Keep the Aspidistra Flying
(26 April - 5 May 2005)

5 May 2005
Happy Birthday to Aaron Harper
-These days are so much smoother when I have all my notes done already.  I hope I can stay in this habit.
-Hey, isn't this supposed to improve the odds?

4 May 2005
-Such... a... long... Wednesday...
-I get really tired & cranky on these Wednesdays.  Bleargh.
-Okay then.  Looks like today was just a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.  So to speak.

3 May 2005
-Call it the end of an era.  For 17 months, I have worked with Rachel S. at my job.  She's definitely the person I've built the strongest rapport with, & perhaps the strongest friendship.  & she's moving over to the opposite shift, to correspond with her other jobs.  I can't blame her, but I can still be sad.  Tonight was our last shift together & it's even harder to contemplate this job without my teammate.

2 May 2005
-Seems like they had a standard-issue Monday back at the regular house while I once again got to go to the little-kids house.  They're significantly under-staffed there, especially with males.  It was easy as it ever is there, though patience was certainly tested more than once.  On the way home, I found out that the Kia really IS eating oil after all, adding to the list of questions on that front.

1 May 2005
-Once again, things are churning in my spin-cycle of uncertainty about this job.  Going into it today, I have a whole new idea that again brings flooding nostalgia.  At least the new possibility is in the same agency.
-A wonderful, amazing shift, punctuated by a moment that made me shudder & want to throw things.  I'm all over the place as per usual.  Though the M's lost, we got to take 2 of the kids to the A's/M's game at the newly renamed McAfee Coliseum.  The whole day was spectacular & I was reminded of how few things in life are better than an afternoon baseball game.  But then one set of comments from that kid sent it all spiraling down.  It was a capsule of the whole picture today, & I'm frustrated as ever.

30 April 2005
[from Clovis, California]
-Notes done for this month!  & look... they're even on time!  In a way.
-Ah, tricky PokerStars!
-More games, & a continuation of my Ticket to Ride winning streak.  Though this was by far the closest anyone came to catching me.  Just like in 1830, one tiny piece of track can make all the difference.
-Had a simply delightful dinner with Em's parents at Bobby Salazar's in downtown Clovis.  A great way to end the trip.  Mefears I dominated the conversation with talk of Seneca & the expansive meritocratic power of the internet, but so it goes.  I also recommend the Mexican omelette.

29 April 2005
[from Clovis, California]
-Done with Chamber of Secrets, moving on to Prisoner of Azkaban.
-I think we could find room for another cat...
-At least I got a tie in tonight's Mystery of the Abbey contest.  I can't stop playing that game & I'm just not that great at it!

28 April 2005
-Speaking of video games...
-Heading down to Clovis tonight for Holly's bridal shower & related events.  Only a few weeks till her wedding too!

27 April 2005
-I guess I'm always going to be talkative.  No wonder I see these treatment reviews differently than my mute co-workers.
-Well, there's just something about face-to-face that's different than over the phone.  Don't know how to explain that fully, but it makes an impact.
-Back in the video game saddle?  Mayhap.

26 April 2005
-Had a great time tonight with some appreciative kids as I worked mostly with another house.  What a difference those few years make, even among the bizarre community of the "severely emotionally disturbed".

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