The Frontier Restaurant


Above Left, the Frontier shines as a beacon of hope against a dark Albuquerque night.
Above Right, an artistic representation of the same location.  Neither of these visualizations show the full size of the Frontier, which spans five full rooms.

You've come to the right place.  Want a breakfast burrito?  How bout some fries?  Maybe a milkshake?  Try the tostadas, the coffee, & the pancakes.  But save room for a dozen tortillas & a sweet roll to top it all off!  Yes, friends, at 2400 Central Avenue SE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the greatest restaurant on God's green earth quietly houses all sorts of people in five spacious rooms at all hours of the night & day.  This place is essentially never closed to customers, which brings with it the constant diversity of New Mexican food & populations.  The menu is excellent, filled with plenty of dishes which include the less-than-famous New Mexican green chile:  enough to clear your sinuses before you can say "pass the water".

Above, the Frontier's main corner, at Central & Cornell SE.  The glowing sign on top of the huge yellow roof looks pretty funky through 3D glasses, as my friends & I discovered after a 3D glasses movie one night.  This view is taken from where one makes the right turn onto Cornell to make the left turn into the narrow but accomodating Frontier parking lot.

Sadly, the Frontier's progress on the WorldWideWeb has been minimal as yet... AltaVista only recognizes about 184 pages which make reference to the Frontier Restaurant.  Perhaps even more tragic is the fact that about half of those references are to places which are not the actual Frontier... instead, they are podunk wannabees in Oklahoma, Ohio, & even Cape Cod.  But fear not, loyal friends!  The Frontier has found a new home on the Web, right here on this site.  Please send me all your Frontier stuff (pictures, anecdotes, & links are most appreciated)... soon an online menu will be available & perhaps even imagery depicting the 3 T-shirts which have been released in the Frontier's honor.


Above Left, a view from the first room (where orders are placed & the food is served) extends down the expansive corridors into the four adjoining rooms.  The comfortable booths on the left are rivaled by the stool- & bench-accompanied tables on the right... there's something for everyone at the Frontier!

Above Right, the Frontier's famous back door.  This view is from the parking lot... not precisely a joy to drive in, but worth the effort.  No one ever obeys that One Way sign.

Here's a handful of Frontier links, which include the fact that you don't have to take my word for the joy that is life at the Frontier.  Actually, one of the articles is a tad critical, but provides a fair analysis of certain aspects of the atmosphere & food provided by this fantastic restaurant.  If you want, I'll even let you read that article.  Also of note is the fact that the entire Restaurant (all 5 rooms) is smoke-free, making it one of the healthiest places in Albuquerque in addition to all the other benefits!  Some people think this makes the Frontier owner a hero, which I would heartily agree with.  You can even read why they think that.  Keep in mind that any criticisms of the Frontier are likely inspired more by jealousy for the world's best restaurant than by any sort of validity.

Want to go to the Frontier right now?!  I don't blame you in the least.  Thus, I've provided you a way to get driving directions to the Frontier immediately, from anywhere in the USA!
Why don't you just show me a map of where the Frontier is... I'll find it from there...
Drive me to the Frontier... on the double!

No, this isn't the official site... I haven't been sponsored by the actual owners of the Frontier, nor do I claim any direct affiliation with them, except perhaps being their best customer & a potential future employee.  As far as I know, there is no official site, so this is as good as it gets, eh?  If you find the official site or anything else, lemme know!

Getting it "to go"?  Take your hash browns home with you!