Crashing the Tank
In the back row (left to right), it's Eliaii, Marps, myself, Kunx, & Fish.
In the front row (left to right), it's McBigot, Gris, Jaque, & Freez.
Schneider & Vet are notably absent; they were on a mountain at the time.
I think we were all laughing at a comment made by Fish's dad at the time this photo was taken.  Regardless of which, every one of us got a signed diploma from the Academy (we all checked).  &, no, this isn't the only picture I've ever seen of myself (taken in the last 5 years) of me without my Mariners jacket!

High School Memories Sneaking Up On You?  Leave the Tank (Something I Don't Recall Doing Voluntarily Throughout High School)