I'm So Tired
(11-20 May 2006)

20 May 2006
Happy Birthday to Stina Robison
-Migraine:  9 hours, left side, minor, caused by movie.
-Threw the baseball & basketball around with Em, Fish, Gris, & Anna, which quickly led to a crazy 3-on-3 game (one sub) with two local kids who couldn't have been older than 12 who just walked on the court & challenged us to play & started shooting for captains.  It was great, if not baffling with the confidence that such young kids could be capable of.  They were both pretty good, & we were generally way out of practice.  Then Stina & Dav came over & everyone lamented how old & tired they were.  But we had cake!

19 May 2006
Happy Birthday to Guen Mesco
-Fridays are terribly slow at my job.  We did, however, have our elevator start freaking out on the third floor, inexplicably opening & closing every 20-30 seconds.  I e-mailed too many people about it before discovering that we did have the elevator maintenance number, but such is the way with being new to protocols.  Mayhap I've been a bit cautious in my new position.  Regardless, the beeping of the elevator in the background all day was a fitting soundtrack to the empty Friday.
-I like watching the M's hit solo homers.  Very soothing after a long week.

18 May 2006
-I've been getting a little run-down lately, but I think things are going to be okay in the long run.  I haven't had a full schedule like this in a long time, & haven't routinely gotten up early in the morning since high school.  I've made the adjustment awfully smoothly considering, but it could still use some tweaks.

17 May 2006
-Launched the Mep Report guest worker program with our new friend David from Montana.  I think it went as well as could be expected for him arriving late & everything being a little technically flawed.  You'll be able to hear it in a couple days.
-Sometimes I really should say no to video games.

16 May 2006
-Remember that whole thing about life being good when one has something to look forward to?  Yeah, in spades.  Tonight's the A's/M's game & as I can't go tomorrow because of having to run the guest thing for Mep, & Thursday is a day game, methinks I might try to get really good seats for the game this eve.  After all, if I normally go to the 3-game series, I can spend what I'd spend on 3 tickets on 1, right?  I'm enjoying my job, Mep just got one of its biggest promotions ever, & I'm elated about this new project idea that I've come up with.  (Still need an artist for that one, though... can't really see any way around that.)  & not 1, but 2 Counting Crows/Goo Goo Dolls concerts in the long term!  In short, dear friends, life is extremely good right now.  Wooooo!
-A's 12, Mariners 6.  There's something to be said for the principle that extreme elation will be met with a reality-check.  Em & I splurged on really good tickets (33 rows directly behind home plate), but what a horrific game to see from so close!  An Adrian Beltre error led to 5 unearned runs being given up by Felix Hernandez (in what must've been his worst outing ever), & the M's were down 9 runs early & later 11 runs.  They did strike back with a 4-run 8th on a 2-run triple by Jose Lopez followed by a 2-run homer by Raul Ibanez.  By that time, my new M's fan friends who were sitting directly in front of our seats (a guy from Seattle & his 10-year-old son) had left & had taken about half of the 16,000 attending fans with them.  But I got to stand & clap & cheer for things, & you have no idea how redeeming a 4-run inning can be when your team is getting blown out.  Especially in those seats!  Ah well, it was still a good time, & it's always nice to exchange smiles & "we'll get 'em tomorrow" comments with fellow M's-gear-clad fans.  As I told Em on the way out of the McAfee Coliseum (both Bay Area stadiums seem to change names annually), I think it's high time we replace the concept of nation-states with rooting for sports teams.

15 May 2006
-It's really good to be busy at work & truly enjoying it.  Even looking forward to it at times!
-Is anyone out there interested in doing a fair bit of art for an upcoming Blue Pyramid project?  If no, does anyone know someone who might be?  My latest idea for a project would likely require a bit of original art from someone who can actually draw (not me).  Pay of some sort is not out of the question, & notoriety is guaranteed.
-The Mep Report made the Daily Source Code today.  Our promo is at 40:36 in episode 387.  For those not in the know (which I suspect is most of you), this is more or less the most famous podcast in the world, & one of the original big shots that started the whole movement.  This is a good thing.

14 May 2006
[from Clovis, California]
-A long languorous day, but we did get to hang with Meg-o at Chuck E. Cheese's for her second (third?) birthday party.  We also had the Saturn fail a smog check.  Nifty.  At least we got a ton of laundry done.

13 May 2006
[from Clovis, California]
-Came down here last night fairly late & snuck into town as part of a surprise for Em's Mom for her 60th birthday, which is actually months away (a real surprise!).  Today we sprung the surprise (a trip with Em's Dad anywhere she wants to go in the world), then played many a board game, including a few runs of Metro & For Sale.  I also have been reminded that Jen & Geoff have ping-pong at their house, so much of that was played.  The heat down here has provided almost perfect weather... both Em & I miss actually being warm outside some of the time in life.

12 May 2006
-I have been getting up at 6 every morning, because it takes me a while to ramp up to my day, to ensure that I'm on time even if BART is late (didn't quite work yesterday), & because I'm taking the opportunity to get back to an amount of sleep I can feel good about (4 hours or less).  This morning I woke up at 5:58, utterly unprompted by anything & completely conscious & ready to go.  I'm already institutionalized.
-Heading down to Fresno for the weekend, so that's where to find me.  I think riding BART all the time has somehow made me even less interested in riding in cars the rest of the time.

11 May 2006
Happy Birthday to Megan Dean
-The mere act of living can be so tedious, & by extension challenging in its lack of challenge.
-Had a meeting at work today wherein all I could think about was the alleged memo about national security at the beginning of Bush's term:  that the 3 things they were not prepared for were a terrorist attack in New York, a hurricane in New Orleans, & an earthquake in San Francisco.
-I really have zero tolerance with myself a lot of the time.  Easing up on that would probably make the day go down a little easier.

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