I-40 Jet Propulsion
Jaque's blue Saturn drives eastbound on I-40.
The odds of cutting to the 6 of spades in one try are minimal.  One in fifty-two, some might say.  But try out the odds of 2 people who know each other well, departing Pasadena, California & Camp Verde, Arizona, unknowing of the others' whereabouts, in just the right amount of time to pass each other on Interstate 40 eastbound.  I'd say the odds are enough to make me freak out on the road, which I promptly did.  After I calmed down, I snapped this lovely photo of the back of Jake's car, replete with bike tied to the trunk.  Jake was making substantially more money on this drive than I was.  He also had the entire car stuffed like nobody's business.  We were going to put together one of those Saturn commercials, but settled for a stop at the Gallup Giant Travel Station.
No officer, of course I didn't take this picture while driving...hehe...

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