You Can Tell the World
(6-15 February 2001)

15 February 2001
-Yargh!  Ripping my puffy green jacket from running up the stairs is bad news.  Darn unfinished bannisters that catch & allow rippage.  I guess I should find a sewing kit & try to patch that up... it just is one of those incidentally frustrating thing that really didn't have to happen.  & every time I see it now I think "gee, that didn't have to happen & it's just annoying", thus magnifying the annoyance of the original incident.  So silly.
-Physics Test too soon... but once I'm on the other side of it, it's the weekend, baby!  That means it's Spring Break #1, actually!  Woo hoo.  Only basketball, poker, debate tourneys, & time at Holyoke to look forward to once that Test is finished.  Bring it!  Thanks, by the way, for Fish for preliminary help on the test... I expect Schneider to also supply post-game analysis on said test.  I really should go to bed now though.
-HAVE I ever seen Mesco act...?

-Clearly, only people like Kevin Grinberg would e-mail me at 3 or 4 in the morning.  But he's a good guy & I just wasted some solid procrastinatory time (I REALLY don't like Physics) at his website.  Solid stuff from one of our most solid novii.
-While we're on the web, there's a new Justice article which is likely Avi's doing.  The link isn't up yet, but it credits Zirk & I as the 8th place team in the world.  With Avi at the helm of Publicity, we're going to end up being credited with TAKING OVER the world soon.  (In case you don't get the joke, NYU called itself the "International Debate Championships" to make fun of Worlds... but here's the ramifications...)  When they post the 13th of January issue online, you can see it y'self.  It's absurd.
-Funny stuff, rather ill-timed, from a rarely-heard-from California sector.  Nothing I can do but shake my head & chuckle.
-The problem with Physics tests is that I always come out of them thinking I got a 100 & then end up making enough silly little errors so that my actual grade is 35 or something.  I doubt it'll be that bad here, but I still came away thinking I was in the high 90's... never a great sign.  The even worse thing about Physics tests is that it doesn't matter what I got - it matters infinitely more what everybody else got.  One's just trying to be relatively good with Physics, not actually good.  That sounds like it's Einstein's fault, but it might even predate him.  Ah, the drunken science...

14 February 2001
-Happy Valentine's Day.  If you want it to be.  For the first time in 4 years, I don't have to hate this day.  FOUR YEARS!  That's spiffy in my book.
-May you never be as worried as I was when entering the Library for my work shift yesterday.  Phantom imagery is one thing & I suppose the mental interpretations we make are another, but I was CONcerned, believe you me.  Not in any tangibly feasible way, but one never knows how people will change or at least how dramatically.

13 February 2001
-It's official - I'm running for APDA board.  Gris may never speak to me again, but the rest of the debate world might never have spoken to me again had I not made this decision.  That's what it seems like anyway.  Put it this way - baseball umpires aren't political with the college baseball teams, so why should there be politics in the APDA world?  We'll see what the rest of the debate kids think of that by the Princeton tourney at the end of March...
-Clearly, the "reply-to-all" button option is messing a LOT of people up today...
-Dave Silverman is so far from reality that it defies my imagination.  & many other peoples' too, I'd hope.  How can I deal with someone so basely incoherent most of the time?  I just don't know.  & he just keeps trying.  I guess I either give up on him or some element of myself:  neither option appears pleasing.

12 February 2001
-My NM friends are all so funny.  I swear, it's more per-capita amusement a day than weeks of the folks round here.  At least that's what it seems like sometimes.  Regardless, everyone better go home this break.  Prisoner's dilemma or no, I do not want a summer "home alone".
-I guess I really DID scare the novii with all my angst at NYC-driving.  Sheesh.
-4 books found in an hour.  That's some of the best work I've done in a long time.  There's very little so satisfying as finding books that have been missing in the library for weeks or months.

-Hey!  I wasn't the worst player in today's soccer game!  That's gotta impress you... I think I surprised a lotta folks by actually kicking the ball in the right direction a few times.  Myself included.

11 February 2001
-I'm so relieved to have made it back.  Ah, tired driving.  I'm exhausted beyond compare & have way too much of a headache.  It's been 24 hours since I've had coffee & the need for sleep is overwhelming.
-How many points do I have to score to win a freaking game of 21?  I think I netted at least 150, but Russ plays with cruddy rules that make you sink a 3 before it seals the W.  Ridiculousness.  I had at least 6 shots to win the game & bricked them all.  Though I came away from the experience in better shape than Russ, who appears to be the human target on the basketball court.
-The bball crew is cool though.  & Sirota's got a good jumper.  I think that the rest of my life, every waking moment, will be spent with debate kids.  Not terrible news at all.
-Work goes by so much faster with people to talk to!

10 February 2001
[from New York City]
-Fine with me.
-The short list of things I like less than New York tournaments...
-The REALLY short list of things I like less than Dave Silverman...
-Some things never change.  Hell, most things.

9 February 2001
-Drivin' down to NYC... good thing we're leaving early with all this (as the Weather Channel reports) "unknown precipitation".  I may have been disgruntled about a few things last night, but it's all long forgotten by a Friday Debate Morning!  Ay, me gusta...

8 February 2001
-Congratulate the Pond.  It's two years old today!
-Ari's music's a bit down-beat for me.  Who woulda thought I'd say that?  I think it's designed more for Fish's style than mine, but we'll have to see.

-You gotta love it when Physics lab gets out 2 hours early.  I may not be good at picking days to ditch that class, but I sure have the labs down pat.  Their so darn easy.  & my lab partner's good at math, which never hurts anything.  Ah, the weekend...
-Have you ever noticed that it seems so much easier to be busy with work than busy having fun?  My laundry's never gonna get done because of all the fun I need to have between now & then...

7 February 2001
-Whoomp.  There it is.  It's supposed to be hitting me sometime this afternoon that I really did this, but it still isn't remotely close.  Someday.
-You gotta do what you gotta do.  Even if it makes Jordan proud, one has to make sacrifices for the team.  It's all about the team & if that means slight use of coercion, so be it.  Hell, I'm coercing Scotty, it's not that big a deal.  I wonder if Scotty reads this...
-"You know how it ends:  everybody dies... well not everybody, a couple people" -JBJ (theater history prof), on "Romeo & Juliet".  I think that's funny at least.
-I finally tracked down the couple of songs I wasn't familiar with from the show a week ago, so here's the full Ben Harper setlist.  I'm afraid I woulda liked the 'Deis show better, since it had "Forever" & mine didn't.  Oh well; the 1st encore was still beyond compare.

-The moon always sets my memory off.  & it's poignant tonight.  I find a couple hours of actually free time & all this catches up with me.  I'd do a lot to be in Albuquerque right now, just take the evening & drive up to Santa Fe, maybe with a couple friends, not to get anywhere, but just to talk through the night about things.  "Wish I were travelling on a freeway, 'neath this graveyard Western sky... out into the desert, yeah, we're gonna ride..."  But really.  I wouldn't trade my situation for times when I've done that right now, but an interlude would be more than pleasant.

6 February 2001
-Well, that's a major relief too.  I found one thing I could worry about a little & now it's resolved with a best-case scenario.  Things just keep getting better.
-This snowstorm is absolutely awesome.  What weather could be better than blizzard?  I can't think of anything.

-It's all melting.  That's a shame.  Too fluffy coming down & it won't stay long.  An interesting lesson for life?
-Real ink!  A signed letter from Jehuda (our university President, for the uninformed) means we won't necessarily have to confront him with the rotating trophy & ask him to fill it with cash.  He might just mail the team a check.  & then Russ & I get to fight over who drives the team hovercraft...


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