Scarborough Fair
(24 September - 3 October 2001)

3 October 2001
-Creative juices always seem to flow from the cessation of a migraine.  & right now, I'm just feeling good about everything.  Woo!
-I am finally accustomed to the 6-hour shift after the 4-hour session of class.  10 outta 11 hours it may be, but it's still not a bad time once one gets used to it.

2 October 2001
-Not such a fan of the day that I really could catch up on things, but somehow choose not to.  Though I actually did get a few things done.  So check out what Drew & I did at Smith.  Plus, you should check out the Deis team site for some newly specified fun.  I'll do more on these once my room looks as well-kept as a webpage...

1 October 2001
-Wow.  Uh yeah.  I'm fresh outta good things to say.  Also, I don't have any non-good things to say.  What a way to start October.

30 September 2001
-Greg's gotta get less insistent about waking us up way too early for random sports.  I'm all for Mep House fun, but this is one of 2 days a week I actually sleep...

29 September 2001
[from Northampton, Massachusetts]

-Good morning indeed.
-Even things going so well have their incidental frustrations from time to time.
-Premonition comes true.  Why's it gotta be semis?
-Drew's first final becomes another Brandeis sweep.  Top team, top novice team.  & Emily & I were 1-2 in speakers.  This may just beat out MIT last year for best debate weekend ever.

28 September 2001
-Happy Birthday Jaque!!
-The world went & got itself in this crazy little habit of working out.  I mean, for all sorts of people.  Really just figuring out how to work well.  That's spiffy.
-The fact that cheezy pop songs are starting to have veins of rock-solid truth is an indication that I am clearly finding out what it's like to be happy.
-It's Friday... of COURSE it's time for rain!  I think there've been 4 days in the last 3 weeks in which it's rained... 3 of them being the 3 Fridays.
-Just countin' down the minutes...

27 September 2001
-Happy Birthday Emily!!
-I'll take a 654 over 4 games of bowling.  First time ever I've improved every single game... usually I just get worse.  Even if I threw away a 103 in the 5th for a 179 total.  But we all had a fun time, which was needed, by some more'n others.
-I do not deserve the beautiful blessings of my life.  I will try to embrace them as much as humanly possible, however.  Maybe forgiveness for the past just stems from infinite mercy & benevolent beauty in the future?  I just don't use the word perfect so often, but I'm starting to a lot.

26 September 2001
-What is this strange beast called getting the proper amount of sleep?!
-My weekend starts in an extremely packed 12 hours.  Though I still have debate practice rounds tomorrow even amidst that whole Yom Kippur thing.  This year, I think I have my own redemptive process helping me through past mistakes.  & I've practically been fasting at times anyway.

25 September 2001
-Best conversation ever.

24 September 2001
-Ariela's my exception & I am hers.  We're both very glad about this.
-I wonder what makes that situation so different.  Really, there's no good reason for it.  But that's my humble opinion.  I guess the opin of someone who doesn't quite understand.  So it goes.
-Would be nice if I could trust myself a bit more.
-I find, from time to time, that I have brief moments of the feeling of omnifalliblity.  That everything is beyond my capacity & I am thus overwhelmed by the persistent struggle that keeping up with everything seems to be.  The world has this bad tendency to overwhelm, or to push one to one's threshhold of whelm.  Fortunately these moments tend to be fleeting, however still disconcerting.
-Happy Birthday, DK!


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