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The Book List's Top Authors
Based on The 1,276 Best Books of All-Time

The Book List's most recent update included 13 submissions or 12.75% of the total list's content. The new lists included 261 of the 1,276 books, with 117 of them (45%) making their debut. Here's a quick sketch of the rising stars of the new chunk of submissions...

Most New Points
Best Debuts
Top Books by Newly Submitted Points
RankCoverBookNew PointsChange in Rank
1To Kill a Mockingbird117-0-
2A Tale of Two Cities99+41
3Wuthering Heights86+24
4The Grapes of Wrath62+4
5The Great Gatsby59+1
6The Odyssey56+61
7The Hobbit52+1
8The World According to Garp51+34
9The Catcher in the Rye48+2
10Three Books Tied46var

Top Books Making Debut on List
RankCoverBookNew PointsDebut Rank
1The Voyage of the Beagle41159th
2She's Come Undone36193rd
3The Da Vinci Code29235th
4The Watchers on the Shore25274th
5Four Books Tied24303rd

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