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The Blue Pyramid's QUIZ ARCHIVE

The time has come to put some of these quizzes on the back burner.

Thirteen quizzes have been made by the Blue Pyramid. You can still take some of them, though their moment in the sun has passed. And some of them, you can no longer take, at least for now.

Here are the ones you can still take:

The Podcast Quiz at The Mep Report
Launch: 7 August 2006
5 questions, 32 results
Created to promote the podcast we'd started in 2005, back when podcasting was something other than Serial.

The 2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz
Launch: 10 December 2006
7 questions, 768 results
The online quiz that probably still holds the all-time record for most number of possible distinct outcomes. Obama/Biden, the eventual outcome, was a possible result, though McCain/Palin was not, since even 768 possibilities failed to predict the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin. This model will be revived in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Ticket Quiz.

The Bailout Betrayal Quiz
Launch: 6 October 2008
6 questions, 64 results
Probably the fastest-made quiz in BP history, this went up after 59 Congresspeople changed their vote from against the bailout to for it in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. I was upset and had visions of launching a whole effort to throw all 59 people out of office, called Hold 'Em Accountable. But my anger subsided and this quiz was the only remnant.

There are also two quizzes made for other sites, both of which have been taken down. One was my fault since their webpage code changed at a time when I didn't have time to fix it (Kupugani) and one was the decision of the company for whom the quiz was made (RMI). We'll see if either of these ever get revived in some capacity, though their results are still strewn across the Internet:

The Trains and Railroads Quiz at RMI Railworks
Launch: 29 September 2005
6 questions, 64 results
This quiz was made during my tenure as Webmaster of RMI Railworks to help promote their search results in association with trains and railroads, as well as provide some entertainment for their hobbyist clientele. It was taken down sometime in the last few years without notice. RMI is under new ownership and they probably wanted to go in a new direction.

The Women World Leaders Quiz at Camp Kupugani, Multicultural Summer Camp for Girls
Launch: 1 September 2008
6 questions, 64 results
This quiz was made for my friends Kevin & Natasha Gordon and their excellent summer camp that they founded after leaving California, where they were my landlords, for Illinois. I would really like to fix the code on this at some point so this can exist once more.