The End of the Beginning
(3-12 December 2001)

12 December 2001
-A really good poker night to close out the semester on that front.  & picking up nine bucks never hurts anything either.  But I'm starting to really get excited about time away from this coast, the academics on this campus, & the like.  The Worlds round last night actually really got me pumped about Worlds too.  I'd forgotten, somewhere between the throwing up & the not walking, how much I really enjoy debating in Worlds-style sometimes.  It's a pain & I wouldn't want to debate that way all the time, but it really has some liberties that I enjoy.  We shall see.  Suffice it to say that in a couple days, all of my mind will be split between Albuquerque & Toronto & that is more than fine as far as I'm concerned.
-My last 2001 shift at the Library is being marked by a bunch of overly stressed-looking people.  Meanwhile, I disappointed Brandzy by actually doing a page or two of reading for my upcoming Sino-Soviet Split paper.  Ah well.  The thing about research papers is that they really are just a rehash of a bunch of stuff other people have already said.  Will Schrecker accept my own input & opinions?  He says this isn't a think-piece.  So oh well.  Gotta get back to the desk for the final hour... at least I found 3 books & in 24 hours, I'll be a second-semester senior.

11 December 2001
-My first win over Russ in RBI Baseball ever!  What a beautiful moment.  It's been something like 30-40 games, but I finally did it, as the '90 Red Sox took down the '90 Brewers, 5-4.  Woohoo!
-Ah, motivation.  Where are you?

10 December 2001
-Check people's profiles & away messages.  One finds out amazing things.  Like the fact that Crack now has a web diary/log/randomness thing.  Interes.
-While I'm at it, I'm in some interesting company on Steve Yuhan's links page.  But that's cool.
-Wouldn't mind if the "TDing a tournament" theme of dreams went away.  Though terra cotta costumes also made it into last night's visions, which was just plain odd.
-My last two classes of my next to last semester, coming up!
-Good God!  Now that I'm linking, even Kate's back in the fold!  Everybody's got a 'page now, which is groovy.  This will require me to link her at the top of this page.  Even if I am livid at her boyfriend.  But that's nothing to worry about, is it?
-I was going to talk a lot about how I don't believe that practicality is a good concern to worry about ever, but I don't know exactly how to phrase what I was thinking.  Certainly that people use it as an excuse for things far too much.  The idealism of alleged naievete is really what people should be striving for most of the time.  But there's more than that.  More on this later.  Meanwhile, I had a very fitting end to the semester, wherein Schrecker assigned 2 people the last presentation.  So it went.  & now only papers, tests, & some library hours.  5 days, baby.
-Exit Niver, apparently.  He's leaving early, as I found out late today.  Graduating in a week or so.  Best of luck in that direction.
-Okay, so I guess I'm just a horrible person.  Shoot.

9 December 2001
-SNOW!  Good golly.  Just as I was talking to my Dad about the impossibility of non-rain precipitation, it starts snowing like crazy.  & has yet to stop.  At least I don't have to go without on my last year in New England!
-Alright, after perusing Lisha's page, two quick notes.  (Yes, I'm furiously procrastinating starting my Hirsch paper, which I'm only starting because I have 25 pages of papers to write by my Thursday final exam & I'd like to get excited about Winter Break as soon as possible.)  Anyway, check Lisha's reprint of the Onion Pisces horoscope & recall that I'm a Pisces too.  So true.  Also, her notes on the snow should tell you something... it's ridiculous.  This has been the Anti-Winter.  & now... where's your global warming theory now?!

8 December 2001
-My age plus two.
-The Taqueria is a great place... the best that East Coast Mexican can strive for.  Greg & Clea agree, even if Greg can't remember.
-I really like feeling domestic.  Settled, cozy, & domestic.  Under-rated stuff, for sure.

7 December 2001
-So yesterday, I threw up 30 times for what I thought was a migraine.  I'm no longer convinced it was a migraine.  But I'm glad I didn't bowl as I was supposed to.  I guess sometimes the system needs to clear itself out.  & while I know my Mom would call it the flu, I think it was just 24 hours of badness.
-One's mighty hungry after 24 hours of cleared-out system.
-In the game world, Wise & Otherwise is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Rack-O.  Yes, Greg has too many board games... but if all you've got's Rack-O, that's too many board games.  Wise & Otherwise, however, is great.  Even if I'm no good at it.

6 December 2001
-As the Weakerthans ask in their original album, which I now own after a visit to the famed "P-Rex" in Princeton a couple days ago, "So why are you so anchorless?  A boat abandoned in some backyard.  Anchorless.  The small towns that you lived & died in."
-Life is really goin' well.  I know I've been saying that a lot, but it's worth repeating.

5 December 2001
-The warmth is becoming overwhelming.  My last year in the land of snow may be utterly without snow.  When the East Coast loses its most redeeming attribute, you know you're in trouble.
-So there it was:  my last Hirsch class ever.  For 3 years solid, I've been taking a Hirsch class.  But he's not offering anything I haven't taken next term, so 6 straight semesters are now done.  I won't go so far as to say that his classes alone made academics at Brandeis survivable, but he certainly deserves most of the credit.
-Ten days till being a second-semester senior on the way to Albuquerque.
-Five books found in an hour!  Not quite a record, but certainly a roll.

4 December 2001
-Driving with a migraine, while challenging, does allow focus on things other than having a migraine.  Like the road.  & that takes the edge off, temporarily.
-Hadn't been on the basketball court for 3 solid months.  Maybe closer to 4.  Need to get back into shape.

3 December 2001
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Fair enough.  Drew wins the bet.
-For the first time in ages, I'm starting to feel like I actually have my priorities in order.  Very little is so liberating as that notion.
-This has been a perfect day.


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