Where Do the Children Play
(7-16 January 2003)

16 January 2003
-We're poets & we don't even know it!
-Exit Heinbergs, stage north.  But not before we went to Pollo's for burritos that thoroughly defeated us.  We also wanted to climb Sather Tower, but it's closed & possibly has been for 2 years.  So we climbed a tree instead & that was more comfortable, despite the lacking view.

15 January 2003
-Hanging out a lot with the Heinbergs as they've arrived, separately, into the Bay Area.  Sconehenge & the Claremont Diner have been visited, though neither of them are the Waffle House.  Today we also went down to the Marina area & walked out on a pier that seems like it takes you halfway to Alcatraz.  With Sep & Mesco both incoming this weekend, it's going to be some non-stop craziness around here.
-I wish there were a U-turn signal light to go with the conventional left & right.  It could be a flashing "U" in between the two headlights & taillights, or really anywhere that an extra light could go.  This would prevent more accidents, like the one that almost happened to me today.  It wasn't that close, but this car turning right really wanted to hit me & I think the main fault is that there's no difference between a left turn signal & a U-turn signal.
-I'm working on designing a quiz that will launch the era of BluePyramid InterActive!  After a full year of me having the only source of input on this site, you the visitor will finally have some say about what happens here.  Or at least be able to interact.  Or at least take a quiz.  We'll see how far this goes, but I promise the quiz will be fun.

14 January 2003
-Today's been pretty uneventful so far... Stina's back in town & reports that the Heinbergs will be around for a bit as well.  I've been realizing that I've been eating very little lately & have been feeling sick ever since trying to correct that issue.  Maybe I should go back to the 1.5 meal/day program.  Did more evaluations; getting close to halfway done with those.  That's about it.

13 January 2003
-It's certainly Monday.
-A check of the big stat-tracker in the sky reveals that this week broke all records for number of visitors at the BP, in the one-year anniversary week of being here.  366 days ago, or a year before yesterday, everything moved to the Blue Pyramid.  Last week broke the record set in the first week of December '02, so it hadn't exactly been a long time.  My guess is that you all liked the new sections of 2002 in Review & concerts I've been to.  In other words, content is good.
-In more meta news, apparently I got so many hits because people think this site is an authority on things like grow your own silly mushrooms, sneaker keepers, & (of course) planning a mormon wedding.  However, someone was right to think of me as a good source of information about "storey" "toe".  The winners beat all of these to be on the Search of the Week! page.

12 January 2003
-When I was much younger, like a few weeks ago, I really believed that one nail would immediately flatten one's tire.  I thought tires were pretty much air surrounded by rubber & once that rubber was punctured, boom!, you had 30 seconds or so to get off the road before you were driving around on three tires & a grinding metal wheel.  In the words of Deep Blue Something, "I guess I was wrong."  On the same day, in two different states, my Dad & I both noticed flat left rear tires in our respective cars.  His was repaired recently, & I tried to repair mine today, about a month after the tire first went low.  Imagine my surprise when Sears automotive department informed me that no less than 4 (four) nails were in my tire!!  This apparently (by a solitary nail) makes the tire beyond salvation, & so I now have two new tires on the back of ye young Kia.  So here's a tip... if your tire is going flat & you have to refill the air once a week, you probably have 5-6 nails in it.

11 January 2003
[from Tracy, California]

-Natalie is very young & very small.  She is the youngest person I have ever met, by almost a year, replacing her older brother, who was almost a year old when I met him.  The world must look very new to her, & I'm quite sure that I don't really register.
-The young PVGV sure does love him some trains.
-I am very sick.  But now I have antibiotics, which should make me better, or at least think I have reason to be better.  We shall see.

10 January 2003
-Feeling really sick... the worst in a week or so.  Today ended up being just about a wasted day.  Em did very well at PIRG, so it wasn't a waste overall, but I felt like a lump most of the time.

9 January 2003
-There's new good stuff over at the 'Deis team site (though for some reason it still says it hasn't been updated since 3 September last year).  Of special interest are the Debate cards for last year, as well as some new photos featuring the novii I have yet to meet this year.  Go Spurling!
-I have run into my first moral objection to the work I do.  Today I was asked to spray the ant invasion in Room 1.  Last time this happened, I passed the buck to Pat, but this time my boss made it clear that this fell within "other duties as assigned".  Now, I don't believe that it's never under any circumstances okay to kill animals... I think that in self-defense of a human being, it's probably okay, if it's really self-defense.  & ants are certainly the bottom tier of animals... many vegetarians (not me, but many friends) justify eating fish because they're not as sentient/feeling/thinking as other more developed creatures.  Though sometimes they wind up eating dolphin too, which just doesn't wash with me... cetaceans being more advanced than probably any land-bound animal.  & fish are way way more advanced than ants.  Regardless, I don't believe in killing ants out of convenience, & I really like the cinammon option we discovered a few days ago.  But my work doesn't believe in cinammon, it believes in heavy-duty Raid, & so I find myself throwing internal arguments around like "following orders".  Bluck.  I just feel like I committed an atrocity in Room 1... there's lots of little shriveled ant corpses.  I know this must sound like parody to those of you munching a burger right now, but I really feel bad about it.  What harm were the ants going to do?  They'd keep to themselves & go away when the rain stopped.  Sigh.  Unfortunately, one really does have to pick one's battles... I guess this is what I get for saying I did nothing at work yesterday.

8 January 2003
-This year I'll be doing birthdays a little differently on the site (you'll see), but I guess one birthday can have a more conventional discussion, since it's a 0th.  Yesterday, Natalie Garin (not positive on the spelling; it's a name that can vary a lot) joined the family & will become my niece in about seven months.  She's Paul & Colleen's second child (first daughter) & is doing well.  So welcome to the world, kid.
-I've stayed up wayyyy the heck too late working on a new project for this site, so you better all go check it out & like it!  It really shouldn't have been that much work, but I hand-coded it all because it was easy to do & it ended up being 11 setlists, which was more than I thought I had stored up.  Anyway, check out The Concert List & any setlists linked there that you might like.
-I did nothing (of significance) at work today.  Don't get me wrong, that's not a complaint... I enjoy my job & on both busy & slow days, it's a wonderful job, especially for the pay.  But it's weird to come out to Fairfield & have a day where I don't feel like I did much for anyone.  Sure, people were reminded of the class they were going to by the signs I put up, one of our teachers can do her power-point presentations because I hauled the LCD cart over there, & a few people came in to use the computers & print stuff out (though this is vaguely redundant with the unsupervised computer lab).  I guess all this means is that I did a good job the first 7 weeks of the term... people don't need the computer system & research skills explained to them now because they've learned it before.  Or more likely, they're cramming work into the next 2 weeks, which will be swamped.  Either way, I feel a little strange coming to work, making money, but not making an impact.  I want to be clear (I've been disclaiming a lot lately for some reason... maybe it's the inexplicable intuitive nerves) that I am not complaining about anything... things are great & I'm very lucky to have this kind of work.  I've even been able to do some writing.  But it feels weird to do nothing for something today.

7 January 2003
-Late yesterday, I started getting another one of those sourceless nervous bouts that I associate with foretelling something negative, either personal or at-large.  Em suspects that it's about oncoming war, & she may well be right.  It feels somewhat more global than local, but these things being sourceless, I can never really be sure.  & sometimes they're nothing, or nothing apparent or obvious or actually soon.  But they always feel notable, & so I take note.
-I've actually now written an entire chapter of ADO at work, which is a positive sign for the new year.  Nevertheless, I must be cautious about getting too excited lest I just feel bad about myself & my motivation.  The thing about writing at work is that it's a very top-priority thing that has to be 2nd-priority because I must drop everything to help someone or do an errand for a colleague.  So it's a little risky writing at work, since I could lose things or frustrate myself greatly.  But I've just worked past a long block with an inspiration I got on the way to work, so for now, I'm 2-2 on good writing sessions at CU-Fairfield.
-I went over to NoWarBlog for a bit... Amy & Julian had both recommended it (their pages are part of the "right-wing" of the so-called Left-Right Anti-War movement there).  I became engrossed in a 45-strand chain of comments, then offered #46 & #47 in my horrified realization that the people commenting say they are anti-war, but pro-draft.  If that's the anti-war movement's core (& it was even mentioned in the latest This Modern World strip!), I'm highly concerned.  Sure, talk is cheap & comments are cheaper, but it hurts me to see so many be pro-military, & especially pro-the-US-military.
-Meanwhile, North Korea continues to lead the anti-US-military movement.  They'd be a lot more fun to root for if they didn't have nukes.  Sometimes I feel like they're cool for calling us on hypocrisy, though... although they of course are just as hypocritical.  I certainly don't support North Korea & if I lived there I'd be even more frustrated with that country than I am with the US, but heck, it's nice to see someone with some kind of authority point out that the US is the big threat with weapons of mass-destruction.
-Okay, reconsidering that above post, I want to be even more clear... North Korea is bad.  I think I got a little too angry for a second or something.  The US is bad, NK is bad, most governments the way they operate are bad.  Lots of badness everywhere.  I'm not rooting for NK to go take down SK or the US or anyone to take down anyone.  I just like it when NK says that mass-destruction means enough plutonium to blow up seven planet Earths, not just a couple of poorly-wired bombs in a mountainside shed.
-Graphic updated today, two months after the reign of the 1,000 day commemoration.  If you like the old one, it's still somewhere around here.  Not sure how long this one will last, as it's not much of a change, but it'll do for now.

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