I'll Follow The Sun
(11-20 April 2006)

20 April 2006
-A couple reasons for hope now.  When in doubt, it never hurts to follow up.
-& as great as yesterday's comeback was...
-I am again reminded of Em's & my argument about which substance causes more physical damage in our society:  alcohol or tobacco.  I just can't fathom it not being alcohol.

19 April 2006
-Best dime ever.
-The Mep Report page is all new, including special graphics & additional links.  Go check it out!  You should also vote for us here (also linked on the page) & leave us a voicemail at (206) 600-MEP1.  All kinds of ways to get your Mep on!
-You know how I've mentioned a couple times that the glass in the Saturn is cursed?  Today marked the 3rd breaking of the right rear window wing since we got the car, this one yielding a theft of the stereo system.  Together with a license plate theft, 2 prior breakings of the same window, & of course the last day I worked at Seneca, that car has lost a lot of stuff.  I couldn't even make myself be surprised by this event, nor terribly concerned, though that made me a bit of a jerk to Em when she called about it today from Sacramento, site of the latest breaking.  She observed that we might do well to get rid of both our cars & somehow get one that doesn't seem to have major problems.  I insist that the Kia is finally well, but it does have a permanent check-engine light & seems to make some strange rattling noises at times.  & the Saturn is close to having a layer of fine glass over every inch of its interior.
-What a comeback by the Mariners!  Just when I was contemplating the loss of back-to-back at home to Texas signaling the early onset of the season's demise, they scored 5 runs in the ninth to win 9-6 after being down 6-1 early on.  What a game!  What a team!  18 hits in the ballgame at Safeco!  There's hope for us yet.  Has it come up yet that I love MLB-TV?

18 April 2006
-Man, do I need to archive this page.  I'm at least working on the theme & the links & such.
-MVP Baseball 2005 really is an incredible program.  So sad that EA Sports lost their license to make baseball games.
-Oh Mariners, why do you pain me so?

17 April 2006
-So I was getting ready to post here about how the M's are clearly playoff-bound this year, because they were a pitch away from being .500 this year.  Why would they be playoff-bound at .500?  Because they've only played top contenders this year.  LA, Oakland, Cleveland, & Boston all won 88+ games last year, & are all expected to make or just miss the playoffs this year.  Opening the season .500 against such teams, with Ichiro slumping & Felix Hernandez forgetting who he is, would be a clear signal that the Mariners have turned a corner from the last 2 years.  Of course, then Eddie Guardado decided to give Boston a Marathon Day gift, & 6-8 looks a lot worse than 7-7.  Still, we tied the Red Sox in runs over a 4-game series & the 2nd run yesterday for the Sox was completely illegitimate (even the Red Sox announcers agreed).  So close enough.  3 of the 4 teams we've played are the current division leaders.  Give us some time with the Royals & Rangers & we'll be winning the West.  I just have a good feeling about this year.
-I'm also going to totally win my Tim Hudson bet with Russ.  The man is done.
-So the problem with library jobs is that they're really not listed anywhere.  How does one get these jobs again?  AIM will only try to ship me back to Fairfield & I refuse to leave Berkeley, north Oakland, or a 10-block radius of a BART station.
-The Country Quiz seems to be awfully resilient, well over 3 years after debut.  It just got posted to the World Cup Blog, which is apparently a fairly big deal.  Speaking of the results of library jobs & Fairfield, anyway.
-Also, I am really not a fan of the new trend called the MySpace Blog.  Now myspace.com is a friend of mine, & overtook LiveJournal last year for top honors as a proliferator of the quizzes.  But MySpace has not only entered the blogging community, but somehow forbids HTML code from blog posts.  Not only is this just plain stupid as it disincentivizes bloggers from learning HTML basics, but it undermines the basis of every quiz ever designed in posting the code for people to repost to their blog.  Thus postings of the quizzes (& I'm sure it's not just mine) are suddenly showing up all over the place with extraneous bits of code stapled to them in MySpace Blog posts.  Boo.

16 April 2006
-Brandzy really likes Civ IV.  & who can blame him?  That kid has never quite relaxed enough, so it's good to see.  We also set a record for our longest legitimately serious conversation without a joke... at around 45 consecutive minutes.
-Went out to Tracy for some quality Easter time with Paul, Colleen, & the kids.  Saw "Ice Age 2", which was good if one was able to ignore the continuing endless upward trend of scatological humor in kids' movies.  This trend is honestly a good reason to not have kids.  One can't not take one's kids to the movies & one can't tolerate such things being ingrained in people as being funny.  The only winning move is not to play.

15 April 2006
-Migraine: 12 hours, left side, minor, caused by movie.
-It appears that Jordan Segal has ensconced himself in a world of New Mexicans that have been transplanted to DC.
-Glad I got taxes done a few days back, & we'll see if California gives us a crazy & unexpected correctional refund like last year.  I even resisted the temptation to write "Not for the war" all over my check to the Feds.

14 April 2006
-After spending far too much of the last couple days on it, I've completed the update of The Book List.  There are now 778 total books on the list, courtesy of 46 submitters.  Also, there's a new #1 in town, for the first time in a very long time.
-Dave Niehaus (M's broadcaster) is so crazy.  I'm so happy that MLB-TV has given me an opportunity to hear him again on a regular basis.
-The new Mep Report this week could be subtitled "Everything you ever wanted to know about the Meppers but were afraid to ask."  I mean, ever.

13 April 2006
-One just can't care about everything.  It takes too much energy.
-Albatross 18 just isn't a fun game.

12 April 2006
Happy Birthday to Collen Garin
Happy Birthday to Clea Wilson

-Finally got all the updates in, but I have to write some comics & someday I will archive this page as well.  I've been feeling generally comfortable & inspired lately, which is good when one is at the sort of crossroads I'm at now.  Maybe March & April just switched this year.  Maybe everything's going to be just fine.

11 April 2006
-Home after another solid JetBlue flight & a nice dinner at Au Coquelet.  I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by the whole weekend, but I had a tremendously good time.  Thank you everyone for contributing to that!
-Today is going to be a wash... I'm just wiped out.

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