Somewhere They Can't Find Me
(16-25 February 2001)

25 February 2001
-After the ballot & awards, it became clear that maybe I shouldn't blame myself entirely... Justin Gary is also at fault about Drew's & my performance.  Ah well.
-That restaurant is always a good time, & talking with Greg (Wilson) afterwards was excellent... basically a discussion of our thoughts on everyone on our team.  & life.  & many other subjects of note.  He's one of those rock-solid good people in life, & it doesn't hurt that he's even older than I am.  That's supposed to be some sort of joke:  on who, I'm not quite sure.
-Doggone Eliaii's mother.  I'm 21, not 22.  Let's not freaking rush things.  As Jaque himself advises on that front.  Sheeeeesh.
-Am I REALLY playing basketball in 10 hours?  I'm so tired & overwhelmed.  This is going to be a less than stellar week I'm facing after the one just past & I'm still reeling from well, everything.  It's been a whirlwind that's almost all good, but one still reels from the wind just the same.  I guess I can just say that, well, it's been reel.
-3 solid hours of basketball too.  Sheesh, I'm right back to exhausted.

24 February 2001
[from Hanover, New Hampshire]
-Get pumped!  Drew finally is heeding such words.
-Haven't been so nervous about debate in a long time...
-...for damn good reason.
-I am just plain disappointed in myself.  I screwed up & it cost Drew a break.  I guess I've learned a couple things:  listen closely to judges & for gosh sakes, never be overconfident.  I had 8 more years of debate experience than the MO, but her points beat my best case.  At least in theory.  & I get to think about that for a long time.
-At least one Dartmouth finalist defended their performance.
-& at least I wheedled my way into the Final Round.  & people laughed!  Unreal.  Still, I wouldn't mind getting outta here.

23 February 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-This break has gone by way too fast.  I guess they always do, but this one feels exceptional in that category.
-At this moment, I am so happy & so grateful.  I'd imagine times will come when that may change or waver, but this moment contains that joy of being pleased that I'm alive.  I think that's all one can strive for on a personal level:  being in this emotional state as much as possible.
-Bring on the era of many debate partners!  Dartmouth here we come!  Even if we are taking a 16-person Mt. Holyoke van for 3 people...

22 February 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-Crazy Drew & his crazy antics.  Dartmouth at least will be high on fun.  I'm afraid I'll have to thank Drew for not being Zirk.
-Driving is really cathartic.  Not that I'm even vaguely in need of catharsis right now.  But hey.
-Comfort.  That's neat.
-I really like Madeline's friends.  I think a good deal of a person's character can be gleaned from who they choose to associate with - who they really like.  & most of the kids she hangs out with are just solid good people from what I can tell.

21 February 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-Nothing in life is ever easy.  NOTHING.
-Past experience is no guarantee of future performance.
-Sigh.  The older people get, the more accustomed to life.  But not to life in general so much as the life they've been invited to lead.  & that's where problems set in, all over the place.  Too much perspective.  I'm as bad as anyone with this - I'm not complaining so much as observing.  & weeping in the face of my observation.

20 February 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-One of the only things I enjoy less than having a headache is someone else having one.  Hmph.
-Great events should always be celebrated in Chinese restaurants.

19 February 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-I feel awfully happy about now.
-My last day at 20.  I'd better savor it, I suppose.  Things are just generally good, so that's as much savoring as I can do.  I can't believe I'm about to be considered a full-fledged adult...

18 February 2001
[from South Hadley, Massachusetts]
-There are NO guys here.  I am in the land of no guys.
-Now I'm starting to see where all this allegedly missing time comes from.
-"Ever After" may indeed be a chick flick.  But hey, I'm hip.  I can dig it.

17 February 2001
[from New Haven, Connecticut]
-Emily Garin making fun of me liking Watership Down?  Craziness.
-& maybe Scotty really IS a good person.  I mean genuinely.  Who woulda seen that coming?  He just has most of the same public image/projection problems that Stina does.
-Quarters-drop rivalry over!  But we lose in semis nonetheless.  As we should've.
-27 average with no 27's.  3 28's is ridiculous.
-McDonald's is universal.  So is irony.

16 February 2001
-Mutter, mutter... random irrationalities... mutter, mutter... hmph.  Ah well.  One randomness does not a good mood spoil.  I just wish I understood what she was THINKing.
-Every time I talk to Madeline, I feel better about everything.  It's great.  I'm so excited about the next 9 days...
-It's great to be on Spring Break on the 16th of February.  Nutty, but cool.  I may well be unable to directly update the 'site for the remainder of Break, seeing as I'm going from here to Yale (debate) to Holyoke to Dartmouth (debate) without returning to Waltham.  We shall see.  Never fear, the updates will be here... eventually.


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