Positively 4th Street
(20-29 July 2004)

29 July 2004
-The BNL show was great fun, & while the setlist (which I'll post soon) wasn't my all-time favorite of theirs & continued to not offer "What a Good Boy", (I'm 0-for-3.5 now on that tune), being right in front of the stage was amazing.  Drew & I spent a lot of time discussing how he doesn't like to stand during shows & the crowd seemed more into Alanis anyway (did you realize that she has 10 or 11 radio songs?), who happened to go second in the alternating double-headliner show.  Those seats, though, were just great.  Emily managed to get them directly at the box office (take that, Ticketmaster fees!) since she had to canvass at the show anyway.  She got to hear the whole show, but see none of it, & was meanwhile setting her office record for a single day of canvassing.  So I think everyone had a good time.  She also met a member of Guster without realizing it, as BNL brought him up on stage to play a song with them & then he went to talk to the Eco-Village people.  Though he mentioned things like "I'm in a band myself" & "I got to play a song with them just now", I don't think any of us would be able to recognize a member of Guster.  Fun all around.
-& speaking of irony, Brandzy is coming in tonight.

28 July 2004
-It should be noted that yesterday's entry was in regards to a situation at work & should not be over-interpreted.  Life is a sine-curve no matter how you slice it, & it's always going to be for me.  Even when the waves sometimes smooth a bit, the sine elements still pervade, & the waters of the waves will get rougher at times, often without warning.  Though I would argue that I could sense yesterday's ridiculousness coming.  Upon reading up, it incidentally seems that I messed up the lyrics as well, but I'm sticking with what I wrote because the real lyrics don't completely work for me & the image of the below is what I found really compelling.  As I always am, I'm basically gagged when talking directly about work.  But I can say that one of my great frustrations in life is trying so hard to be a consistent person amidst a world of unending waffling.
-My boss had my back in this situation & that was a big relief.  Not enough of a relief to make me feel fine about everything, but certainly enough to make things better.  I can live with that.
-Last minute decisions are clearly the best.  Drew & I only got tickets for tonight's BNL/Alanis Morissette show four hours before the show's start time, but somehow pulled third-row dead-center seats.  I'm pumped.

27 July 2004
-"I've had a lack of information.  I've had a little revelation.  I'm climbing up on the railing, trying not to look down.  I'm gonna do my best swan dive, into shark-infested waters.  I'm gonna pull out my tailbone, and start splashing around.  Cause I don't care if they eat me alive.  I've got better things to do than survive."

26 July 2004
-Updated the State Quiz stats to reveal my birth state pulling out in front!  While the Book Quiz had over 10 times the number of quizzes taken in its second week, it is the middle of summer, which seems to be more of a downtime for the 'net.  Unless, of course, you're affiliated with JibJab, who had their little flash animation downloaded 8 million times last week & became ABC Nightly News' People of the Week on Friday.  It bears noting that according to Alexa, the BP had achieved greater popularity than JibJab prior to them coming up with said animation.  If only I had artistic talent & new how to program in flash!  The point that the 2 folks behind JibJab stated on the Nightly News program was that the internet has let any random person with a computer have the potential to impact the world, which is oft-stated, but rarely really understood.  If you think about these two folks with a random small humor site catapulting themselves to the Nightly News in a week's time, & really swallow that, you realize just how incredible this little collection of cables is.

25 July 2004
-I had so much energy today!  It pretty much kept up for the whole 15 hours, even despite a brief stint in the garage with an ongoing frustrating situation.  Despite some difficulties for the house, I seem to be near a high of enjoyment of my job.  Just as I'm reaching a year of working there too... can you imagine that I've held down a job for a year?

24 July 2004
-Amazon seems to have lost the reviews for Loosely Based.  On the one hand, this is sort of a relief since the featured review will no longer be the one piece of really negative feedback the book's ever gotten.  On the other hand, there were 3 other really positive reviews up there & it's sad to see them go.  Ah well.  Maybe more will show up.
-I am such a procrastinator with anything work-related.  It's not just for school anymore.

23 July 2004
-So much lethargy.  But I need to learn to be okay with that in the right circumstances, to fight the ongoing guilt in my head.  I think.  Sometimes I really don't think that at all.
-I've come up with a scenario that I don't want to publicize somewhere like this, mostly because I don't want to be right (or really to be remembered as the person who predicted it) & I really don't want the FBI (who we learned from "Fahrenheit 9/11" like to hang around Lake Merritt) knocking on my door & asking me questions.  Suffice it to say that if Bush really is behind all the terrorism, this scenario would be a perfect clincher for his election.  If you want details, I can talk to you about it.  I just don't think it's wise to put it here less cryptically than this.

22 July 2004
-It's been a while since I literally couldn't sleep because of a headache.  The headache was at least partially worth it because much of it came from seeing "The Door in the Floor", which is based upon the first half of one of my favorite (top 50, let's say) books, John Irving's A Widow for One Year.  The film is the most loyal adaptation of a book I've ever seen in my life, at least that I've read the book for (Harry Potter book fans can weigh in on how the "Azkaban" flick compares, perhaps).  It was truly stellar... very compellingly done & the casting was flawless.  No part of the movie ruined the book for me & that's really saying something.  Meanwhile, I had randomly cut my right index finger just hours before seeing the movie.
-Kate has moved her site already, but the comments function still doesn't work.  I think the new locale is the permanent one at least.
-Sep & Unikowsky are having a free will debate.  & while passing up a free will debate for me is like discarding tickets to see a Mariners game or a Counting Crows concert, I feel like I don't really have much to add to the discussion.  Any debate is grounded in the assumptions one makes from the beginning & then relies upon moving forward on the common ground of initial assumptions & working out the differences from there.  I feel that my set of assumptions would throw their debate off-kilter, since I bring God into the mix & mention free will as a theological necessity in addition to being philosophically significant.  Determinism isn't as appealing to me as it might be to Unikowsky given my lack of faith in science.  So I'll sit on the sidelines for now, unless they really want to engage the God angle.

21 July 2004
-Late surprises are sometimes even better than on-time surprises.  It makes them even more surprising.  Neat.
-Tired & headachy, but so glad my week is over.  Though I feel far less fatigued than the rest of my team.  No one said this job was supposed to be easy.
-Kate's back in online form!  Check out Purple Pen.  Nifty.
-Looks like the State Quiz is finally picking up the traffic it was looking for.  Still no record-breaking days, but it's on its way up.

20 July 2004
Happy Birthday to Drew Tirrell
-Another very long day, of a different variety altogether.  Still, things are not nearly as rough as they've often been in the ways that really count.  Just the settling process with the new folks, mostly.  These late nights can be a little agitating, but overall we have nothing to wish we'd done differently.
-Hey everyone, in addition to checking out the State Quiz, you should check out this video of Russ' comedy routine.  He does some most amusing Schwarzenegger impressions, a la the old "supa-blockbustah movie" voice from the pre-gubenatorial days.  Good stuff.  I'm hosting just the film now, but will hopefully soon be hosting a whole set-up for Russ' burgeoning comedy career.  Exciting!
-Finally updated the BP People page after literally months of inaccuracies.  I feel like there was a person or two who have created webpages that I've been meaning to link, but I just can't think of them now.  Please let me know if you're one of these people.

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