Rim to Rim to Rim
Left to right, it's the Stini-Bopper, Peanut-Butter Dreds (Andrea), myself, Sarah, Amanda Shaffer in a Park Ranger Uniform (Patricia), Hippie-Marple (Chris), & the Czech (Marketa).
As the illegible sign behind us could tell you, this photo was snapped high atop the North Kaibab trail.  At this point in our vigilant journey, the seven of us had gone Rim-to-Rim, a mere half of our 50-mile 4-day trek across the Grand Canyon.  We were exhausted.  But relieved.  The North Rim of the Canyon is much less like a desert, but far more deserted than the more popular South Rim.  At this point, peanut butter was probably about the cleanest thing in any of our hair.
We never looked this happy while on the trail.

Homeward is a Shorter Hike...