The Road to Wigan Pier
(17-26 March 2005)

26 March 2005
[from Clovis, California]
-I'm really starting to love my birthday game, Mystery of the Abbey.  Even though I never win it.
-Had Easter a day early, so that we could go back to the Bay in time for me to work tomorrow.  Em & I set up a Garin clan egg-hunt where we all hid eggs in pairs for the other couples (with the kids being the final team).  It was great, & even greater when the last two eggs found were both hidden by me.  But I enjoy that sort of thing a bit much.

25 March 2005
[from Clovis, California]
-I'm not sleeping anymore.  I've tried lots of it & it isn't working.  So tired.

24 March 2005
[from Clovis, California]
-It's so great when friends are really truly happy.  Getting them to enjoy it as much as I do can be a challenge in itself!
-Cruised down here this morning on no restful sleep, & now I'm wiped out again.  We'll see if sleep can be restful at all.
-Saw "Robots", which was a tad disappointing relative to the usual high quality of the Pixar-era CGI films these days.  The message was good, but it just wasn't as clever as the standard for such flicks.

23 March 2005
-Much better set of meetings than I anticipated, but still not good enough.  We had a little first-half-team huddle & realized that most of us probably have at least one foot out the door.  There could be a 100% shift-change before too long.  We're all exploring our options & it makes a lot of sense.  With the budget issues on the table already, we might just be doing the agency a favor anyway.
-I just don't have time to catch up these days anymore.  Sigh.
-India.  I could move to India.

22 March 2005
-I'm an idiot.  Feeling the way I do, I sign up for 6 extra hours in the morning.  Brilliant.
-Another very bad day, bolstered only by the fact that there were lots of bulky staff in the house.  Something's gotta give.  & I think it's me.  I've gotten a lot out of the last year & a half, but I'm getting to the point where I feel like the job is influencing me more negatively than positively.  I don't like the sensations of trauma that are re-infiltrating my life.  I don't like feeling like I've gotten lucky & it's just a matter of time.  I don't like constantly failing to get rest because of work-related nightmares.  Change is good.

21 March 2005
-The week anniversary of the foundation-shaking riot wasn't so bad, but I'm not doing so well.  I was literally shaking on my way into work... it felt like being back at Broadway & preparing to run through the halls.  I can't work like this.  I'm not happy to be here & none of my co-workers are either.  Bah.  It may just be time to move on, time to get going.  What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing, but it's got to be better than this.

20 March 2005
-Got home this afternoon after cinnamon rolls & then blazing up the coast.  It was just time to be home.  & now we are.
-After watching all this NCAA action, I finally get to play my NCAA PS2 game.  It's amazing how into things I can get & then be very focused on playing/doing whatever is related to that excitement.  While this is hardly unique, I feel like my overall excitement level is way above average.
-It's just great to have a Sunday off.  I could get used to this.

19 March 2005
[from Oceano, California]
-Finally got in our Pismo basketball, which was very exciting given how rainy & miserable it's been lately.  We started out playing through a downpour, but ended up watching the skies clear & having a great series of 4-on-3's to 15 points.  I went 3-1, finally beating Steve in the 4th game after he'd been undefeated, both with & against me.  My shot was more on than it should've been considering how long it's been since I've played, but still had some long droughts.  I need to get back to weekly basketball... I know I say that a lot, but it's really true.
-Mystery of the Abbey again!  I really like this game, though I keep being unsuccessful at it.
-Oh no... Wake Forest is out in double-OT & so is my bracket.  There's always next year...
-More poker, more domination by this kid named Ryan.  Sheesh.

18 March 2005
[from Oceano, California]
-So far so good on the NCAA picks.  Called 13/16, & it would've been better if Creighton had hit their last shot instead of turning it over to WV.  Called the two big upsets, though, so I can't complain.  It seems every year I start way ahead of the curve & then end up losing it all by the end of the weekend.
-I'm just grumpy lately, about everything.  For a lot of reasons.  I would be doing a lot better if I weren't feeling vaguely sick & if it weren't so stormy!
-Poker night went well, though it went quickly.  Was slightly less fun than Wise & Otherwise last night, merely because I didn't win a single hand the whole tournament & ended up 6th of 11 (we played tournament style).  Still was great to be at the center of it & dealing the final heads-up match with a deck of people standing around.

17 March 2005
-NCAA tourney starts today & I'm pumped!  Fish & I caught the tail-end of the NCAA-clinching Mountain West title game for New Mexico when they beat Utah last weekend.  Their game is tomorrow, which I'll have to catch from Pismo as we're heading down there later today.  I'm about to fall ferociously behind on some of my paperwork, but right now I'm finding it very hard to care.

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