Mr. Tambourine Man
(9-18 August 2004)

18 August 2004
-Came out of the Wednesday meetings pretty frustrated for no good reason.  I think I was just disappointed with how little we talked about the kids who are having trouble these days.  We had treatment reviews for 3 hours on the 2 kids who are doing by far the best in the house & while these things are scheduled in 6-month intervals, it still felt irrelevant, except perhaps to remind me that not all our kids are horribly off the hook.  I should think about that I suppose.
-Ah, unending exhaustion.  It's feeling like a constant.

17 August 2004
Happy Birthday to Matt Frese
-7 hours & 42 minutes is a record I hope will never be broken.  I'm almost amazed I only had to stay till 2 AM.
-Litter me with small awarenesses indeed.  I could really get into Matt Nathanson.

16 August 2004
-Saw "The Lion King" (the play) in SF last night with all the kids from the house.  It was a special donation from the founders of Seneca & was absolutely wonderful.  Though if you were at the show last night & wondered what the screaming & discordant noises in the back of the top balcony were, that was us.  The Orpheum is a stunning place to see a play & just happens to be lined with lions all around the top.  After the show, our client who is most into acting met two of the child performers in the show & the whole scene reeked of destiny.  He got their autograph & I tried to engage him in a conversation about how acting was his calling in life.  We shall see.
-Even more stuff to do on Mondays with the new routine.  But it's fun stuff, honestly.
-This troop realignment is one of those things that makes me really pause when thinking about Bush.  It's easy to assume that because it's Bush, it's nefarious.  At the same time, I've been wanting someone to do a major pullout of troops from all over the world for years.  I'm not saying he's turned pacifist or anything given Iraq, but it seems like the type of move that Kerry would never make given his plan to increase foreign deployment by 40k prior to this pullout.  & I know that Bush is saying he'll use it to instantly start wars in random natural resource rich areas.  But still, it seems like something that on face is better about Bush than Kerry in my most important issue of military violence.  & yes Dad, I know what your argument is about all this & how you think this proves your earlier point.  Maybe.

15 August 2004
-Going to miss having Russ around, as it's easy to get used to.  He & I continue to be very similar with similar routines & interests, which makes it very easy to hang out for days on end.  Fun times indeed.
-Drew is moving in for a couple weeks as his sublet ran out.  So the non-stop string of folks hanging out at the Big Blue House rolls on!

14 August 2004
Happy Birthday to Marge Garin
-Finally won FIFA on Semi-Pro mode, with Denmark toppling Portugal 3-2 on a golden goal in the 98th minute.  This may seem like a lot of details, but it was a momentous event in the context of this weekend.  I can't believe that the 2nd hardest of 4 levels of the game is so difficult.
-Went through SF & up to a beach by Fort Baker in Marin to explore some of the local sights with Drew & Russ.  Actually saw quite a few seals after hiking on a fenced-off trail down from the main road.  Was nice to get some time by the sea.

13 August 2004
-Brandzy came by in the middle of the night & the slacking cartel was almost complete.  As Russ is mining for new material, there is actually a couple hours of the discussion on an audio tape.  This seems somewhat dangerous to me, but it's all too funny to worry about.
-It's nice to actually sample the dawn-to-noon sleep schedule again, even if I've been having a slightly shaky throat.

12 August 2004
-Endless FIFA!
-Well we've all known for a while how much the universe ultimately makes sense & we're governed by higher powers.  Or as Russ would put it, the universe is intelligent.  But sometimes it's baffling how much this is the case.  A couple of things not said really saved us all from disaster.  I shouldn't fully elaborate here, but sometimes the best thing one can do (apparently) is not have a piece of information that one would make rash decisions knowing.
-"Collateral" was another shoot-em-up film with some quality in the premise & some Kerbouchard in the characters.  While it had moments where it was heading towards being like "15 Minutes", it wound up being too unbelievable to be as redeeming.

11 August 2004
-Russ is in town & there will be much FIFA!  Whether we can take Denmark to the final game on the hardest level of the 2003 game remains to be seen.  My guess is it's not likely.
-"The Bourne Supremacy" was an interesting mystery, but totally Kerbouchardian in premise & result.  At least Russ got to see the Grand Lake.

10 August 2004
-Working at other houses is sometimes horrible.  Sometimes, it can be a pain without really being much of a problem.  Tonight, it was like taking a night off altogether, which was very nice indeed.

9 August 2004
-Edgar Martinez retiring is just another in the unending string of sadnesses for the M's this season.  After a season of trading Garcia, releasing Olerud (to the Yankees, no less) & Aurilia, it's no real surprise.  This season has a lot to say about baseball being more about heart than pure talent... the M's had some of the best talent of anyone this year & have one of the worst records.  In the end, winning those games has a randomness factor that's hard to explain or understand, even harder to predict.
-To celebrate being done with summer, Em has left for Boston for training for ten days.  Oh well.  I'll get to see her again when it's not summer!

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