The Crowd
(13-22 November 2001)

22 November 2001
[from Clovis, California]

-This family is very large.  I am rather small.
-Quite a Thanksgiving dinner though.  Great vegetarian stuff all around & a much more jovial environment.  & so much to be thankful for!

21 November 2001
[from Clovis, California]


20 November 2001
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Driving all night into Jersey may not have been the best of ideas.  But between the 2 of us, we survived the late-night roadways & all the rain.  Still looking for the fastest possible route, though we're pretty sure it involves the Garden State Parkway & the Tappan Zee.  I'm just looking forward to a time when the east coast isn't so relevant.  In so many ways.
-I'm really ready to not be tired anymore.  & to not have random mood swings.  One thing at a time, eh?

19 November 2001
-Running into folks is very useful when I'm leaving for a week & have been so exhausted of late.  I hope everyone's Thanksigiving goes well.  & I hope I really don't have reason to be nervous about my own.  I'm sure it'll work out fine.  Aren't I?
-If Em & Nikki don't manage to get me fired from the Library by the end of the year, I'll be impressed.

18 November 2001
-Still fully exhausted.
-Good results in bad circumstances.  But the results are SO GOOD!
-Life's a bit of a gambit sometimes.  A great one, methinks, but still gambity.  Yeah.

17 November 2001
-Most exhausted I've been in any remotely recent memory.  However, the thank-you to me as TD did get a standing ovation.  That was definitely over-doing it.  I just hope they all had a good time.

16 November 2001
-It's real late.  I'm not gonna sleep till Sunday.  But Em's here & that makes the whole world better.  & the tourney's gonna go well!  Yeah.
-We'll see if I can survive this TD stuff.  Don't have time to worry if it'll work out or not.

15 November 2001
-I have nothing to say here that doesn't regard the tournament this weekend.  I've been that busy.  Okay, that's not true, because we celebrated getting most of the tournament stuff done by going bowling with Zimmy.  That's right, blind Zimmy.  He's actually pretty good.  We (Russ, Greg, & I), were not good, however.  Yeah.  Tournament stuff.  A lot.

14 November 2001
-Of course it's non-stop video game time upon my return.
-This tourney's gonna start to get me stressed out.
-Why do people pre-reg & then back out?  WHY?

13 November 2001
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-Even for a couple of days, it's always so tough to leave.  But I have absolutely nothing in the world to complain about.  Nothing.


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