Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
(19-28 August 2004)

28 August 2004
-Started to get the fleas taken care of, to the relief of Pando & Em.  This included a sales experience in the vacuum section of Sears that reminded me just how much I am unable to deal with anyone in a sales context.  Yowch.  Still feeling blukky, but slowly turning it around methinks.  I'll probably be just in time to relapse at camp.

27 August 2004
-The streak of domiciles I have lived at longer than one year having a leaky ceiling issue of some kind has now extended to 4 of the last 5, assuming we stay here longer than a year.  Oregon & both Nuevo houses had issues at different points, & now there's a large hole in the ceiling of the Big Blue House.  This one has the new distinction of being a leak from a higher floor in the same building rather than directly from the roof.  Once again, our dynamic landlord/landlady duo have been awesomely supportive in dealing with it right away & tackling the whole problem rather than just patching up.  We are most fortunate to be here.  But we still have a big hole in the ceiling for perhaps some time to come.
-Turns out we probably have a flea problem as well, which makes one wonder how those fleas got to Pando with her never going outside.  So the house is in a bit of, shall we say, disarray.

26 August 2004
-Scratchy is better than sore, but still...
-Looks like another note-writing drive will soon be upon me as well.  Though the month technically ends at camp, I'm going to need it done before then I would think.
-I have no energy.  Ever.

25 August 2004
-Had a slight relapse, but now am feeling better.  Not what I'd call better enough, but better.  So much potential for fun being marred by silly illness!  When the throat problems go away, everything will be better.
-The Olympics coverage I've watched today seems to have made quite an effort to internationalize itself from what I was talking about before.  It's not perfect & it might be the result of no Americans being that good in these events, but they're at least covering them!  I even got to see field hockey today, which was quite exciting.

24 August 2004
Happy Birthday to Dad
-Feeling much better, to the point where I think I can go to work.  The likelihood of a relapse seems pretty good, but I need to save my PTO (paid time-off) for trips this fall & winter.  Besides, I have my first Sunday off in history this weekend because of the upcoming 60-hour shift that is camp.

23 August 2004
-For the first time since I started working at Seneca, I've called in sick.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate sore throats?  Yech.
-Watched an insane amount of Olympics coverage today, so I feel like I'm finally getting in the awareness of the Olympics that I missed throughout college.  I still like the winter games much more than summer, but both are good fun.  My biggest complaint is that we dont't see enough of obscure sports & obscure countries, aside from the ongoing ridiculous America-centrism that I talked about earlier.  I saw a little bid of badminton at one point, but where's the field hockey & handball?  These are exciting sports with diverse countries that the Olympics coverage should really focus on!
-I was being unproductive enough before I got sick.  Now... ugh.

22 August 2004
-As night fell on Oakland, sickness was starting to fall pretty hard on me.  The feeling of getting sick & being utterly helpless to stave it off is most unsettling indeed.  At least it was a pretty chill day of work overall.  I've just been so tired for so long it seems.

21 August 2004
-Sometimes it's just hard to live with people.
-But it's amazing what can turn a mood around too.

20 August 2004
-The Olympics would be so much more fun to watch if the American coverage recognized that there were other countries in the world.  The whole point is that these are international games; it's not fun to just watch Americans inflate their overblown egos.  I really don't remember it being this bad back in the 1980's & even very early 1990's.  & it just gets worse every year.

19 August 2004
-Does it make anyone else sad that the most prominent issue in this election seems to be the Vietnam War?  Could there be a better indicator of how irrelevant Bush, Kerry, & the two major parties are to reality in this country?
-This job really does take at least 36 hours to recover from these days.  I know I've been harping on this a lot, but the schedule is seeming more & more deceptive with the way things are going.  Early summer was just too easy.

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