We've Got a Groovey Thing Goin'
(24 October - 2 November 2001)

2 November 2001
-It's not the joy that reveals the truest colors of a relationship.  It's the perseverance through sorrow.  When watching endurance of pain builds love & trust, everything's going to be more than okay.
-Brown dooby doo Brown Brown comma comma Brown dooby doo Brown Brown.  Breaking is hard to do.

1 November 2001
-Rick Sawyer himself cannot get me outta bed before 9 these days.  Just because PC doesn't understand APDA & gave us emu-speaking, he thinks they deserve all this special treatment?
-Despite initial setbacks, Emily & I still triumphed in Trivial Pursuit.
-This Indian meal with Drew is better than the last.

31 October 2001
-Theory of Knowledge got me all worked up today.  People who espouse logical relativism make me wonder.  Not in a good way.
-It used to be my favorite holiday.  Now I just have to work.
-No pumpkins.  Only migraine.

30 October 2001
-Nothing to do today.  Why leave bed?
-To go bowling.  Badly.  & then watch Ariela get 4 straight strikes nestled amongst scores of 70-80.  & then bowl even worse.
-Our debate meetings have gotten so ROWDY!

29 October 2001
-If only Em could spend every week on this campus.  But this one's going to be great either way.  People have seemed almost as happy to meet her as I am to introduce her.  Being happy may just be what it's cracked up to be after all.

28 October 2001
[from New York City]

-Lily may be the least appropriate person ever.  But Uglytown remains 2nd only to Mep House for off-campus fun.
-A drive I've learned to tire of is going to be much better today.

27 October 2001
[from New York City]

-So this is what it's like to do well at a New York City tournament!
-Glad that quarters was taped.
-Still hate driving in this town.  Big-time.

26 October 2001
[from New York City]

-"Hey monkey, what's life without an occasional surprise?"
-I recommend debating with those you love.  Even if they make you debate all outta position & such.  Opp's a lot more fun than Gov for LO/MG partners.

25 October 2001
-So that's why I hadn't called in such a long time.

24 October 2001
-Russ is living out the unbelievable premise to a bad teen comedy.  More details would either be illicit or require reference to "Can't Hardly Wait".
-Waltham's pathetic!  No goods or services of value in this podunk town!
-Drew (now getting called "Drewbaca") & Ariela seem to be getting along famously.


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