The Great Wall of China
(22-31 March 2004)

31 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-So we bought an absurdly expensive PlayStation 2.  Only to bring it home.  & discover that it doesn't work, at least not with the 2nd controller or Fish's dance pad for Dance Dance Revolution.  This is very frustrating, especially since so much of our purchase timing seemed to be motivated by the desire for instant multiplayer gratification while we were at BestBuy.  Blah.  Tomorrow we shall try to discover if it's the PS2 or the controllers that are causing the endless beeping & malfunctioning.

30 March 2004
[from Oakland]
Happy Birthday to Matt McFeeley
-Though the surprise party was earlier, Fish's actual birthday is today.  There may be a shindig, but I'll be working all night so it won't involve me.
-The cross-section of people who take mental health jobs is really pretty cool.  It's an odd breed, but a fun one.

29 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Signs of maturation are everywhere.  Really.
-Haircuts seem so foreign to me.  Heh.  I really want braids again, but ones that last for longer than a week.
-Today was the due date for the internet to be here, but no internet can be found!  SBC, I'm glaring at you...

28 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Today was officially Level Drop Day.  But it didn't matter, everyone handled them well & our good streak at work continued.  It seems that the work we're doing really does have some value & it's actually modifying behavior the way it's supposed to.  Looking back on 7 months here, it's amazing to see actual change realized.

27 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Took a small haul in poker from Fish's friends, while he took a major haul.  Together we were the only 2 left on the table when it was over.
-Lake Merritt is no Berkeley by a long shot, but it's a nice little community all the same.  I have also discovered The Burrito Shop, whose Acapulco Veggie burrito is among my favorite food items already.  Life is improving steadily.

26 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Had a surprise party for Fish's upcoming birthday today, & pulled it off by the skin of our teeth.  I was pretty sure he was going to have a heart attack when we actually pulled the surprise.  I was charged with distracting him, so we went to "Secret Window" were sorely disappointed by the ending.  Then we came home to a dark house with surprisers & Fish just about fell over.
-My definition of fun is so different than most peoples'.

25 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Soooo tired every single Wednesday.  At least I'm not quite as cranky as I often am on Wednesdays & always used to be on Chapman Saturdays.  But seriously, this is too much.

24 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Getting very alienated without internet access at home.  Slowly feeling like I'm losing my grip on any contact with the outside world.  I have such a routine built around the internet that it's crazy to go without.

23 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Back to work.  It's only been 5 days off, but it somehow felt like eons.  I was ridiculously spacy on shift.  Luckily it was a pretty smooth day.

22 March 2004
[from Oakland]
-Got home in mid-afternoon from the Pismo area, after an intense & almost unending drive.  Picked up Pando, & finally had some free time at home.  We also have more than a pound of marginal taffy.
-Saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", which was a little disappointing.  Em was sick during the movie but insisted that we stay, so that was a distraction... hard to be distracted in a surreal movie.  Ultimately, the movie was a lot more disoriented than I expected & I wish I hadn't seen the preview (I figured out the twist in the first 5 minutes because I knew the premise of the movie, which all made it a little less enjoyable for me).  To its credit, though, I think the message of the movie is excellent & well-proven.

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