Drifter's Escape
(10-19 June 2004)

19 June 2004
-My storey@bluepyramid.org address has been down for several days, but it should be up now.  While I apologize for those who couldn't get through, I feel that it does some good to cut down on spam to have one's e-mail address go down for a few days.  Given that I get more than 50 megabytes worth of e-mail at said address every week, some spam reduction would be nice.
-I bought 3 CD's yesterday in the long tour of Berkeley bookstores & music stores.  "Under the Pink" (Tori Amos) wins.  By a landslide.  I should've gotten this one a long time ago.

18 June 2004
-I really love the Broom Bush Cafe.  One of many things I miss about Berkeley.
-I do not love IKEA, making me one of one people on the planet in this category.  Thus I am not shopping as we speak.  & by as we speak, I mean as I write.
-Lots of walking.  Ultimately, it's good every now & then.  Stina's new place is very nice, if a little Vermonty in the midst of east Berkeley.

17 June 2004
Happy Birthday to David Gray
-Mesco is in town & brought her boyfriend, Afsheen.  & his Prius!  The Prius is decked out with a GPS display screen that would be utterly terrifying if it weren't so cool.  It gets 48 miles to the gallon.  This is phenomenal.  Given that they haven't yet seen the new "Harry Potter" film, I may end up seeing it for the 3rd time in theaters after all.  I don't think I've seen a movie thrice in theaters since "The Sixth Sense".  Unless I saw "Thirteen Conversations" thrice, but I'm pretty sure it was just twice.  Hm.  It seems worth it to see anything in the big theater at the Grand Lake.

16 June 2004
-Gah, I am so silly sometimes!  If I'm going to bother making rules for myself, I might as well follow them, no?
-I actually spent a little time today contemplating a possible 3rd quiz to follow the Country & Book.  While it is low on my priorities for my time these days, the positive feedback I've been getting for the other ones has been pretty impressive.  I've even received offers to help me write the next one from people I don't know.  I don't think the 3rd one would be out anytime soon, but I do feel like it's almost certain that I will write more quizzes in the next year or so.

15 June 2004
-A sky-high Wednesday, for once!  Got everything resolved with my boss from the last few weeks & I might soon get my raise & even a minor promotion.  Looks like I'm going to start going into the route of training new folks, which I always figured I'd be good at.  Feelin' groovy...
-Been hanging out a lot with Fish's friend Jeff from Wisconsin.  They leave for Vegas tomorrow.  But not before I beat them in Settlers again!

14 June 2004
-More floating, at least to the same house.  The kids there are much younger & smaller than the ones I usually work with.  Given that all of the boys at my regular house weigh more than me, it's a significant change to work with 8-year-olds.  Strangely, a calm & soothing voice tone combined with tons of patience still seems to do the trick.

13 June 2004
Happy Birthday to John Schneider
-I miss John Schneider.  I should call him.  & so many other people.  Bah, what is wrong with me?
-Floating a lot lately at work, which means moving from one house to another within the network of five group homes in our system.  It's interesting to see the differences, but exhausting to work with kids one doesn't know.
-& even more so with a migraine!

12 June 2004
-I know I let things go until I trip over them, but when I do reach that point of having too much mess, I go crazy getting things cleaned up.  Finally had one of those cleaning-binge days & it feels much better to be in the Big Blue House.

11 June 2004
-Alright folks, enough with the Reagan thing already.  While he was better than Andrew Jackson, there's certainly nothing he did that should be lauded.  Getting rid of quality school lunches?  Creating the modern homelessness problem?  & how again, can anyone tell me, did he "defeat" the Soviet Union when the country imploded all by itself?  Was Gorbachev an American Reaganite spy or are the Reaganites just trying to rewrite history?  Enough already people!

10 June 2004
-Got booted again in kickball, 7-3, even though this game looked like we would have a real chance of winning it.  Gave up several runs in an abysmal 4th inning where we lost the lead.  I even went 0-for-2, knocking my Kicking Average down to .615 (8-for-13).  At least every team makes the playoffs!

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