The Magician's Nephew
(2-11 November 2005)

11 November 2005
-Picked up an 0-fer on EBay.  That's not good.
-Saw "Shopgirl", which Em & I really didn't like, but Fish liked it quite a bit.  I think a lot of the problems with this were the same as "Broken Flowers"... an uninteresting, malaisey plot punctuated by slightly unbelievable circumstances among unlikable characters.  Also, I feel it continued the trend of "Napoleon Dynamite" in honoring truly stupid people.  Just poor.

10 November 2005
-So yesterday we did the 4th podcast to be featured on the brand-new  Give it a listen!  There was a lengthy discussion that we had to cut out of it for not being funny enough about the Kansas stuff I posted here yesterday... that will appear in its own form sometime soon.  I really have no idea how this stuff comes across to anyone else, but it's kinda fun putting it all together.

9 November 2005
-So there's a lot going on in that world out there & I've been a little absorbed 'round here.  I guess having Duck & Cover daily has consumed a lot of my political & worldwide interest in webpage form, leaving me even more internalized on this page.  But I can't cover everything with a cartoon I guess, so...
-First off, I'm excited about what's happened in Kansas.  Yes, this thing.  Now I know I'm not going to make any friends among, well, my friends for taking this stand, but I've long thought that science needs to take a step back & this kind of thing is exactly what's needed.  The problem is that science is all theory & conjecture, but is presented as pure hard fact.  When I argue with scientific friends about this, they tend to get annoyed & claim that no one ever said it was fact in science class & that it was all presented as theory.  Which is bunk.  It is presented as fact that one has to memorize & believe to get anywhere in school.  But, as the science majors point out, no one thinks it's fact, but rather what's most likely.  So why not present other theories that have similar doubt as other opinions on the issue?  The fact is that whether one believes science, religion, or a combination of both comes down to what premises one is willing to accept before moving on to logical proofs.  Evolution is carrying the day these days because we're taught to believe the premises evolution relies on.  What's wrong with having discourse on the issue?  Are scientists afraid that when their religion is presented as a belief system rather than a cold hard fact that people will see the flaws in the theory?  I think that's the issue.  & how did science become our religion so quickly anyway?  Nowadays, the way people write about this issue, it seems like questioning scientific "fact" will get you the same ridicule of a 17th-century heretic.  In short, go Kansas!
-See why I'm not so sure I could ever join a party?
-I wish I had something relevant to say about the riots in France.  I think the only thing I have to offer is that the worldwide isolation & alienation of the Muslim faith really needs to stop.  I know France is hardly a role model of welcoming cultural openness, but the kind of rhetoric that's been slung at Islam as a matter of course by the West in the last few years is really starting to infect peoples' minds with racism.  It's not just in the USA, but it needs to be taken seriously & halted everywhere.  Mefears there's an attitude of it being okay to be racist in this one specific case, & that's going to lead to more race riots all over.
-So, we've finally done it.  After recording a few shows (should be another one coming up today), we've launched The Mep Report, a podcast featuring Greg, Russ, Drew, & myself.  It's going to be... interesting.  We talk a lot about crazy stuff & are sometimes funny.  Mostly.  Just go, download, & listen.

8 November 2005
-Election day!  Maybe next year, I'll actually be voting.  Many questions to answer.  Will I really have a social contract just because my felony time is up?  Will I want said social contract?  Will I feel like anything can be done from inside the system?  Will I want to start becoming active within the Green Party?  Can I stomach the whole-slate assumptions of politics & parties?  Stay tuned, folks, stay tuned...
-Looks like people just heard "No on everything" without bothering to read the print.  Sad.

7 November 2005
-Half of the time we're gone, but we don't know where, but we don't know where.

6 November 2005
-I just saw a rat in our pantry!  Given the noises it was making, I was very much geared up for seeing, say, a human intruder, so I was actually quite relieved to see a rat.  It wasn't till a bit later that I thought to be concerned about the rat.  I trust Pando to scare it off before it does any damage.  Also, do rats really do damage or do we just give them a bad rap?

5 November 2005
-Em's back from her ambulance press-conference tour of the state.  You can read about it & see great pictures here!
-"Elizabethtown" is close to a must-see movie.  It wasn't great all the way through, but it was really great overall.

4 November 2005
-Always leave on the upswing.  Hey, this could be fun!
-Big projects looming on the near horizon.  Soon you may be able to hear more than you ever wanted.
-So RMI has gone live on eBay, as a bit of an experiment.  We'll see how it does, though I expect at least this sign to do pretty well.

3 November 2005
-Got a buck?  I'm in luck!
-Just heard on NPR that Aaron Brown was forced out of CNN.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this, as a long-standing critic of the dry & altogether too gung-ho-American Brown.  Now if only Lou Dobbs can be convinced to drop his obsession with building an electric fence around America & Wolf Blitzer can be reminded that not every story is Armageddon, sanity & quality journalism will prevail at CNN once more.  But I can deal with Blitzer living up to his name, so it's really just Dobbs that needs to change.

2 November 2005
-Something big just happened, as my hourly hits on the front page just traveled from the standard 5-10 to about 60, & there are still 20 minutes left in this hour.  See?  I need to find the source of this massive traffic attack!

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