The No-Crud Bureau

The No-Crud Bureau officially opened sometime in the early 1990's, when someone said something about as obvious as "humans need to breathe, y'know, to stay alive" as if it were the greatest revelation since the discovery of fire.  Ever since, the Bureau has dedicated itself to the pursuit of all those brilliant moments when we discover that which we've always known.  The online branch is hereby established.  Though in its infancy, we are begging for the contributions of all you people out there... share with us your stories, links, & comments which reveal the astuteness of humanity in its finest hours.  Here's the Bureau's current stock....

-Freedom tends to come with age, right?  I mean, there are more restrictions on people who are younger... the older one gets, the more power one gets.  Meet a bunch of well-paid people who think this is a revolutionary discovery here!

Alright, I told you that we're in our infancy here.  The No-Crud Bureau has always depended on a wide base of correspondents.  Please send any & all relevant stuff to  Or you could just take your Risk card & go home.