The Metamorphosis
(13-22 December 2003)

22 December 2003
-Today I saw a car that always looks through rose-colored glass.  Every one of the windows (windshield included) was tinted hot pink.  The car itself was a more pastel color of pink.  I guess no matter what happens in that car, it won't always seem quite as bad.  It will, however, look atrocious.
-Apparently there was an earthquake down the coast today.  Who knew?  I certainly didn't feel it, this after thinking I'd felt an earthquake about 3 days ago.  But it's still CNN's top story.
-I could've sworn it was just Halloween.  Now we're 3 days before Christmas.  Good Lord.
-Finally finally, I have typed all the records of the past month.  I again must apologize for the blackout period that was for those who check frequently, but at least you'll know something about every day now if you want to read the material.  Now my biggest problem here is that more than 4 months appear on the same page, making this page almost endless.  But archiving has its priorities, & I soon have much time off.

21 December 2003
-I have rarely been so tired after 15 hours of work.  Usually I have some sort of energy bounce, but today I felt like I was on my feet for pretty much the whole shift.  It was a rougher shift on some than others, however, so I have little to complain about.  Plus, I have 16 hours of work left in the next 20 days, so I really have nothing to complain about.

20 December 2003
-Got to hang out with Cusick today, having not seen her since the wedding.  Em & I drove up to Sacramento to get coffee & dinner with her, discussing some old times, but mostly new times.  She reports, among many other things, that if I ever get these updates typed up finally, I will have a readership coming back to me.  Maybe that's incentive enough.  Also much discussion of the scattered nature of friendships everywhere, & what a shame it is that not everyone cool can live in the same town.

19 December 2003
-After a long reading drought, it took me roughly a week to read Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses.  This was a special recommendation to me in the context of wanting something spooky & interesting, & was perfect in both respects.  Though I expected a little more from the ending, the process of reading the book was wonderful.  It also contained a character that reminded me so much of myself that it actually bothered me.
-Saw "Love Actually" again, which was better the second time than many of the movies I've seen lately the first time.  Also nice to see it with the one you love!
-The only time I can stomach shopping areas is when they're decked out for Christmas.  But that just makes me want to see snow as well.

18 December 2003
-Motivation, where are you?  Is motivation conserved over the course of any given week?

17 December 2003
Happy Birthday to William Garin
-Not such a bad meeting today, especially given the context.  It always stuns me when bosses give gifts, since I'm just not that gifty as a person in general & I don't see my co-workers as people who think of getting gifts for co-workers.  It just seems like one should get something for every friend they have before getting anything for a co-worker.  & it's hugely impractical to do the former, so why think of the latter?  But material gifts aren't really much of a focus for me at all, which I guess is not true of the average co-worker.  Though coffee is a nice one, which is what I got today.

16 December 2003
-As I write this, I'm still updating this webpage in fragments, at least since the 22nd of November.  I'm frustrating myself with my lack of dedication to this page.  Reading in the future, you see all these days strung together, but the people reading day to day may have given up on me returning to updating regularly on an on-time basis.  I wish I had a better idea of what's sucked the motivation out of this page for me.  I know, as I've said repeatedly, that the privacy/Seneca conflict places a burden on my voice that gives me pause every time I scrawl or type something to be seen here.  But that can't be everything.  I think.  Hopefully historical & modern readers can soon view this the same way, daily & updated daily.  At least I haven't let it sit idle for 40 days yet, my magic number of veritable abandonment.  & trust me, every day has an update.  Just not seen here yet.  Almost, maybe.

15 December 2003
-Here's something I can share with the group for sure, a sign of the times.  One of the kids was singing "Deck the Halls" in a very sincere & heartfelt way this afternoon during the After-School Program.  He sang the whole song word for word, with one exception that he very clearly thought was the correct phrase, just like the rest of the song.  "Don we now our gang apparel."  The children of tomorrow.

14 December 2003
-Words to describe a Counting Crows concert are often tough to find, especially when they're teamed up with the Wallflowers, another wonderful band.  But the word for last night's show just ended are "emotional drenching".  Not surprising for a CC show, & most welcome.  Especially when we went early to stand in the SECOND ROW.  The whole set was amazing, first song to last, though the encore lacked a little bit.  It was fun, but didn't push through the emotional onslaught that most of the show had to offer.  The set had virtually nothing acoustic, as it hit hard & kept hitting, opening with a wonderful "Up All Night", & offering surprises like a long stream of consciousness addition to "Goodnight Elisabeth", a beautiful "Recovering the Satellites", & even hauling out "Oh Susanna" in the middle of "Rain King".  "Mr. Jones" & "Angels of the Silences" had more energy than I may have ever heard from those songs, making them even easier to scream along to.  The encore was like a jam session of all the bands, & while not my style was still fun.  The Wallflowers had a surprise too, with "Be Your Own Girl" from their obscure first album, by far my favorite song off that one.  Additionally they offered up many of their radio hits (still not a big fan of the fast-paced version of "Three Marlenas"), plus "Bleeders" & an amazing rendition of "Sleepwalker" that was about 2/3rds acoustic, then had the full band walk in as they were finishing the acoustic verses & pump up the last third of the song.  All in all, wow.  I barely even noticed that the "that guy" (though this time a female) was still very much in our midst, even up in the second row.  But come on, it was the second row!  & now I'm exhausted.
-I write too many incident reports these days.

13 December 2003
-In preparation for tonight's concert, the setlists for the last two shows I've attended (both in November) now appear on the Concerts page.
-Going early is clutch.

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