Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
(14-23 October 2001)

23 October 2001
-Tuesdays are much better under my "revised" schedule.
-Worry & over-thought are such elusive enemies.  At least they sometimes vanish as inexplicably as they arrive.
-Too... much... RBI baseball!
-JFact returns... & so many on our team don't know who he is!

22 October 2001
-I'm beginning to feel neglectful of this page.  I guess it's just the fact that so many Introspective feelings & thoughts now have a new outlet.  Maybe I feel a little redundant.

21 October 2001
-Good news on a bad day is weird to take.  Phenomenal news on an awful day doubly so.
-Just want to curl up in a ball & hide from everything for a while.
-Damn Yankees.

20 October 2001
[from Poughkeepsie, New York]

-Hanging out with so many great debate kids from different parts of my past & future is a great time.
-Being announced first for the break is so much better than last.
-Drew is rapidly becoming the Man.

19 October 2001
[from Poughkeepsie, New York]

-Vassar's campus is nicer than expected.  I guess schools in the middle of nowhere really have to be.
-Take back anything good I've ever said about Hecker.  I hope never to debate him again.

18 October 2001
-Worst lecture ending imaginable.  But it's the weekend!
-Debating with Sirota's going to be fun.
-Good old poker night.

17 October 2001
-Brandzy & I had a great time, & he's even getting back into debate.  We gotta learn about hanging in Usdan, though...
-So I FINALly updated the APDA site.  I'm not going to worry about this for a while now.  It's mighty early yet, but I'm holding my own in some of the rankings.  Bleh.

16 October 2001
-Waking up in that mental frame is both so good & so bad.
-FINALly back online!  My network had been down for a goodly long while, but now it's operational just when I need it most.  Okay, not most, but I'm really behind on a couple of onliney things.

15 October 2001
-Bad things about driving onto the George Washington Bridge on I-95 northbound into NYC:  traffic.  I'm pretty sure I averaged 2 mph for 2 hours.  Yes, 4 miles in 2 hours.  Also, the number of American flags on bumper stickers is a bit overwhelming.  Did people not realize where we lived until we were bombed?  Or until we started bombing back?
-Good things about driving onto the George Washington Bridge on I-95 northbound into NYC:  birds & sunrises.  The combination of both several flocks of what I discerned to be Canadian geese & the sun rising behind the skyline was neat.  Also, the still visible bottom crescent of moon paired with a planet (Venus?) was a quality accent to said sky.
-Thank God the M's survived that scare.  Now who will join us for ALCS fun?
-I should not be this tired.
-Some days are rocks.  Or at least end up feeling that way by comparison.

14 October 2001
[from Princeton, New Jersey]

-I know I think too much.  Thinking I know too much would be so much easier.
-Why does one of my laziest days of the year feel like just about the most worthwhile?  Oh, that's right, now I remember.
-Earlier comments about riding with the Princeton team?  Ditto & double for going to a team meeting!  But it's actually a really friendly environment...
-A weekend this good deserves continuation.  What better do I have to be doing?


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