  While this may seem trivial for a book that I've technically been working on for 4 years, it is notable under the theory that one can't really know where something is going until one knows definitively where it goes.  Is this theory true for me?  I'm just not sure.  But I really like the ending, so I'll take it for now.
-Giants 2, Rangers 1.  So I got to go to the game after all (it looked yesterday like I wouldn't) & got paid $67.80 to take pictures of kids on the way to & at the ballgame.  Many of the kids were disinterested (though not all of them by any stretch), but the game itself was excellent, with the Giants scoring in the bottom of the 8th & the new closer wrapping it up.
-The first of three straight four-day weeks is just ending now, after I haven't had a day off here since Memorial Day.  It's going to be fun.  Driving tomorrow, however, will leave a bit to be desired.

28 June 2006
-The second CC/GGD show was quite similar in the Goo set & radically different from the Crows.  Stina & Dav picked me up at Fremont BART, we traversed to Shoreline, & saw about half of the opener.  GGD played a nearly identical set, but slightly worse, but it was still fun to see a lot of their good stuff.  Then Counting Crows came on to play another short set, but with "Girl of the North Country" inside of "Rain King" & a crazy circle/spinning set of lines inside "Mr. Jones".  It had felt like the whole theme of this tour was circularity last show, but with "Recovering the Satellites" & that bit in "Mr. Jones" added, that's even more the case at this point.  This show felt a little more emotional, but maybe that's just because the Dylan song made me cry early on.
-Don't look now, but the M's are going on quite a run & are within striking distance of the division.  It definitely looks like the 90-loss years are behind us!
-Giants 5, Rangers 1.  The last of the six-pack was a good one, though not the most nail-biting game of all-time.  Zimmy joined us & rooted strenuously for anyone with a link to Maine (the Portland SeaDogs or UMaine).  I can't get a lot happier than when the Giants are beating a Mariners rival & I can watch the M's run up the score on the out-of-town scoreboard.

27 June 2006
-Life is much more about learning from others' experiences than having one's own.

26 June 2006
Happy Birthday to Mom
-The first Counting Crows I've seen in nearly two years was a great one.  Goo Goo Dolls opened with a very solid set, but one that reminded me that their very best stuff is quite obscure & not only doesn't get radio play, but probably rarely comes out in their shows.  I really could have used to hear "Sympathy", but so it goes.  Then Counting Crows came out for one of the weirdest but best shows I could've imagined, playing only 11 songs, but packing my 3 favorites into the first 5 songs:  Opening with #3 "Anna Begins", playing #2 "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" third, & #1 "A Murder of One" fifth.  Oh, & fourth was "Rain King" with "Raining in Baltimore" in it.  What a show!  Across the eleven songs, almost all of them were pure gold.  So I just can't complain about only getting a CD worth of tunes.  & besides, I'm seeing them again in 48 hours.  Plus, I got free fries!  If Em had been feeling a little better, it would have been perfect.

25 June 2006
-Em bought a bike & promptly went out to ride it & exhausted herself pretty well.  CC show tonight is very exciting though!

24 June 2006
-I've been meaning to post for ages about the myopia people have that leads to them creating foundations upon someone's death in honor of fighting whatever killed them, even if that thing isn't much of a scourge upon humanity at large.  Yes, it's good to have people charitably working to undo everything that kills people, & yes it's nice that people turn to compassion in the wake of loss.  But one would think that compassion could get people to take the further step of realizing that all threats to humanity & causes of death are bad & thus they want to fight the largest causes of such problems.  It's just sad that people lose a loved one to some obscure disease & don't make their foundation something to fight hunger or war or car accidents.  If I die of Lou Gehrig's Disease, please no one give a dime to fighting that.  Instead give money to fight poverty, war, or famine.  Those are the problems that are actually plaguing humanity, not just my particular experience.  Better yet, don't wait till I die to help those causes either.

23 June 2006
-My duties continue to expand at work, as I now might be handling some aspects of payroll as well.  One wouldn't think I'd enjoy administrative tasks quite as much as I do, but I really am.  I think it's also just a place where it's easy to be nice to & get along with everyone, which Seneca certainly wasn't.  Granted that the circumstances of Seneca were much more intense & thus made nice people difficult to get along with, but still.  It's just different at Glide.

22 June 2006
-Spent most of the day making a big brochure from almost scratch to advertise our programs.  We're doing a lot more work aimed at donors & such, so it's pretty exciting stuff.  It seems the appreciation train is continuing at work, though, because apparently a day is not considered much time to do a trifold brochure.

21 June 2006
-Exit Fish, stage Chicago via San Diego, Albuquerque, & Guatemala.  Spent a crazy last night helping him pack everything up & hanging out.  My back is really hurting & I'm pretty sure I threw it out bowling on Monday night.  Anyway, I can't even fathom how much I'm going to miss Fish at this point, but now I'm just exhausted.

20 June 2006
-Sooo tired & overwhelmed by the state of everything at this point.  Barely finished my going-away CD for Fish, but I made it.  Heading over to hang out with him before he departs & maybe some day I'll get a little sleep.

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