Before the Law
(1-10 February 2004)

10 February 2004
-Reasons I am extremely angry right now:  (1) I very very nearly got into a car accident yesterday.  While taking Fish back to Oakland, a white truck decided to merge with me for no reason, with no turn signal & no warning.  I swerved crazily into the left lane to avoid without knowing if someone was there or not.  Had someone been there, we would've been sandwiched at about 50 miles an hour by two cars going 65.  While no one was there, I am still extremely angry about reckless drivers.  (2) Hostage-style situation at work.  More I cannot say.  (3) The police cited the Saturn for being in the same place for 72+ hours after I'd moved it 12 hours before.  That car continues to be the black hole of all bad things.
-Reason I am maybe a bit more optimistic right now:  The possibility of interest-only loans.
-Reasons I am going to bed too early:  See above.
-The grumpiness really didn't wear off.  Oh well, it applied to most everyone anyway.  Maybe tomorrow will improve.

9 February 2004
-The bad news was that I had a bang-up migraine last night & made no progress on anything, including the aforementioned new quiz.  The good news is that sleeping actually beat this migraine, so far, & life is good once more.
-Perusing my stats for the site last week, I discovered that 3 people actually got to the BP simply by searching for the word blue.  This led me to realize that of 74 million sites with that word listed on Google, the BP is 74th overall.  What are the odds?  Well, roughly 1 in a million.

8 February 2004
-I've held off discussing this as long as possible, but I am on the verge of releasing a sequel quiz to the much acclaimed and highly popular Country Quiz.  Though I had long discussed writing The Country Quiz II around summer of last year, I will disclose that this quiz's topic will not be countries.  Currently I've written 24 of the 64 descriptions, lined up all the graphics & the 63 pages of questions. I really wanted to release it today, but I have 5 hours before I need to be up for work & it's a 15-hour shift.  Probably time to cut bait.  Ah well.  The Country Quiz has been taken 392,007 times as of my writing this and it will probably be over 400,000 when the next quiz is released.  While I never could've predicted the success of the CQ, part of me feels like the new quiz won't be a success unless it too amasses a third of a million run-throughs in its first year on the web.  That's a strange thought.  & I'm getting ahead of myself.  It seems like it didn't take quite this long to write the CQ, but I had a lot more free time back then.  Maybe tomorrow it will be ready to go...

7 February 2004
-Zimmy's in town & seems to be doing well by all accounts.  He's got at least one job interview lined up & perhaps several more in the Bay Area &/or Sacramento.  Real Mexican food has already been ingested, probably his first since his last visit to California.
-I don't post on it as much as I used to, but I still really deeply miss debate.  Seeing that many of my contemporaries on APDA have gone on to compete at recent Worlds and Canadian tourneys has made the missing even more poignant.  But talking over all the good old days & funny stories really brings it home.  Before I get too much older, I should write some sort of chronicle of all the great moments from debate... it would be epic, but I don't want to forget.

6 February 2004
-Yesterday, in what I feel like had to be strike 3 for the Saturn, the back license plate of said car was stolen.  The front one was also mutilated, giving the impression that it almost was taken too.  That car, that car...
-New design & content over at my Dad's site.  Hopefully soon there will be frequent updates, something almost like a blog of his latest case & its events.
-Zimmy incoming tomorrow & the house is a mess.  At the very least, I think I've mopped up most of Pandora's presents.

5 February 2004
-Good to see Massachusetts finally getting on the civil rights train.  Despite how sad it is that civil rights are still not expected in 2004, it's at least nice to see people realize that this shoddy compromise of "civil unions" is insufficient.  Not even the so-called liberal candidates (except for my man Kucinich of course) realize that.  Here's a hint... when old folks on the Massachusetts Supreme Court are more liberal than you are, you're trying to beat Bush by becoming more like he is.
-Got to hang out with Fish last night as I start to get used to the idea that he's actually going to live in the Bay Area!  Ah yes, there will be fun...
-Just weary, & for no good reason.  Harumph.

4 February 2004
-I want to express my extreme pride in my home state of Nuevo Mexico (without pushing the concept of "home state" too far, because at least 4 states could bid for said title) for giving Dennis Kucinich his best finish thus far in the Democratic primaries, with 5%.  Sadly, this may be the best finish he ever gets.  But I'm happy that NM was able to see beyond the garbage & give him some credit.  Or that 1 in 20 voters there were.
-Phil commented on the significance of 02/03/04 which I didn't realize yesterday until I went to work & wrote it on zillions of pieces of paperwork.  I find doing the paperwork at my job increasingly cathartic, from the notes on the kids to totalling up the points for their daily "level" to logging their phone calls.  For most of my co-workers, the job seems to be most burdensome at the paperwork level, & the ads that Seneca runs even disclaim that the job is "25% paperwork" as though to ward off those who couldn't take this much jotting.  I guess it shouldn't surprise me that where I can find writing in a job is where I find the most strength.

3 February 2004
-I assume that all of my readership is familiar with this, but now it has its own website!  Click here for badgers.  Thanks to Russ for originally introducing this to me, though no thanks to him for another flash presentation he shared with me later that scared me out of my skin.
-JSegal & I agree on a topic (improving the lives of Native Americans being an obligation), at least in spirit if not in specific solution.  Unbelievable.
-I am really weary of fads in food.  Now I know that people will immediately hold it against me that I'm thin & have been all my life (often not wanting to be so thin, mind you) & so my stance on diets & other food-health trends is utterly moot, null, void & prohibited.  Be that as it may, I still think people who bounce from eating trend to eating trend are being a wee bit silly.  I just don't believe that when a new idea comes out every year or two claiming to be THE solution to getting fat, or cancer, or heart disease, or any malady of any kind, & then gets disproven or discredited, that it's a great idea to jump on the next one.  Maybe my plan of "eat what tastes good" isn't the best for everyone, but I really don't think cutting out everything that tastes at all is suitable either.  I will eat a carb while wearing garb, I will eat a carbohydrate while I gyrate!  & in 2 years when everyone discovers that it's actually amino acids that cause all the bodily consumed ills, you'll be eating carbs again too.  & then 2 years after that...

2 February 2004
-Last night I had a dream about applying for a desk job at Seneca & being offered it with overwhelming enthusiasm from my 3 interviewers.  When I examined the full job description, I realized that I vastly preferred to stick with my current job on the line.  So I declined the offer, at which point all three interviewers bombarded me with insults & claims that I'd betrayed them by applying & then not taking the job.  I spent hours afterwards seeking people who felt I was still a good person after doing this to the organization.
-Somehow, unbelievably, I have reached my 50-megabyte limit on this webpage.  There is some chaff I can rid myself of, but I'm afraid I'm a few months away from having to leave my beloved & so affordable Coastland Technologies for someone with more space.

1 February 2004
-What a SuperBowl!  I normally am bored to tears by football games, but that one was phenomenal.  What's sort of sad is that staff were far more interested in the game than the kids were, even though all but one of the kids says that they want to be a football player when they grow up.  The donkey-wannabe-clydesdale commercial was my favorite in the real contest of the afternoon, though the "I'm still going to download music" one was pretty great.
-Structure is always necessary.  Remember that.

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