The Silver Chair
(23 October - 1 November 2005)

1 November 2005
-Lately I've gotten really into BlogPulse as a barometer of day-to-day trends.  Unlike most of these tracking sites, they actually allow one to search for a given website, from the whole site down to a specific URL.  Very useful.  The main issue, of course, is that the pages they happen to have indexed are a pretty random reflection of the total sum of blogs worldwide.
-Lots of work to do, lots of changes coming up.  Gonna be good stuff.
-Everyone should go check out Em's debate in Fresno the other day.  It's the video on Propositions 78 & 79 near the bottom of the page.

31 October 2005
-Happy Halloween!  Finally carved some pumpkins yesterday & might carve another today.  Again I lament not being able to celebrate like a kid again.
-Roll Deis roll!  Congratulations to Mark Samburg & Adam Nir for qualling at Brown, making this the most successful semester in a good long while for the Deis debaters.  We now have more debaters qualified this year than any time since 2002 (when we also had 4 quals), & this makes more unique quals in a semester since Fall 2000, when we closed out Williams finals & then Zimmy & I made it at MIT.  Go for the record, guys... we've never had more than 5 quals in a semester in team history, & there are 3 competitive weekends left!  All this makes it break my heart that I'm not going back for this weekend's tournament, but there's naught to be done about that.  Missing debate as much as I do is assuaged just enough by the team rocking out like this.

30 October 2005
-The longest day of the year.  & how.
-"A History of Violence" had so so so much potential to make a great statement & just punted.  I know I say that about a lot of flicks, but this one may take the cake in that category.  As it stands, though, it is mostly a lousy mob film.  There are some small bits I liked, but mostly I was disappointed by what it could've been & decided not to be.

29 October 2005
-Brandzy & I have so many inside jokes that it's possible we don't even communicate any more, but rather simply run through the catalog.
-Here, have your money back.  Damn.
-Another great time with Brandzy, focusing on a stellar theological/moral discussion regarding the innate value of truth & general subjectivity/objectivity issues.  Is there innate harm in telling someone lies?  Truly unbelievably to me, Brandzy doesn't think so.  I, of course, think that there is.  The conversation had a lot more to it than that, but really seemed to center on that all the same.
-While I recommend that everyone should see "North Country", it continues its primary actress' streak of movies that are impossibly difficult to watch.  Not as much this one as the last one I saw, but still.  This one is better, methinks.

28 October 2005
[from Clovis, California]
-Back here late last night so Em can reprise her debate against the drug industry shill doctor & I guess I'm going to meet with someone.  Sadly we had to drive, so it wasn't a great trip.  But Em actually drove like a champ much of the way.
-Turns out I didn't really have much of anything to do, but find out that some projects are on hold.  Ah well.  Not every day can be perfect, even in October.

27 October 2005
-Moved up from 1/2 to 2/4 at Oaks & was rewarded with a $104 take.  That's a bit more like it.  I might miss my new friends at the 1/2 tables, but there's really no comparison in the quality of the game.
-Halloween's coming on so fast & I still haven't cracked a pumpkin.  Soon, though, as they're waiting on the kitchen table.  Regardless, this is guaranteed to beat last Halloween methinks.

26 October 2005
-Communication really is the solution to 99% of all possible problems between humans.  Life can be surprisingly simple.
-It used to be the case that seeking professional medical help had a roughly 50% chance of making you better & 50% chance of making you worse.  That's been true for most of the time in the planet's history.  Right now it may be up to 55-45 or even 67-33, but it sure isn't 100-0 or 95-5 the way most people seem to think it is.  Understanding that is pivotal to making good decisions about one's health.  It's almost like poker in the way that one needs to calculate the odds & the stakes.

25 October 2005
-Getting some of the forum issues resolved & it looks like things will be on the up & up soon.  Thank goodness; I have little tolerance for coding problems that last a week.
-In all this work on the RMI site, I need to remember not to neglect the BP.  This is in the "Note to Self" category.

24 October 2005
-I may just throw Earthlink out a window.
-Well Yahoo! hasn't been pulling its weight on the Search of the Week for a long while, but I think they've made up for it with this week's entry.  Almost as funny as Wise & Otherwise last night with Fish, Gris, Anna, & Skipper.

23 October 2005
-It's truly amazing the range of emotions one can experience with another person in 24 hours, or any other sort of short period of time.  I think this is why fights are the most brutal with those closest to us... because the intensity of every emotion is exaggerated & magnified when compared to average emotions.  It makes it all worthwhile for the most part, the good & the bad, but then that's my philosophy about everything in life, especially on the emotional frontiers.
-Timing can truly be amazing.  One more minute here or there can make all the difference.  Patience remains key.

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