Like a Rolling Stone
(18-27 September 2004)

27 September 2004
Happy Birthday to Emily Clayton
-Sometimes it's hard just to get up in the morning & face the day.  & even more important to take stock & take time off on those days.
-That was a good call.
-You never know who you'll see walking around Emeryville.  Crazy.  It's amazing how some people, even if one hasn't seen them in years upon years, are utterly recognizable even when they're in a place that the odds say they wouldn't be.
-Everything's more fun with Emily along.

26 September 2004
-It looks like the State Quiz is finally on the uptick I've been expecting for a long time, though I admit the stats page for it is getting woefully behind.  Like so many things on the BP, it needs a little more attention.  The Quiz is getting more attention in part because of things like this, another online column referring to a quiz.

25 September 2004
-"The United States of Leland" was unbelievably good given my initial expectations.  Many relevant themes & quite engagingly written.
-Slogging through more notes... I didn't even realize how far behind I already was this month.  But I'm well over halfway & I still have this week.  Hard to tread water given the procrastinatory patterns I always delve into.
-How many stores can today wind up including?  But apparently I missed a Ray Bradbury book from last year (Let's All Kill Constance), so all is worthwhile now that I've found it.
-Sometimes, all the analysis is a little overkill.  How does it go again?  "I'm so tired of being tired, sure as night will follow day, most things I worry 'bout, will never happen anyway."  Yeah, that's the one.

24 September 2004
Happy Birthday to David Kunkel
-Apparently someone tracked down the ol' DK recently too, & he's on his way to UNM med school, or mayhap already there.  So I might get to see him before too long after all.
-I'm such an alien.  There are times that this strikes me with more & less profundity.  What really ends up bringing it home is how much of the time the people closest to me think I'm utterly crazy.  Why does everything seem so clear?  Is my belief in the absence of mental illness merely proof of my not wanting to be even further outcast?  How can I aspire to change the minds of many when I seem unable to budge the minds of the few, the closest?

23 September 2004
-Ah, another all-nighter with Brandzy.  Some things never change.
-This morning, the Big Blue House hosted 500,000 radio listeners.  Seriously.  Brandzy had a brief Air America interview that wound up being over-the-phone & live from the BBH.  The first of many massive transmissions from here... or perhaps not.

22 September 2004
-Look out, folks!  The Peace Train is coming!  Now that's a security threat... or something.  If we let any more advocates of peace into this country, someone might think this country wasn't founded just to make war.  Yikes!
-Good meetings, good day, things are on cruise control.  It took a while to right the ship, but it's smooth sailing for now.  Yes, I'm still living on a sine curve & a prayer.

21 September 2004
-If you see but one Futurama episode in this lifetime, it should be "Roswell that Ends Well".  It didn't win an Emmy for nothing.
-Today was just what I needed.  A textbook smooth day, with some fun & positivity thrown in!  I'm flying.

20 September 2004
-Much to do, insufficient energy.  On we go.
-There's this little strip of teal paint that someone spilled on the road up to the school where the kids I work with go to school.  It's been there for months now, the thinnest little strip of a beautiful color & it winds through a few blocks where some errant truck failed to notice the loss of its load.  On days when I wonder whether I can make it, seeing the persistent ongoing existence of that little strip of teal offers me hope.  It may seem silly to take inspiration with spilt paint as my role model, but when life is a metaphor, it seems fitting.
-A personal first!  As Fish put it, I have joined the elite.  Ugh.

19 September 2004
-Today was somewhat of a goodwill tour at work, as I floated between three houses, one of which took me on an outing to San Francisco.  All told, I put over 70 miles on the car just traveling between houses & outings.  Maybe I should look into those mileage vouchers after all.  Regardless, I went to 2 houses whose residents seem to really like me (mostly because they rarely see me, I assume -- familiarity oft breeds contempt in this job) & there was even goodwill at my own house.  The world turned upside down, or mayhap just turning back around.
-I am SO tired of getting migraines every Sunday.

18 September 2004
-All dressed up & no place to go...
-While the "Prom" party at Sarah & Flora's had some fun moments, it did a lot to remind me how awkward high school was.  & even more to relieve me that this time was past.  I think I've gotten a lot less serious in my older age.

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