The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me
(27 March - 5 April 2005)

5 April 2005
-A huge, gargantuan congratulations goes out to Beth Mandel for qualifying at the Clark tournament!  She & Justin seem to have dominated the tournament, not dropping a round till finals & being 1st & 3rd speakers!  In one swoop, 'Deis gets to send 3 teams instead of 2 to Nats next weekend & everyone who really deserved to go gets to go!  Roll Deis roll!

4 April 2005
-It's so neat to see when these kids can just be kids.  Like when they're into a talking Shrek toy.  It's the little things like that that make me wonder just what to do.

3 April 2005
-Sundays are never as bad as the dread.  It's hard to remember that on Saturday, but it's easy by the end of Sunday.

2 April 2005
-A quarter of the way through 2005 already?  I think I'm going to cry.
-Picked up Stina from the airport & got some breakfast at Broome Bush.  Was a great time & it's good to see her happy still.  A little trepid, a little tepid, but happy.  Even if she didn't like "Garden State".  I don't think she & I are capable of agreeing on a movie.

1 April 2005
-Fish took down quite a haul last night... you could call it his birthday celebration.  I think it was a record for Big Blue House poker nights, at over a hundred bucks.  I kept getting taken to the cleaners, especially by Fish.
-April Fool's Day jokes are best when they are completely believable, but still shocking.  I must say I delivered a near-perfect one to Em today, though if the joke is too good, it also comes with a helping of guilt.  Contrary to my joke, I have not left my job yet.  We'll see.
-Actually sat down & figured out the tax situation, which wasn't quite as bad as feared, but still had us owing a good chunk to various governments.  It just ends up being inevitable.

31 March 2005
-I try so hard to be productive, but it ends up falling flat on its face most of the time.  The same old theme, & it's about to be April.  Crud.

30 March 2005
Happy Birthday to Matt McFeeley
-It's nice to see Fish with reason to celebrate.

29 March 2005
-Going on the dinner outing every Tuesday is about all I can do to keep sane these days.  I feel like I'm hogging it, but I kinda feel like I need to.

28 March 2005
-At least they can be kids... sometimes.  I guess every early teen is on the fence in one way or another.

27 March 2005
-Ah, Japanese food.  Took Fish out last night for an early birthday dinner & remembered once again how much I love good Japanese food.
-Repeated my egg-hiding skills for the kids at the house... though this time it was outdoors & started to rain just as we were starting the hunt, so many eggs remain hidden on the house grounds.  It was amazing to see everyone in such a good mood this morning & I'm just not as convinced that I have a foot out the door.  But at the same time, I knew things would get better & I want to be gone before they get way worse.

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