All Along the Watchtower
(30 July - 8 August 2004)

8 August 2004
-Man, I am really tired.  Something about this particular 15-hour shift did me in.  There was nothing especially bad or difficult, just exhausting the whole way through.

7 August 2004
-Exit parents, stage Nuevo.  It seems like they just arrived here & now they're out the door again.  But hopefully we'll be seeing each other again sooner than later.

6 August 2004
-This day always seems to be high on the list of days that make me reflect.  For so many reasons.  More proof of the geography/time correlation no doubt.
-Em's been getting home so early all week!  Its great timing so she can actually see my parents, even though she's often still exhausted.  I'm so pumped about the summer almost being over.

5 August 2004
-Hung out a lot & wound up seeing "The Village" again on the big screen at the Grand Lake.  My parents liked it even more than I might have predicted, & I predicted that they'd love it.
-Living with people is stranger than one might imagine, it's true.  Of course, living on the planet has similar properties.

4 August 2004
-A year at Seneca!  Holy cow.
-The parents came in tonight & got a tour of the Big Blue House.  They're actually staying here, which is really cool since they normally hotel it up.  Of course, we've never had space like this before, so it hasn't really been an option to stay here.  Should be a great time.

3 August 2004
-So Drew Tirrell (I know, many of you may still be mistakenly referring to him as "Andy"), has his website here.  It's entertaining & gives us a window to his world.  Some parts of the description of his Quiz result are really interestingly accurate as well.
-Speaking of quiz-result accuracy, I've been surprised by just how many people have wound up getting their own state, or home state, or a state they grew up in.  I read on multiple websites that people thought the quiz was rigged to read one's IP address & spit out the state of the address, regardless of the answers to the questions.  (If only I were that cool to design something that could do that!)  Grinberg linked his result of Jersey the other day as another example of this.  Maybe one's home state is something that people identify more with their personality than anything else?  Maybe it's just dumb luck?  Maybe people are trying to get their home state?  Any way you slice it, I think it's pretty amusing.
-A couple things happened lately, while I'm sort of near the subject, to remind me to remind everyone that I check my @bluepyramid e-mail address about 2-3 times a month.  This is not the place to go to send me pressing communication.  I've had the same e-mail address for 7 years now (yes, it still works), & that's the one that I e-mail people I know from.  Amazingly, that 7-year account almost never gets spam & that's why I encourage people who actually know me to e-mail me there, so your message isn't nestled amongst a thousand spams (so much Russian spam lately, interestingly enough) that I only have the energy to wade through every couple weeks.  Just so everyone's clear on this.

2 August 2004
-I'm still so tired, but I figured I had to get up some time.  Once I fumble for the coffee, I'll be set.  Blehhh.
-Drew said he started a blog & wanted me to link to it, but he forgot to give me the address!  When I have it, you'll have it.
-Mayhap I shouldn't have woken up today after all.

1 August 2004
-Done again!
-Such a long day.  I was the only regular staff in the house for most of the time, so while the floaters working with me were very strong as staff, they still barraged me with questions most of the day.  Which is exactly what they should do & what I do to the staff at other houses, but it still makes it feel for the regular staff like they are doing the whole shift.  Our house just feels very full these days.  But things went well on the whole & my grumpiness at the end was the result of working a 15-hour shift on a chocolate-chip waffle, a bowl of Cheerios, & a small bowl of steamed broccoli.

31 July 2004
-"The Village" was amazing.  Brandzy finked out on us, but Fish, Drew, & I made it to the show just in time.  I've got to say that M. Night Shyamalan is my #1 hero in the film industry.  He's solidified his place as the modern Hitchcock, but is arguably far more creative than Hitchcock himself.  & his films are perfect at being spooky & often truly scary without ever crossing the line of being gory or gratuitous.  That trust that he has with the audience is really well-built.  I won't spoil any of the movie for would-be Villagers, but I will say that you won't be disappointed.
-Our GameCube baseball game that I picked up used a few weeks ago finally stopped crashing, so now we've been able to play a lot of baseball in a row.  The expansion team feature of All-Star Baseball is by far the best thing the game has to offer.  That & its ridiculous intricacy.
-Almost done with the 70 notes I had left to do today.  I really shouldn't do this again, even though it's somehow worked for 3 straight months.

30 July 2004
-Soooo much paperwork to do in the next 48 hours.  But with folks in town & "The Village" coming out tonight, it's hard to say just how high a priority it'll wind up being.
-Setlists of the past two concerts are in.  I've been trying to do paperwork, I promise, but the system keeps going down.  The one weakness of having all the paperwork be off paper.

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