The Traveler
(23 November - 2 December 2001)

2 December 2001
[from Princeton, New Jersey]


1 December 2001
-It's balmy outside in the middle of the night.  Balmy!  In December.  What's up with that?
-Well, we had one good round out of six, making it the worst MIT tourney since I debated with Jeff Light freshman year.  So it goes.  I just wonder how much it pays to debate ethically in this event.  But at least the team was supportive in the wake of said troubles.  Ah well... maybe some time off will be good.

30 November 2001
-I guess numb beats overwhelmed.
-I need to start writing again.  There's a restlessness in my perspective & communication that comes from a lack of fiction.  Soon, I won't have dumb academic papers competing with valuable writing.
-MIT probably can't live up to last year, but if it comes close, then I'll be in much better sorts.
-Nothing to get going like writing a brand new case thought of in the shower!  Woohoo!
-Even if everything else is a disaster, we'll definitely win the MIT official tournament Risk game, right?  I'd imagine that'll be consolation no matter what.

29 November 2001
-Is everyone's mind as much of their enemy as mine is of me?  I'm not sure that was functional in terms of English, & it's getting un-functional in terms of life.  Things are great!  Why do I have to be prompted to find the gray lining?  If only these were voluntary choices.  If only I had more control.  Oh well... it's just a mind.

28 November 2001
-Maybe I shouldn't have left.  Empathy prompts me to just want to magically remove all surrounding pain.  Life is great, but not easy in the times of distance.  & all the more difficult when I can't help as much as I want to.
-Ooh, I'm updating from the Library!  I feel like such a rogue.  But I never take my 15-minute breaks that I theoretically have, so they can just deal.  Anyway, today has really been kinda lousy.  For no reason I can explain.  There's the obvious absence, but there's also been an undertow of disconnect today too.  Others have confirmed this.  Lisha's updating like a mad fiend.  I dunno what more to explain, but there's something making me feel blukky... yes, that's an exact term.  & more lonely than I should.  Bleh.
-Also, I have only one Hirsch class left in my 'Deis tenure.  If it's as dull as the one today, I'm gonna be upset.
-I kinda hope my bosses at the Library &/or Hirsch don't read this.  Yeah.

27 November 2001
-While still long & uneventful, this train trip was greatly better than the last eastern seaboard journey.  No depressed poem from this one, for example.  Now I just have to get through the next week & a half.  But boy do I have one thing to look forward to:  Risk at MIT!  That's going to be great.
-Good for Russ.
-Speaking of MIT, here comes the flood... 12.5 teams, baby!  Let's see if we can keep the 3-year streak going...

26 November 2001
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Now back to the East Coast.
-Traveling with a companion is infinitely better than traveling alone.  Traveling with the person you love is infinitely better than traveling with another companion.
-Facing any semester's home stretch is still daunting.  Or just psychologically exhausting.

25 November 2001
[from Clovis, California]

-I had a dream last night that it was the 2002 Brandeis tournament & I was still the TD.  I kept saying throughout the dream that it seemed like YESTERDAY had been the 2001 tourney.  I woke up to it being 8 yesterdays instead.
-Returning to Visalia was like putting the past through a shredder in some ways.  First off, everything was infinitely smaller.  That makes enough sense, given that I am much larger than during my last visit in 1987.  But I noticed such different things!  The surrounding neighborhoods felt different, the town had a different feel, so much of it felt insignificant compared to the grander views of my earliest years.  At the same time, seeing things that were familiar, like my house, the library, & my school, was incredible.  14 years is a long time, but it was so nice to go back again.
-Not only was that Thai food incredible, but the dinner with Em's parents & her was the most comfortable I believe I've been the whole trip.  It's been a really great time... I still think big families are best for me in smaller doses.  But a wonderful dinner to close out a wonderful visit.

24 November 2001
[from Clovis, California]

-Feeding animals in the rain.  It's like Oregon, but with llamas!
-All of that restaurant thought Em's niece Megan was our child.  Freaky.
-If only Martin could see this train factory.  For a peek at what I just saw, head to RMIRailworks.  Pretty neat stuff.  Em's dad gets to play with toy trains for a living!
-A return to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fresno!  But with Em's whole family & in a different precise location.  So much changed, so much the same.

23 November 2001
[from Clovis, California]

-It's not the busiest bowling day of the year.  But I still won 2 of the 3 games with marginal scores.
-"Life as a House" reminds me of "American Beauty" & that old conversation with Fish & his mother in freshman year of HS or some such ancient time.  you build your house & you have to live in it.  But it's nice to go on a "date" with Emily, even if the movie's not perfect.  The movie just tried to break from predictable by being too unpredictable to be realistic.  Ah well.  A good time overall.


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